Biblical Meaning of 3

Everyone should read the Bible, in one period of life, it can give you so much good, so many things you can learn from it, and it does not matter if you are religious type, a Christian, a Jew or you belong to some other religion.

You should look at the Bible as one amazing source of knowledge that could be applied in every aspect of life. And in that sense, numbers that show up in the Bible are incredible and have some amazing meanings.

Many of the numbers that are found in the Bible have a deeper prophetic or spiritual meaning and knowing what their meaning is we could find some similarities in our lives. Numbers, both in the Old and in the New Testament, reveal hidden concepts and meanings that usually produce to the superficial reader.

Throughout history, people of the great mind, such as Augustine, Isaac Newton, and Leonardo da Vinci, have shown more than curiosity about the importance of Biblical numbers, and that interest remains till this day.

On one occasion, Jesus said: “Even a hair on your heads are counted” (Matthew 10:30). Obviously, the numbers in the Bible should be carefully considered.

Some say that numbers such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, and 10 have the great importance for people, while others add up numbers like 12, 40, 50, and 70.

Today we are looking into one of these numbers, and it is number 3.

Biblical number 3 General meaning

People for who numeral 3 has a significant meaning are great thinkers who have a passion for learning about the Truth at all costs, even if in that way, they are depriving themselves of happiness in some way.

This means that you are the person, who will dedicate his life in the search for the truth, and at the same time he will never care about his own well being, and this could be seen as a sacrifice that Jesus did for all people.

This refers to the fact that Jesus Christ died instead of all sinners. The Holy Bible teaches that all people are sinners (read Romans 3: 9-18 and Romans 3:23).

The penalty for our sin is death. “Death is the wages of sin, and the grace of God is the eternal life in Christ Jesus, our Lord.”

Also, we will mention one more detail here – Death is a biblical term for “separation”. Of course, everyone will die, but some will live in heaven with God in eternity, while others will live in hell for eternity. The death that is referred to life in hell. However, the second part of this verse teaches us that eternal life is available through Jesus Christ.

In some other introspective, you are the person who is neither mild nor frivolous – seriousness is undoubtedly noticed in you since you find the time to learn and discover the truth. You are not a bad person, and on the contrary, you are very independent in both thinking; No one can distract you from a particular path once you decide to follow a specific direction.

You can fall in love once or twice in life truly. When this happens, carefully choose a person who will not disappoint you, because, otherwise, you are suffering because of your ability to feel alive.

Your nature is very intense, so you can expect to experience the bad side of this nature, as well as all its advantages.

There are too many brakes in you – remove some of them, and the wheels of life will start to turn you much faster and easier.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

Numeral 3 appears many times in the Bible, and primary it signifies the Unity of the Son, the Father and Holy Spirit. It shows Unity of the Universe and the Unity that we all should strive and respect in our lives.

But in some other way, this is the number that teaches us of one thing – the true testimony and the exposure of the truth. Three in the Bible could refer to the three witnesses that will ensure that a particular statement is true. Or it can show the repetition of the truth that after sometimes must be accepted, no matter how difficult it can be. “The testimony of the three ensures that this is true, so it is three times repeated to affirm further or expose (Ezekiel 21:27; Acts 10: 9-16; Revelation 4: 8; 8:13).

Additionally, number 3 in the Bible shows one more thing it is in a way a manifestation of the Deity / or the Holy Trinity. In the Holy Bible, Angels say (or shout) the word “world” three times for a triune God (Isaiah 6: 3).

Number 3 in Love

Of all the qualities that the One, the God possesses, Love is the most prominent, and in the Bible you can find much evidence that will confirm this – we observe some beautiful facets of this trait like a gem, we will see why the Bible says: “God is love” (1 John 4: 8).

Even more, since numeral 3 points to the truth, we need to find out what does Love mean? It is described as the most significant human need from our birth, we long for love, flourish from its warmth, and the veins die when it is gone. Love is surprisingly tricky to define. What does love brings does not always clarify its meaning? This word is used so much that it seems that its real purpose is even more incomprehensive.

However, the Bible clearly shows what God Love is; and in the New Testament we can find this sentence: Love can be only identified by the actions and deeds that it directs us to do. And the Jesus activities teach us much about the Love -the unconditional Love and affection that he has for his creatures, all living beings in the World.

Amazing Facts about Number 3

Many amazing facts are connected to the Biblical observation of the number 3 – for the beginning, and we will say that this number is used for a total 467 times in the Bible.

It is said in the Bible, that numeral 3 in many ways brings the clear picture of the completeness of the Universe. It is also said that numeral 3 carry the symbol of perfect numbers since it is derived from the 7, 10 and 12 numerals that are considered to be four spiritually perfect numerals.

The Holy book also mentions the three righteous patriarchs before the flood (they were Abel, Enoch and Noah). After the flood, there were three righteous “fathers” Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

The New Testament carries of the total of the 27 books that can be seen as the 3 times 3 times 3, that in some symbolical sense is seen as the completion of the Divine power.

Also, in the Bible, it is said that Jesus Christ prayed for three times before His arrest and that the time of His resurrection, placing the Cross, death, etc. all are connected to the 3 o clock or three hours that he spends on the Cross. It is good to remember here that the Bible says that number 3 is, in fact, the number 3 stands as a symbol of resurrection.

So, according to the Bible, there are two primary and separate resurrections, and consequently two deaths. The first, biological death that the Bible calls “sleep” without dreams – a state without any awareness of anything or activity (Daniel 12: 2, John 11: 11-14, Ecclesiastes 9: 5, John 14: 19-21, Psalm 6: 5).

The other is the final or eternal death of unwanted evil people and fallen Angels (Revelation 20: 7-15).  The Bible and Jesus himself explain His death as a necessity for the redemption of the fallen man and the fact that He has done that for all Humanity.

Will Biblical number 3 Bring Good Luck to You?

But, does this entire mean that number 3, seen and understand from the Biblical point of view implies that happiness (joy, mercy, kindness, satisfaction, etc.) are on your way?

First, we will say yes, but this is not so simple – even in the Bible, we could see that the salvation did not come after a sacrifice (the one that Jesus did for all people, as you were able to see in the explanation in the previous section).

And if we know that the Bible teaches us that God is sovereign over life and death, but He cannot do something contrary to the order of life and the Law that is the expression of His character. We cannot be saved just because He loves us.

And here we come to the central part of this question – the opportunity of the Salvation includes the satisfaction of all aspects of God’s rule: truth, justice, grace, and Love.

So, for you to find happiness, you need to live according to these rules (virtues). And just like the Bible describes, so that Jesus might be resurrected, His mission and His sacrifice had to be satisfied before God.

The human nature, which needs redemption (people are imperfect and sinful, and they need to pay for their sins), had to die, so that Jesus could be resurrected and that the human race would also have the right to resurrection and life (see Romans 5: 6-21).

To save man, God’s Son, Jesus had to descend to the man’s world, where he became like human beings. On this occasion, the most beautiful transfer of the divine to human nature took place, and you should look at this numbers as the connection and reminder what your salvation could be, and what it can mean for your life.


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