Black Moth – Meaning and Symbolism

When you look at the world that is around us, and when you look at the Universe, we are sure that it does not speak to us in our native language (or any known language, regardless of the number of people who are using it).

Still, it uses the language that we all know and understand. Can you guess what this is?

This is the language of symbols, and in this sense, it is good to know what these symbols mean for us and how we can use them to progress in life and to make the right moves, especially in times when we are struggling, and when we are wondering what move to make next.

Now, insects (just like all animals, and living beings) are part of the Universe, just as we are, and they are amazing Universal symbols that mean different things for us. Yes, the Universe uses them when it has the message to share with us.

Black Moth is one of those symbols, and even if this is for some (many) a disgusting animal, a repulsive one that cannot be the bearer of good news, but in this piece, we will debunk that myth. Read all about it.

Meaning of Black Moth

When we speak of the meaning that the Black Moth has in our world, and if we put in the symbolical system, first we will speak of some old stories that mention this bug.

Often times, in some cultures, this insect that in some ways resembles a butterfly, but its metaphoric powers are somewhat different than in its more beautiful relative.

You know that the butterfly is the symbol of alterations, and the symbol of beauty and love that we have in our world, but it is also a symbol of soulmates.

The story with the Black Moth goes in some different, but equally interesting direction.

In those cultures, it is depicted as the symbol of an old and fragile man with a stick in his hands, but also he is able to transform in the child that is curious and even naughty kid. He likes to explore and likes to speak of his experiences.

What does this mean? It symbolizes the human and the change of the life energy that is directed with the clarity and speed but also his unpredictable behavior – on the one hand, he is a resourceful impostor and on the other a reader of fateful messages. And when you look at it from this perspective, this is so true, because energy does not disappear, but it changes its form.

So, when you are young, you have all the energy that you might need, but you do not have experience and wisdom, while in the case of an old man, the situations are somewhat different.

Meaning of a Black Moth is “rebellion” on all things that are commonly accepted as beautiful, but it is believed that he is the one that knows (because he communicates with the other worlds) the “secrets of the gods” and shared them with ordinary mortals.

So, he is not what you expect the butterfly to be, and it is ok, he is what he is, and he, as such being, is also a meaningful part of our world.

It is believed that when you see a Black Moth; in fact, you are meeting one of the most important spirits from the other world.  We can freely say that it is a kind of mediator between the human (material) and the spiritual (holy) world, and therefore its presence is necessary during every ritual, and when you look at old books, you can see that numerous times, the Black Moth is mentioned.

In other words, this Black Butterfly stands at the crossroads of the worlds and grants permission (or prohibition) to humans to summon the desired deity, or he instead is giving you the necessary information that you are in that moment, able to understand.

It is believed that this very spirit is a proficient connoisseur of all languages ​​in this world, and is thus in charge of every kind of communication, speech, but also thinking processes, and this is all because he has reached that other dimension and knows things we do not.

The Symbolism of Black Moth

Now when you know its meaning, you should not be afraid – he only, or most commonly, appears to the people who are dealing with some kind of an invocation ceremony in order to seek the help of any spirit. He comes into the lives of the people who want to be connected or to get some information from the deity, whatever that may be for them.

Only when he deems it possible to step into the “other” world – the ceremony can begin (this is written in numerous scriptures, and usually some secret words are said out loud, and the Black Moth appears).

Simply put, it is this spirit that holds the key to opening the gates of that magical spiritual world, and during the ritual itself, is tasked with overseeing the communication process between ordinary mortals and those spirits, and the Black Moth appears because he is the communicator between the two worlds. He is Black as the Night, and he is able to enter the darkest realms of our Universe, and he is in his core, a Butterfly who is tender and “sweet” and therefore he belongs in our world also.

It is also believed, that the Black Moth is able to hear some unknown frequencies, or at least those that are unavailable to the common people, us, ordinary mortals.

So, the Black Moth has an excellent hearing, understands and speaks all the languages ​​of this world, he can also be seen as some kind of “translator” who communicates the desires and problems of humans to the gods, and at the same time takes care to convey to them the feedback and requests of the spirits.

Good or Bad Sign

Some say that if you see the Black Moth on any religious objects, it is a good sign, since it can be connected to the cross, and it is seen as a clear link to the intersection of worlds and the unbreakable bond that must exist between them.

Only those who have such experiences know the difficulty of being in the crossroads in life, and this is the moment when you seek help the most.

It is said that its existence reminds us of the gate, or fence, which corresponds perfectly with his role as guardian, so he is more than good he is an amazing sign that is telling you that you are able to communicate with the different world the one that keeps all the secrets, and that has numerous warnings for us.

In some countries, people “lure” them, so they can come to light, believe that they will bring closer some spirits and become stronger.

One more thing needs to be said about this Black Butterfly that scares so many people, but in fact, he is more than “safe” at least his material form; he is not the bug that will bite you, or that can harm you in any way; but its spiritual purposes are something else.

His spiritual purpose shows you that he is a butterfly; he is transformation; it is just that he is able to go, or to take you into places where not many people want to go.

Some say that he is the representation of the Father that guides us, and under his protection, you can be safe. If understood properly, humans should see him as the messenger, and the one that brings the news from the other dimension.


Now you know that there are no reasons to be scared of the Black Moth if you see him in the summer night, while you sit on your porch one candle is lit – no, you should be thankful because this message in black came into your world to give you some information from the other world, the world that interests you but that scares you also.

You will admit that these are pretty interesting responsibilities for one insect, but if you thought his “powers” were ending there – you were fooled.

There are several aspects of the Black Moth and its connection to the different deity; some say that he is related to healing, the other is the image and opportunity of thinkers, while all others are generally excellent warriors. By this, we mean on people who are life warriors, who did not have an easy life, and who are able to grasp the darkness, and we are not saying this in a bad way.

It is also said that the symbolical power of the Black Moth is incredibly strong, and that this insect of the night is very powerful and triumphant  even (he is able to go to the other dimension and come back as many times as it takes, so that he could give people messages they want to hear, or they need to hear) but also always in a position to test the anger and destructiveness of others in order to ensure that their strength does not translate into violence against other innocent members of the community.

However, it seems that he is always on the side of the weaker ones, so it is not surprising that he is being called upon during turbulent periods and those who believe that he is symbol of help, he will help the people to make the right decision, that is, to choose the people who will truly work in their interest.


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