Dreams About Diamonds – Interpretation and Meaning

Diamonds are precious stones that all people gush about. They are rare and very valuable, and for centuries people had their own theories about diamond and their secret meaning and symbolism.

We will list several examples of dreams about diamonds, and what they could actually mean for you.

Dream about a diamond in general

If you had a dream about a diamond in general, then this dream means you are going to get into trouble. It might be hard for you to complete some of your goals in life and this will cause a lot of stress and anxiety.

Troubles long the way are going to appear without a warning, so keep your eyes open and don’t be surprised when they come along.

Dream about having a diamond

If you had a dream where you owned a diamond, or the diamond was yours, then this dream represents that you will be honored and admired by other people. You might end up in some high position in life or marry someone with a lot of influence.

In all cases, you will be highly respected by other people and this position in life will bring you many more benefits.

Dream about getting a diamond as a gift

If someone gave you a diamond, in your dream, as a gift, then this dream represents that you are going to be in the center of attention at a certain event you are planning to go to.

All other people will fall into the shadow, when you appear, and all of the eyes will be on you.

Dream about losing a diamond

If you had a dream about losing a diamond, then this dream could represent an unhappy event in your life.

Maybe you are going to be in the center of a scandal or maybe you are going to be a subject of rumors, started by other people.

In any case you won’t be happy with how things are evolving and you will definitely feel stress and pressure in your life.

Dream about a diamond cluster

If you had a dream about a diamond cluster, then this dream indicates your hidden desires to become rich.

You have goals in your life, that you want to keep hidden from others, but in the upcoming events in your life, you are going to show that side of you that you didn’t want others to see.

Be careful around other people, as well, because they might use this information against you and try to harm you.

Dream about finding a diamond

Finding a diamond in a dream, represents that your current romantic relationship is something that is meant to be, and you have a perfectly good understanding of each other.

This romantic partner or lover, is someone you should keep in your life and cherish everything that you have.

Dream about wearing diamond jewelry

If you were wearing diamond jewelry in your dream, then this dream indicated that you are going to lose your romantic partner because of a feud or because of a possible betrayal.

Your partner will be the one who will start the feud or betray you in some way, and the whole situation will leave you feeling desperate and sad.

Dream about buying diamonds

If you had a dream about buying diamonds, then this dream means you are going to be able to accomplish all of your goals and business projects. All of your hard work will pay off and you will get an appropriate award for it.

This is also a good period for investments, since all of your work related projects will end up being a total success. Make sure you don’t miss out on great opportunities that are ahead of you.

Dream about fake diamonds

If you had a dream about fake diamonds, then this dream is a representation of an unproductive period that is ahead of you.

Everything you do or try to do, will fail and you won’t be able to change anything.

Perhaps it is best for you to relax and take some time off to think about everything.

Sometimes things go on their own way and we can’t do anything about it.

Dream about trying on diamond jewelry

If you were putting on diamond necklaces and earrings in your dream, this could be a representation of your unhealthy lifestyle and lack of physical activity.

Maybe you are too stressed about work and you have neglected your personal health in order to focus on your family, and now the consequences have arrived.

Take some time for yourself and avoid getting too stressed about everything, because it might end up messing up your health.

Dream about stealing a diamond

If you had a dream about stealing a diamond, then this dream indicates that you are going to win the lottery or simply have a lot of luck when it comes to money.

Money will be flowing your way and you won’t be able to believe how much luck you are having at the moment.

Make sure you don’t get too comfortable with this, because luck has to stop eventually.

Dream about giving someone a diamond

If you gave a diamond away, in your dream, to someone, then this dream represents that you are going to make a big mistake regarding your finances.

Be careful with your investments and don’t get too comfortable spending your money on things you don’t need. This period is best for saving and avoiding big decisions regarding money.


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