Aries Sun Scorpio Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The Sun and the Moon, even in our everyday life, give us what we need to survive – they are our source of life, the Sun gives us light, and therefore life, without in the life would not be possible. On the other side, there must be “dark”, and there must one object that affects our “mood” and control some other things in our world, like a tide.

The same thing is in Astrology, both Sun and Moon have important things to “say” to us, and their position in the certain sign can reveal the truth about our character, or our subconscious.

Today, we will try to speak of all important things that are connected to the person who has, in his natal chart, positioned the Sun in the Aries and the Moon in the Scorpio Zodiac sign.

What this means and how can this be reflected on the person who has them in his horoscope? Read all about this topic, and we will start by mentioning all the good traits that this person has.

Good Traits

This person is amazing in fighting, and he is a real fighter who can be both – offensive and defensive. This suggests that he is the person who is equally efficient both in the attack and in the defence; above all, he is the person who is very strong, so any kind of influence is very hard. This is the person who will always show who is the master, both in good and bad situations in life.

The person who has positioned the Sun in the Aries and the Moon in the Scorpio sign is endowed with great power and can influence others.

This human has a brave and persistent, even miraculous energy that can serve both good and evil. This means that he can direct all his forces to some noble work, to some altruistic activity.

This person has a strong will, and he is a little reserved, he is respectful to others and inclined to look at things in their totality. When he has a certain passion, he does not spend months thinking about how will he live, but go into action at phenomenal speed, removing obstacles from the road.

Bad Traits

As we have already mentioned in the preceding section of this article, this human being is brave and persistent, but also at times violent, and he can turn any situation in the direction that he wants.

He can also turn his strengths against himself, thus bringing in various discomforts, which means that this energy is misused. Even worse, this human is constantly trying to control every situation that he can.

It’s not easy to get to know this human, because much lies hidden under the surface. He often acts as a very quiet and simple person, and in essence, he is an extremely complicated human being, far more sensitive than he shows.

The fighting nature in this human being can be the most problematic aspect of his character – he can react violently to the things that he does not like. When this human who has Sun positioned in the Aries and the Moon positioned in the Scorpio does not like something, he will never hesitate to say it and to use all the resources to solve a problem, in any way that he sees fit.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon in Love

This being is beautiful and almost magically seductive, and many people will say that it is very hard to resist him. He can be very mysterious, and he is a good catch for all those who crave curiosity.

At the same time, in love, this person who has Sun positioned in the Aries and the Moon located in the Scorpio, in potential lovers causes both, fear and security. Well, although his potential lovers could be scared, they all want to enter deeper and deeper into his heart.

And there is no doubt about this human being, and he has a complicated human nature and more complicated love emotions. He can be a good match for people who are brave, just like he is, and who want to be involved in this unusual quest for love that will be with this human.

In love, this person is ready to go for all or nothing, and there cannot be a middle ground.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon in a Relationship

At the very beginning of a love relationship, he can be distrustful and mysterious even, in order to protect himself from any emotional disappointment and from hurting someone’s vulnerable feelings. But later on, he gets more and more open, and he gets more in love.

This person, when it comes to love, prefers to achieve love affection in the long run, because he seeks the complete connection with his lover, anything that will come halfway is not an option. He acts in this way in life, and in love in particular, since there cannot be middle when he is so passionate human being.

From a loved one he expects complete loyalty, sincerity, and complete emerge of the soul and body. This person who has the Sun in the Aries and the Moon in Scorpio is eager to have a great amount of love passion in a love relationship and to give her beloved person unforgettable moments of enjoying happiness.

For true love, this human being will give everything he has, and even more – when someone loves sincerely, truly and from the heart, his lover soon becomes the object of his worship and becomes so obsessed with him.

His behavior in a relationship can be even called fatal, obsessive, and almost crazy; and the way that he maintains this connection is that he keeps his love from jealousy from others and does not allow anyone to interfere with intimate things from his love life.

Best Match for Aries Sun Scorpio Moon

In the plan of love, and interpersonal connections, in the world of this man will gradually receive only those whom he valued and who is convinced that he is worthy of his love. Only one for whom it is worth fighting, even if in that fight everything is lost.

This is one human being who has a problem when it comes to expressing tenderness and romantic feelings, but the person who has Sun in the Aries and the Moon in the Scorpio sign can show an unbelievable love when it comes to expressing strong love passions in the bed. So, who is his perfect match, the one that can meet all of his conditions?

The perfect match maybe could be the representative of the Pisces Zodiac sign – this lover will be patient enough to wait for this human to open, and when he does, it will be able to provide all gratification that the person who has Sun in the Aries sign and the Moon in the Scorpio sign needs.

Aries Sun Scorpio Moon as a Friend

This person can be very picky when choosing friends, even in pure communication this human can be very mystical to others, but always knows who he is and who is his true friend.

This human being can be challenging in the field of emotions, where he can be very closed – sometimes his friends could have a problem in dealing with such things, and never truly know if this human is completely open and honest.

When he meets people, the first impressions are very important to this person, and he just feels people with his intuition, he knows instinctively can someone be his friend or not?

He is an honest friend who will always speak his mind and usually is looking for his own business, but when his friends provoke him, he can be extremely sharp and sarcastic. He can even be very protective over his friends, and in these moments he is very fierce and often when defending friends he can react in an extreme way.


In summary, we will speak of two things that can describe this human being who has Sun in Aries and Moon in the Scorpio sign – he has undoubtedly a passionate temperament and dynamism in his life actions.

On top of this, he has a somewhat aggressive nature, insoluble will and impulse to grow, even if he along the way can make some mistakes and fail, he will stand up many times.

We must admit that this person who has Sun positioned in the Aries sign, and Moon in the Scorpio is, at the same time constructive and destructive, and, above all, he is vindictive, the aspect that not any person who has Scorpio in his chart, could avoid.

He is passionate and strong, but this human does not open so fast to the people who are close to him; he instead evaluates the situation and then makes his judgment. In the same way, this human chooses friends, co-workers and lover – but when he gets comfortable, he gets open.

All of his traits have a certain amount of sincerity, which comes from the youthful energies that the Aries side of this man has, who is open and fairly simple nature is in contrast with the complex personality, for which he will tilt to extremes and be hard to understand to his surroundings.

In some further introspection, we could say that all of these characteristics, therefore, create temperament prone to some extremes, but he is the person that can learn, he has the strength that with a little discipline, biased understanding, and sharp reactions he can find his way into the happiness, there is no doubt it.


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