Biblical Meaning of 999

Believe in the mystic of numbers, or their power, you have to ask sometimes whether the numbers are only the numbers we trade or are they the deeper truth?

The Bible could be understood in many ways, but the best possible way for reading and understanding the Holy Book and all of its content is one step at the time. A bit by bit, little by little, you can reveal the personality of Jesus Christ, since He is the complete revelation of God to man.

Somewhere in the Bible, we can find this sentence – “It was a time of ignorance, when people could not because of sin”, of course, we will talk about this because of the state they were in, “to understand God fully.”

Therefore, it is good to have in mind, when reading the Bible, and in it, the Biblical numbers, some rules should be followed – Gods revelation in the Bible is progressive, and the answers come to us gradually.

The greatest light is in the personality of Jesus Christ, but this does not mean that other parts of the Bible are not meaningful.

So, today we are focusing our energy in the attempt to try to reveal the truth that is behind numeral 9 (or 999).

Biblical number 999 General meaning

You are a smart and versatile human being, and at times you feel like you can hear God that is talking though to you, and it is giving you the voice. You can affect other people in this way, and you have the necessary talent and abilities.

You are intelligent and resourceful. Get into the core of the problem, and you instantly see what the outcome could be.

You are spiritual, and you are extremely interested in these topics, but the way you are trying to reach the truth is interesting, you are the one that has a very strong reason. Your personality is magnetic, with the determination and power of character.

On the other hand, your talents can be hidden, and you are afraid to be influenced or to stand out as you should. You are much more independent in thought than in work. But remember that the biggest rewards come only to those who do, not theorists or dreamers.

In interpersonal relations, you are the one that is devoted to the people you love, but also you demand a lot of love from the people around you. Seek honesty and sincerity of purpose more than anything else. The money will come later. With your inventiveness and originality, you can make success in life.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

In some places in the Bible, it is mentioned that numerical sequence 666 represents the mark of the Beats (Satan, Devil) and that it embodies everything that is bad and sinful, even evil. And having in mind this, we could guess that the symbolism of 999 seen as the overturned six is something opposite, as the mark of God and salvation.

So, numeral 6 is the number that is connected to those who come from God are those who are supposed to overcome the devil, all those with the “mark of the beast”. And number 9 could be everything opposite, and it can mark those who are complete and perfect and counterweight to everything that is against God.

They are Messiahs, marked to save the world – says one of the interpretations. To make it easier for people to recognise the Messiah, God inspired many prophets to give details about his birth, his ministry, and his death. All these biblical prophecies about the promised Messiah were fulfilled on Jesus Christ.

Number 999 in Love

When it comes to the Divine, or Gods Love, we need to speak of the time when you learned the truth about your connection with God and Jesus, and His purpose and when you began to build your faith.

You realised that although you were born as a sinless man alienated from God, He gave you Christ through the opportunity to attain the perfection that Adam lost and to receive eternal life (Matthew 20:28; Romans 5:12, 18).

You understand the sacrifice God made when he sent his dear Son to die for you. It touched you in the heart, and you loved God who showed such a great love for you. So, we could speak here about one more interesting thing – the connection between sacrifice and Love. Love is not just a feeling, and it is said many things in the Bible – sincere Love for God involves much more than simply saying, “I love God. How much love is sincere is seen by works, just as when it comes to faith (James 2:26). In concrete terms, Love is seen by the things we do to please the one we love.

Amazing Facts about Number 999

Here we will focus our attention to the one integral element of this numerical sequence, numeral 9. The first interesting thing is that it is used 49 times in Scripture. And we already have said that this number is the representation of the Divine completeness, or the aspect of finality (salvation, in some way).

The interesting aspects are just coming- Jesus Christ died on the 9th hour (this can be seen as the action that allows all people to see His salvation).

A Roman Centurion named Cornelius was told on the 9th hour of the day, in a vision, to contact the apostle Peter; and he was eventually baptised and receive God’s spirit, and became the first recorded Gentile that was converted to Christianity.

In some other symbolical sense, number 9 is the representation of the “holy product” of the God’s Spirit; and when divided to elements we meet  Faithfulness, Gentleness, Goodness, Joy, Kindness, Long-suffering, Love, Peace and Self-control.

In the Holy Book, number 9 appears one more time, as the number of years that Israel’s last king Hoshea reigned. Also, the destruction of Jerusalem’s temple began, according to the Hebrew Calendar, on the 9th of the month.

The number of Kings that fought for the rule, in the first battle in the Holy Book, is 9, and you can see this in the Book of Genesis 14:1 – 2.

Will Biblical number 999 Bring Good Luck to You?

Now, for the grand finale, we will speak about the great connection between numeral 999 and Love – having in mind all Biblical meanings that are connected to this numeral. It speaks about God’s breath that will give us a deep joy (and we spoke many times how the Bible teaches us that joy and mercy, for example, are synonymous to happiness).

While we are happy, we are in harmony with God, and this is the goal we should all strive for. But while others are suffering, our happiness is in disagreement with their suffering, and the question arises do we have the right to be happy if others are in pain? Therefore, the Apostle Paul writes: Yes, “rejoice with glad tidings,” but also “pay tribute” (Romans 12:15). Joy is what we are truly created.

In some other introspective, the Bible says that happiness can hurt those who are excluded from it and that the joy of the loved ones is difficult to tolerate those who are abandoned – this is understandable.

While, besides, those who are happy allow me to feel their sinful pleasure because they have taken my place, their happiness becomes completely unbearable. Someone can hurt us happily even if they do not do it deliberately: Jesus speaks of the happiness of the rich who “greatly dwelt today”, not even noticing the poor Lazarus at his door (Luke 16, 19-21).

What should you do? “Rejoice always,” says Paul, and “let your goodness be known to all men” (Philippians 4: 5). The joy he speaks radiates with gentleness.


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