Life Path Number 11 – Meaning, Personality, Compatibility

We start with the first of the master numbers. The 11, which together with the 33 are the most complicated to live, since his life is not easy.

Remind you that in a previous post I published here how to know what number you are on the path of life, also called the natal path, birth vibration, purpose of life … and how to do the correct operation so as not to hide or mislead ourselves in a numerological chart of a master vibration.

Life Path Number 11 – What Does It Mean?

Great artistic and creative skills. People who turn to help other beings (people, animals …) with infinite love, kindness, dedication and self-denial. They come to evolve spiritually above any other goal and be the teacher who teaches the way.

For all this, normally the eleven numbers leave a mark behind them, very difficult to forget, great power of charisma and spell, great benefactor leaders and philanthropists. It is true that all master vibrations bring together the vibrations of all of them.

Great dreamers, difficult life since before them are the others, with what is a vibration with a tendency to personal loneliness or to be the big ones misunderstood by a couple or family. You have to remember this since above all you have chosen to come after others like you.

An eleven person usually does not go unnoticed, either because of his sagacity or talent and a keen insight, partly because he channels in a natural way and goes ahead by “hunches.” Original and creative, somewhat eccentric, I affectionately call them the numerology aquarium.

Professionally they are curious, passionate readers and researchers, they are good at both the scientific and the humanistic and philosophical fields, because only they with their innate curiosity go beyond the backdrop.

They are great speakers so you have to be careful not to fall into your spell if the person has a negative numerological picture or gets carried away by his innate natural spell, people too vehement in their ideals, so much that sometimes they fall into dogmatism or lose the notion of reality and this makes them tyrants or eccentric eccentrics, chasing chimeras.

An interesting and change-filled life, active, out of the ordinary, unforeseen things usually happen to them and are usually beyond their control, often or almost always guided, as if a helping hand or superior force led them to their true destiny.

Do not forget that it is a vibration that contains double number one and reduced is a two, with that I mean that it will be a person with the great contradictions of the one reinforced and the two, with how different they are from each other.

Money usually attracts them little, since they are great idealists who would advocate for the disappearance of the financial system in pursuit of a large trading community.

The delicate nature of the number eleven makes them very angry, depressed or disillusioned with the world around them (people, greed, environment …)

They often capture ideas from the cosmos. Will and tenacity of iron. Great authority but in a delicate way, for the pursuit of its objectives. Idealistic and practical, great contradiction but I think it’s because of the double one and the reduction to two.

They must take special care of their nervous state, since the discouragement for the environment will be throughout their lives. His great learning will come in knowing how to develop humility, being extraordinary, and translating and showing the revelations he captures of the universe, for humanity.

With the one and the eight there can be tensions since an eleven does not let himself be sent, with the six too attached to the family there can be tensions as well as with the rigid four, with the two the three and the five there are many possibilities to understand each other, with the seven also since in an esoteric, spiritual and investigative world they will know how to understand each other. Perfect with a nine, another eleven, twenty-two and thirty-three.

With the test you will receive the report of your number, which is automatically calculated from the name and surname. Remember that it is a report of your external personality and / or the mask you wear at the beginning of your relationships.

The Secret Meaning and Symbolism

As the days, weeks and months pass, you become more and more aware that the separation of your partner is real and the Sadness is taking over you.

You become more aware of the feelings and emotions that have invaded your thoughts and your body. Let’s start by defining what sadness is, although I have remembered that the other day I saw a WhatsApp status of a person who was sad, going through a rather difficult situation and liked it.

“The difficult thing is not to forget the past, it is to forget the future you imagined.” I have commented several times, when I separated from my daughter’s father, something that cost me to overcome was the fact that my idea of ​​relationship was not fulfilled.

For a long time I had the feeling that “If I had fought, we would be so good … we had everything …” After a while I realized that we had nothing, well yes, my ideas not shared with him, what our life would be like. Come on, “They lived happily and ate partridges”

We were really incompatible, we clung to putting a circle in the space of a square and that doesn’t fit in any way. Well, I think I have gone a little through the branches, so I am going to focus and I will talk about the definition of sadness that I have studied in the Degree of psychology:

Sadness is the negative feeling or emotion characterized by a decline in the person’s usual mood, which is accompanied by a significant reduction in their level of cognitive and behavioral activity, whose subjective experience ranges between mild grief and intense grief. Typical of grief or depression.

You can also have more info about the definition of sadness in Wikipedia, I leave the link in case you want to take a look. The sadness is an emotion that follows the loss and its purpose is to integrate the painful loss to favor your maturation.

To overcome sadness you must break the emotional mechanisms that lead you to it. I explain how to achieve this and prevent it from becoming a trap that prevents you from reaching new goals and leading a full life.

If you are a person with a high trait in Neuroticism, it is a personality that tends to sadness, ruminant thoughts and irrational beliefs.

You can show high emotional instability, which manifests itself in the form of frequent feelings of sadness, hopelessness and depression. This lack of control over affections is influenced by a negative self-image, it can also be influenced by hormonal issues, if you are a woman.

Of course, we must include low self-esteem, tendency to self-criticism, high propensity to experience guilt and poor dynamics in relationships.

If we combine the extroversion-introversion traits with neuroticism, it can affect in several ways: Extroversion encourages the neurotic personality to seek social relations, favors the formation of a social support network as a source of reinforcement.

It can also be an affective decompensation factor by increasing the possibility of finding more conflict situations. Introversion, on the other hand, takes care of the introverted person of compromised interpersonal situations, but, on the other hand, deprives him of an important flow of positive reinforcement.

As you can see, depending on your personality, you can show one pattern or another. Which one do you identify with?

It can lead you to believe that the positive experiences that arise in your life are due to factors over which you have little or no control (external cause) that are difficult to predict or anticipate (unstable) and act only in that particular circumstance. And not in others (specificity).

The pessimistic explanatory style makes you think that the good things that happen to you are due to causes that do not depend on you and leave them to chance instead of taking control. It groups a group of people characterized by an excessive desire for order, for sobriety, the sense of duty, moral scrupulousness and neatness.

They have an excessively rigid personality and, due to their low capacity to adapt, they are seriously affected when they pose losses or threats to the existential framework with which they protect themselves.

Love and Life Path Number 11

Our brain has evolved over thousands of years so that we are emotional beings. Therefore, all emotions, have at some time in our history as a species, an adaptive advantage.

Sadness also fulfills its functions. And although sometimes we don’t like to experience it, we have to keep in mind that it is vital for our mental and physical health.

One of the main functions of sadness is that we process the event that has triggered the emotion. For example, if a family member dies, we need time to think and assume that loss. It is normal for this type of events to be somewhat lower in mood.

Another function of sadness is to provoke empathy in others. And our nervous system has connection mechanisms and structures that help us read the emotions of others. By provoking that empathy in our loved ones, they usually try to help us. It is a kind of alarm for others to turn with us.

Psychology has spent years studying emotions and feelings, and the states of sadness have always been the object of curiosity and study.

Therefore, now, we have a bulk of scientific evidence that allows us to understand this emotion. Now we know that it is a reaction of our body to try to adapt to the environment in the best possible way.

As we advanced in the introduction, the main causes of sadness are two. On the one hand, the perception of a loss and on the other the perception of little competition.

There are many situations that involve losses that make us sad. It can be from losing a loved one, the couple, an opportunity, status, work, an object or suffering from an illness. All these situations can trigger in our body the emotion of sadness.

Another type of situations that can make us sad are those in which we see that we could have done better. Faced with the frustration of not having given our best, it is normal for sadness and disappointment to appear.

For example, if before an opportunity to ascend in our work, we do not perceive that we have been competent enough, we can feel disappointment and sadness. What our body tries is that we analyze the causes of this problem so that in the future, it does not happen again.

If you look closely, sadness, although it is uncomfortable and nobody wants to experience it, is an emotion that helps us a lot to be adapted to this life.

Also, as I commented in the introduction, human beings are able to empathize with our peers. Mirror neurons make us able to decipher and feel in our own flesh the emotion that the person in front of us is experiencing.

We have to be clear that sadness is not a disease or anything pathological. It is simply an emotional reaction of our body. Therefore, we should not be alarmed if at any time we see that we are somewhat more decayed or our mood is low.

For thousands of years, human beings have evolved into what they are. And like absolutely all emotions, sadness has played a decisive role in that evolution.

The changes in the species are made by natural selection, which is a process by which nature rewards individuals who best adapt to the environment with survival. That is why sadness has been key in the development of human beings, let’s see how and why.

Life was hard even for a tribe, I don’t want to tell you what it meant for a single individual. In addition, the humans who decided to go on their own hardly had offspring (because of what two are needed), so we are the grandchildren of the grandchildren of those who lived in tribes.

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Interesting Facts about Number 11

The path of life 11 is the path of the enlightened. It is mystical, perceptive, idealistic, inventive, investigative, electric, and impractical.

The direction of this path is to learn to be an example for others. Their opportunities are in using their faith and great spiritual power. The destiny is of intuition and inspiration.

The path of life 11 leads the person to know a reality that few can understand. Existential questions will always be formulated and somehow life will guide them to find the answers.

The person who leads this path will be motivated to nourish his mind and will quickly call his attention to the love of the arts, among them may be music and painting. He will be a person of opinion and great mastery. But it can also fall into depression and laziness.

In matters of love you can be appreciated for your mental capacity or your ability to speak. But it can also drive people away because of their lack of self-esteem and excessive jealousy.

Seeing Life Path Number 11

Life path number 11 describes a powerful person who can achieve anything in life. This number is going to help you get rid of the feeling of sadness and grief over things you cannot change.

Sadness is an emotion that absolutely all people have felt on occasion. It is a reaction of the body to a given situation. In general, the triggers of sadness are usually situations in which there is a loss or in which we perceive that we have acted with little effectiveness.


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