Dreams About Future – Interpretation and Meaning

Future is something we all dream about and it is not unusual. When we think about it, almost all of our dreams can be about future because we don’t know what is going to happen.

We will list few interesting examples of dreams about future and the secret meaning behind them.

Dream about having a family in the future

Dream about having a family when, in reality, you are maybe dating or you are newly married, is a representation of your maternal feelings.

You have a desire to become a mother one day and have a big family, and these dreams are more common for ones who can’t have children or who are struggling to conceive.

Alternatively, this dream can also represent that you might be welcoming a newborn to the family.

Someone from your close family could be pregnant and could announce the news very soon. This dream can also mean that you are pregnant yourself, but you just don’t know it yet.

Dream about seeing a dark future

If you had a dream about your future and, for some reason, it seemed dark and unappealing to you, then this dream could be a positive symbol.

Even though you were stressed out during your dream and worried about your future, this dream symbolizes a positive period that is ahead of you.

You will be able to overcome all of your obstacles and improve your life significantly.

Dream about a bright future

Dreams about your future that seems pleasant and fulfilling is a dream that will certainly leave you happy for the rest of the day.

These dreams are representations of positive times that are ahead of you.

Something you struggled with for a while is going to get solved and you will finally be able to relax.

Use your positive attitude to make some changes in your life that are going to be important for your future.

Dream about your future child looking like you

If you had a dream about your child who looked just like you, then you might be evaluating your steps in the past.

Perhaps you are not happy about some things you have done in the past, but it is too late now to change them and you don’t want your children to make same mistakes.

So, even though this dream focuses on the future, it is actually about your own past.

Dream about meeting your future partner

If you had a dream about meeting your future partner, then this dream represents few more months or even a year of waiting for the right one.

Luck seems to be on your side, when it comes to love, only in your dreams and you will have to kiss few more „frogs „to find your „prince“.

Alternatively, this dream represents your desire to find true love.

Even if you are currently in a relationship, something might be off and you feel like this isn’t the right person for you.

You should look into your own mind and figure out what you want before you end up hurting the person you are with and yourself in the process.

Dream about being alone in the future

If you had a dream about being alone in the future, then you are afraid that your friends and family are going to leave you.

Perhaps these thoughts have been awakened by recent events, in which you insulted or hurt someone close to you.

You are now afraid that nobody is going to put up with you, if you contuse to act like this.

If your behavior was the cause of conflicts and arguments, then maybe you should find out what is really behind this anger.

If your fear is only coming from your head and you don’t have realistic problems, then you might just be having a bad dream about something you are afraid of.

Dream about supernatural future

If you had a dream where your future looked like a Sci-Fi movie, then you might be bored in your real life.

You feel like there should be more action in your life but you don’t know what to do to make your days more interesting.

Perhaps you should try going back to your old hobbies or simply go on a trip to liven up your life a bit.


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