Dreams About Bicycle – Interpretation and Meaning

Bicycle is not an unusual symbol in a dream. We see them or ride them almost every day, so it is no wonder that we sometimes dream about bicycles.

They can have both positive and negative meaning, when we dream about them, and it all depends on the overall situation we dreamed about.

It is important to remember as much details as you can, before you get to interpretation of a dream.

Dream about a bicycle in general

If you had a dream about a bicycle in general, then you might experience changes in your luck. There will be a lot of fluctuations in your luck, so don’t rely on it very much. It is possible that you might be extremely lucky for a while and then suddenly, your luck is going to change.

Be very careful about money plans and avoid making investments in big projects. Even though things might look good for a while, your luck could suddenly change.

Dream about riding a bicycle

If you had a dream about riding a bicycle, then you are going to come all the way to the end. Achieving goals won’t be a problem for you, so keep on moving forward and you will succeed. This dream is mostly related to business goals, so your personal life doesn’t have to be as successful.

Focus on new projects and ideas that could land you great profits and deals. Motivation that will drive you to the goal is going to be very strong, so don’t be afraid to push even harder to achieve something you have always dreamed about.

Dream about buying a bicycle

If you were buying a bicycle in your dream, then you might win a small prize. Winnings in this case are going to be small, but enough to boost your positive energy and motivation. You might even get a promotion at work, but not the big promotion as you were hoping to get.

Sometimes, even small gifts can have a powerful impact on our psyche so accept it gracefully and enjoy every moment of it.

Dream about selling a bicycle

If you were selling a bicycle in your dream, then you might get in a dangerous situation. This situation could be related to public transportation so be extra careful when driving.

This dream could also indicate that you are dealing with some risky people and that they are trying to trick you into doing something potentially dangerous for you.

Be careful who you trust and about the situations you are getting into.

Dream about falling off a bicycle

If you fell off your bicycle in the dream, then you need to give up a pleasure in your life. You will have to give up doing something that gave you a lot of pleasure and exchange it for other things.

Perhaps you will be given more responsibility in life, so you will need to give up on your friends or spending too much time hanging out with them.

It is important to remember that, even though we give up a lot of things in life, there are still a lot of things to look forward to. You just have to find pleasure in doing other things and focus more on them.

Dream about a bicycle going towards you

If you saw a bicycle going towards you, in your dream, then you need might get harassed by people in your life. They could try to sabotage your success and ruin everything you have worked for.

Instead of focusing on their mean comments, try to focus on achieving your goals and stop caring about what others think.

You might even become a victim of someone’s gossiping so be careful what you say and to whom. Everything you say, especially if it’s personal, could be used against you.

Dream about someone else riding a bicycle

If someone else was riding a bicycle in your dream, then you have a hidden desire to be like that person.

You always wanted to achieve something that person has achieved, but you don’t know how to do that.

Focus on your own life and neglect everything else. No one is like you and that is the way it should be. Instead of finding flaws in your own life, focus on the positive and praise yourself for something you did right. This is the only way you can be happy and peaceful.

Dream about a mountain bicycle

If bicycle in your dream was mountain, then you are going to accomplish something very big in life. Perhaps you are already working on an important project, but with this dream you can be sure that goals will be achieved. Focus on giving the best of you and stop being afraid of the risk. Everything you did so far has been good, so there is no need to be afraid that things aren’t going to work out.

Dream about riding a bicycle downhill

If you were riding the bicycle downhill in your dream, this is a warning sign that you need to be careful about your actions and words. Some of your words or actions might have hurt someone, and now it is hard to fix the situation.

If this is what happened, then you need to reach out to the person you hurt and ask him or her to forgive you. If you did something foolish, then try to fix the situation by doing something positive instead. This dream can be a warning for future deeds, so be careful how you act and what you say.

Dream about a broken bicycle

If bicycle in your dream was broken, then you need to be careful when you are in traffic. This dream warns you about a possible car crash or accident that might happen, so be extra careful when you are on the road.

Avoid driving totally, if possible, and use the bus instead. This dream could also be a warning sign that you might be tricked by certain people into doing something bad for you. Instead of jumping into something, investigate the situation thoroughly and then make a decision.

Dream about stealing someone’s bicycle

If you were stealing or you stole someone’s bicycle in a dream, then you need to be careful about your relationship. You might get into a secret affair with someone or even cheat on your your boyfriend or girlfriend.

This dream also warns you to be careful not to steal someone else’s boyfriend or girlfriend, because this can bring you a lot of sadness in life. Person you fell in love with is only going to use you and turn your life upside down.

Dream about a bicycle with three wheels

If bicycle in your dream had three wheels, then you will experience success in every area in life. Your business and personal goals are going to come to life, with a lot of hard work and dedication.

Luck will be on your side, so you don’t have to worry about that. Just keep on working on your goals and don’t let anybody tell you what to do. This dream symbolizes positive period that is ahead of you so everything you start at this moment is going to be successful. This is also a very good period to invest money and start new business projects.


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