Cancer Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In the understanding of the luminaries and their meaning in the horoscope, the main thing is to go step by step and build your personal natal chart, where you can reveal a lot about yourself.

When you have finished this important process, you will understand more about how you and your life interests affect one another, plus when you’re finished, you’ll have a visual of just how perfect you might be for each other.

You will also determine what each planet brings to you and how these links will resonate with characteristics that you have.

Even more, today we will try to reveal as many information as possible about the specific example – a person who has the Sun located in the Cancer and the Moon in the Aries.

We truly hope that this information will help all those who have this astrological combination, so that they can use some advice based on this astrological prediction, and change their lives for the better.

Good Traits

This is the person who has warmth and this combination the Sun in the Cancer and the Moon in the Aries represents an excellent point of support, appealing to the innocent people. He is the brave one, and he can provide a sense of moral security to the people who are close to his heart.

Even more, he will always try to help them and to resist the temptations to which they are exposed. He sees himself as the moral and most relevant compass of the society, and indeed, he carefully acts, and observes what others do, especially his close friends.

This is the person who is filled with warmth and as such is the ideal backbone for his family. He is brave, capable of providing a sense of security to his closest neighbors and helping them to resist the temptations to be exposed.

This is the person who has many positive values of this combination: for example, an entrepreneurial spirit, coupled with perseverance – a winning combination that will lead this person to the amazing success in all aspects of life.

But, here too, like in every personality, extremes are possible so that this astrological combination can never be assessed in advance as positive or negative because changes and transformations are always possible.

And, we will say that this is a major win for this person since he is able to reconstruct his life for the better. This is the person who can find his balance only if he has a very active professional life, and along with it creates a safe home, a place where they can free his tender emotions.

Bad Traits

This is also an Astrological combination that can give a contradiction in a character if it fails to express the qualities that he certainly has.

He is sensitive and sensuous, and he feels that it is about everything that is happening around him and is torn between the desire to intervene, to change the course of events or to influence people, and the desire to retreat, to bend itself. And in many cases, he will suffer extensively because of the conflict he was observing if he was already considered impotent to dismiss them.

Sometimes this combination can describe the person who can enter clashes with the world, while in the depths of its soul hesitates. Often, he cannot find the right balance between the outside and the inner world, between private and professional life. Perseverance and entrepreneurship greatly help him to succeed in its work, but weaknesses like naivety and often childish behavior are often scanned off the main road.

He is overly sensitive, and he often has the impression that he is being persecuted by evil destiny, while patiently, often without even knowing it, the negativity will capture him. He can find some balance only if he runs a very active professional life while creating a self-sustaining fireplace, a place designed to free his feelings.

But there is a long work, and it is not easy, but we feel that if he realises his opportunities in life, and stops his childish behaviors ruins that things that he builds for a long time, then he have a chance to make things better.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon in Love

Love and partnership relationships are of great importance to the person who has Sun and Moon located in the combination of Cancer and Aries, somehow when he has love, he is healthy, otherwise, he is often tormented by inner problems, stress, oversensitivity (where he needs to be more regularly controlled) and other problems.

We are not saying that being happy in love is a mission impossible for this human being, but some obstacles may (or may not) make problems.

When in love, he is one person who has an extremely protective attitude and a great aspect that he likes to help – his mission in love is to find the best way to help his lover, by taking many actions and motivating until his partner becomes the best person it can be.

He believes, deeply, that love means making that other person happy and content in his life, and that together they can make a world a better place. And in this sense, this idea can be a good motivator for him, to make things work, in the area of love.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon in a Relationship

As you know, the person with these luminaries in the Cancer and Aries is a warm and very sensitive person who becomes incredibly attached to his lover, especially after a long time in a relationship.

And when he spends a long time with a partner, and it takes a lot of time to cut the umbilical cord and escape from the protection of that partner, a shelter in which he will always return, even when that relationship is toxic.

Even so, it can be said that he will behave more aggressive, more energetic, impatient, and more extravagant than usual, especially in times when his relationship does not work very well.

When in love, he is the one that will even develop a sense of risk and adventure, the need to “arrange things” to turn his dreams into reality. And we will say that this behavior is a direct consequence of the Sun that is located in the Cancer sign.

Best Match for Cancer Sun Aries Moon

When in a relationship, this is the person who likes to take the role of the great teacher and pedagogue, and he can conscientiously preserve what he owns and likes in the first place.

He does not like to share with others with intimacy even when he is very close to his lover.

Now, who can fit into this profile and be a perfect match for our “candidate” who has the Sun and Moon located in the Cancer/Aries combination? Our guess is a Taurus lover – the one that can understand and appreciate the strong bond that will develop in this connection.

He will even have the courage to break this connection apart (when it is truly necessary), in the times, when he sees that things are not working out as planned.

He is the one lover that will provide both strength and warmth to this person who can struggle to find its place under the Sun, metaphorically speaking.

Cancer Sun Aries Moon as a Friend

Many friends of the person who has the Sun located in the Cancer sign and the Moon in the Aries sign love the fact that he has combustion of energy, but they hate the fact that he tends to overreact in many situations, sometimes unnecessary.

This will bring him many problems in life, and in interpersonal relations, and we spoke about this aspect of his personality in some of the previous sections. Basically, he is restless, and approach to the world of friendship is immediate rather than diplomatic.

To be the best friend as he can mean that he needs to avoid expressing his opinion without any hesitation. There is a strong contradiction between his boldness, which is more and more in the foreground and his fear of life and exposure to the fate – he can be scared of the confrontation with his friends. And he is very sensitive, and his close friends need to be careful that they do not hurt his tender feelings.


We will try to sum up the character of the person who has luminaries in the Cancer and Aries combination with the question – we are wondering is there anything that is more difficult than to realize the great dreams of childhood in the life, especially if there is already an internal conflict between indifference and action, immovability and flight, persistence and giving up?

He has all of these traits – and even more, he is the one that likes to be connected with the joy of life. He is all about the feelings and sensibility, but one of the most dominant traits in his life is the will power.

In the character of this person, there are two completely different signs of fused together often giving the comfort to nature that is in constant conflict with itself. Sometimes it is hard to submit his contradictions unless he finds the way to express them.

People who have this combination of two luminaries are naturally very emotional and intuitive, they observe everything that happens in their surroundings, and are often torn between the wills that the articulation attempts to change the course of events and the desire to withdraw, hide in himself, in order to protect himself from suffering for the conflict that is taking place in his surroundings.


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