Biblical Meaning of 888

So the whole Bible, both the Old and New Testaments, are worthy of us and there is no part of life that we cannot use this knowledge. In the Holy Bok, we have the Holy Scriptures of the Old Testament and the New Testament. The Old Testament begins with five books of Moses, and then there are historical books, then you have books of wisdom and have prophetic books – all of them hide a meaning.

Then, if you look somewhere behind the middle of your Bible, you will find that the second part of the Bible, the New Testament, is also divided into books and chapters. The Bible is divided into chapters or heads – and all of this is possible thanks to the use of numbers, that carry a certain symbolical meaning, that we will try to discover.

There is even science that deals with the numbers as seen in the Biblical way – the Bible Numerology.

The two numbers that are most frequently repeated in the Bible are 7 and 40. Number 7 signifies integrity or perfection (Genesis 7: 2-4; Revelation 1:20). This number is often called “God’s number,” since He is the only perfect and complete (Revelation 4.5; 5.1, 5-6).

Number 3 is also considered to be the number of divine perfection – the Holy Trinity that connects Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

Today we are dedicating ourselves to the Biblical number 888.

Biblical number 888 General meaning

As the person who is touched by 888, or 8, if we look at the Biblical meaning that is behind this number, we come to the answer that you are a person who is religious, but with a broad mind so that you are not too orthodox, but from time to time you can be a bit extreme.

But, you are definitely a person who is quite spiritual and open to a variety of impressions – you can be reluctant at times, but without a doubt, you will be a person who will discover many truths about the Earth.

In some ways, you are the person who can be a bit secretive, and who likes excitement and you are always in the best place where energy and enthusiasm are sought. You’re a good friend, and you’re very nice to talk.

You are kind, gentle and dedicated. You love, but you accept the same if not more from others. By nature, you are quite emotional, and this emotionality can go to the extremes (this is a strong impact that comes from numeral 8 in every way).

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

The eighth day comes after six days of creation and Sabbath. While number 7 is primarily the number of the Old Testament, 8 belong to the New Testament. Number 8 does bring not only the resurrection of Christ, but also the man, and announces the future eternal age (we will speak some more in some of the later sections of this piece).

Some people who dealt with the Biblical meaning of numbers say that number 8 in any shape or form is, in fact, a lucky numeral that points self-restraint and limitations of success that comes after initial denials.

In this sense Jesus Christ said: “Be careful, watch; for you do not know when the time is. Watch, therefore; because you do not know when the master of the house will come, whether in the evening, or at midnight, or in the morning; But what I say to you, I speak to all, then you should watch.”

But also number 8, when seen in shape like this one, tripled shows interesting symbolism – like reliability, stability, patience, analytical mind, self-restraint, renunciation, persistence. All of these traits are supposed to be the virtues that we should strive for in life.

Number 888 in Love

As we could see in the Holy Bible, God continues to love us no matter what, and this aspect is in serious contrast to our, human relationships where when something changes in them, like, for example, some accident or loss, things go in the negative direction.

But God’s love is based neither on our physical appearance nor on who we are or what we are, or what circumstances can be. As you can see, God’s view of love is entirely different from what society is talking about love, about the way we see love, think about love, etc.

But the main task that number 888 can bring in our lives and that is related to love is the attempt to have a connection that would include this kind of love. God tells us that his forgiveness and love are ours simply because we asked for them.

They are his gift to us. But if we refuse this Divine gift, we are the ones who disable ourselves in finding the right fulfillment, real intimacy and real purpose in life.

In the Bible, it is explained that love for God means “keeping his commandments”. Through his Word, He gave us specific instructions. This could be a good way that can help us avoid the negativity and destruction in life, and we can walk the path of Love. This is important to know since number 8 can be connected to the energy that is going in the wrong direction.

Amazing Facts about Number 888

The Holy Book uses number 8 in many ways, but the one that is prominent is where it speaks of the new beginnings. And in that sense, the Bible speaks how number 6 is the number that depicts people, and number 7 is connected to God, while number 12 is the number that is the representation of the Universe (spirit plus mater, or completion).

One of the early Fathers who are in the Bible identified by the name Augustine and he showed that the day of rest changed to Sunday: The seventh day was the Sabbath, but the Lord’s Day must come after the seventh, and it should be the 8th.

According to St. Augustine, after the seventh day comes the eighth which marks the life of the righteous and the penalty for the wicked.

In Matthew 28:1, Mark 16:2, Luke 24:1, John 20:1 we could see that Jesus Christ after His resurrection on Sunday, initiated a new creation – he launched through the Sabbath and began a new work that is celebrated on the first day of the week. On 8th Day, God said: “let the Church open and it began.” The light shone in the darkness, and the darkness has not been able to quench it in any way.

Will Biblical number 888 Bring Good Luck to You?

The more we have – the more we have to keep an eye on, says Ecclesiastes  -and this is one aspect from the Bible that we need to remember at all times if we want to be happy.

When we want and in a way have too much, we simply can no longer use everything and enjoy everything we have.

The more we own, the more and more of our property is, because it requires maintenance, organisation and our time (sometimes number 8 is connected to the expansion and the need for gaining material wealth).

Money can buy a lot, especially in modern times, but cannot buy freedom from pain, pleasure, peace, joy and sincere love. So, the life that is separate from God does not bring lasting joy and satisfaction. It’s meaningless. Without God in our lives, we will become spiritually bankrupt.

So, in the end, we should find our happiness in faith. “Faith is firmly confident that what we hope is going to happen is evidence of what is real, though it cannot be seen” (Hebrews 11: 1). For a person to have strong confidence he must have good reasons for his beliefs – this is the way to be permanently happy.


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