Brown Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

This Universe is an amazing place, and you should consider yourself lucky because you live in it, and what else is really important is the fact that every element in this world, regardless of its size, has a meaning and can carry an important message for us, human beings.

In that sense, you should not neglect some “creatures” and think of them as ugly or scary, often cause times when they appear in your life; they carry a strong symbolical value.

If you look at things from this perspective, then your world will receive one more dimension. Insects are among these signs, and usually, people do not like them, but butterflies are expected in this group.

The reason may be their beauty, or what they represent for us – a change; as life has the true form when it changes, then butterfly is the sign of Love for life.

We all love (the most of us) butterflies and we think and feel that they are our personal protectors; they bring us the idea of Love and beauty, and the opportunity to change our lives since they are synonymous for a metamorphosis.

But what is the meaning behind their “uglier” counterparts, moths – people usually do not like them, and they are not even as beautiful as the colorful butterflies are.

As you know, the situation is somewhat different, because we are all creatures of God, and they are also created with the purpose.

Today we will dedicate our time to the Brown Moth, and it’s meaning and purpose in the life of people, looked from the symbolical perspective.

Meaning of Brown Moth

Despite their appearance, the meaning of the Brown Moth is not so bad – for some, it is one of the most beloved and respected good spirits within. How not, when it comes to the female spirit who is in charge of all matters of Love, passion, pleasure and prosperity.

It is believed that it can teach you that everything is possible where there is mutual cooperation and that Love and success always go in a duet.

But the symbolical value of the Brown Moth is connected to the spiritual help (just as the Black Moth, it is believed that the Brown kind also can reach the depths of the Universe, and come back to this world, unharmed).

So without its help, almost no relationship between a man and that outer world would have a perspective, and we can hardly consider it serious.

In some African countries, this “unattractive” insect is considered to be a magical blend of softness and compassion; it is attracted to fine and beautiful things.

It is attracted to Light – it can hurt his wings, but he also does not want to stop. Still, it must be borne in mind that it also possesses a darker, darker side that includes arrogance, imagination, spoilage and too much drama about anything.

Although this spirit is essentially affectionate and protective, it is not advisable to test its patience – it carries the meaning of strong jealousy and anger that are also not foreign to it, especially when she feels that it is not receiving enough of one’s attention (you know how people say that they cannot get rid of Moths and that they show up all around in their homes, etc., this aspect of their personality is also translated in a symbolical sense).

So, when you see this brownish insect be careful and wait for its actions, do not try to do anything to it, and watch where it will land – so that he does not emphasize precisely these negative characteristics of deity.

In some other circumstances, this buggy is rather protective, and his mission is to take care of the people from the negative forces that are all around us since he knows what is out there, because he was there and knows.

Occasionally, the Brown Moth can give you the messages from the other world, as they may seem relevant to you. The negative metaphor is reflected precisely in this aspect of the fear that people can have when they see them – he will become “angry”, the one who defends.

The Symbolism of Brown Moth

As we have said in the previous section, in some parts of the world, the symbolism of the Brown Moth is connected to the communication, and it is connected to emotions, since it can show its face at night, attracted by Light, and then he can even hurt his wings, even if he knows that he cannot come so close to the Light.

This aspect is so important for all those who are dedicated to the Love spirit and those chosen to produce “love magic”.

All people should look at this symbol and think of the idea to come closer to the Source (Love) but so close that you can suffocate it, then you can get burn, just like the Brown Moth. This is one valuable lesson for all people – this is why people do not like to see it, and almost never will use it as an amulet, or some form of a talisman.

In some parts of the world, people love to make and wear the jewelry inspired with the Moth, or some of his from, as an indispensable detail on her altar.

But, when you look at things from some other perspective, you can see that the Brown Moth, with all of its traits, is such a deity who is basically easy to please. Offers and gifts left to this “spirit of love”, and when it comes to the invocation ceremony, his flight is interesting, and he has the ability to hide in the dark and to connect with the surface on which he landed on.

In the darkness, you cannot find it, but when it wants to get closer to the Light, then things change, and he can become “scared” of the Light, and easy prey, to say it simply.

Some say that he is known for protecting the secrets of both worlds, because he is able to reach both worlds and listen to what is going on in both.

But do not try to make him made, because your secrets could also be revealed. Do not make a rivalry with it, because after you we are just ordinary mortals, right?

Good or Bad sign?

Depends on which side you look at this creature that belongs to the darkness, but he is so desperately attracted to the Light, so in him there are numerous parts of his spirits, but we like to look at all things from a good side, and we will say that he is a good sign and that you should be happy when you see it. Do not try to touch or kill it.

Still, all signs come from the Universe, and as such should not be “touched”; they have the purpose of fulfilling.

This insect, when we look at it from the spiritual side, and when we speak in a symbolical language is the positive spirit, for some, he is considered to be the helper of the God of heaven or the primordial creator of life.

Some say that this is the God himself, disguised in such unattractive from just to observe the world; in this way, you will get to know that being that represents the father of all spirits, and all are either created or closely related to this powerful deity.

He is credited with the rule of mind, intellect and cosmic balance, and people see in him the image of the protector of the handicapped, the cripples, all those who are in any way deformed and disabled, as well as young children.

In some way, they can be seen as the protectors of you and your family, if you are willing to accept their message, and if you know to look wider then you use to, then it can truly become that.


Sometimes people are scared of seeing this dark being, but he will never harm you; he is attracted to the Light and carries different symbolical values, but surprisingly in many countries, he is connected to the communication (between so many different parts of the Universe, and also regarding interpersonal relations).

The lessons are that when you get so close to the Light, and you are used to darkness (the Brown Moths spend their days in the dark and moist places, where they cannot be seen, almost hiding) you can get burned so badly, but if you are blinded with Love, you will repeatedly do it.

Having said all of this, we must say, that despite all of this, in some places, the Brown Moth has symbol created in his honor, as one of the most popular symbols that perfectly evokes balance in the Universe (the Light) with the indispensable detail of communication.

It is thought that this spirit never speaks, but only hisses, or whistles – you can hear his wings in the night and the sound when he is burnt on the Light.

In the end, every creation that we get to see in our Universe is basically a dual process in which both sides are equally involved, and we should regard it with enormous respect, even if our feelings about it are diverse, just like in the case of the Brown Moth.

So, the next time you see it, do not kill it, just observe it what it does and where it has landed – it is not an accident, and for sure, there is something deeper then you could even imagine.


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