Mother – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

In all parts of the society in all civilizations around the world, (and the same case is with the animal world), the Mother is synonymous with attachment and dedication and commitment and love for her children (primarily, but the Mother is also the symbol of love for all humanity, and there is the reason why we say Mother Earth, as it is the place of our growth, and birth, and re-birth).

Everything that is connected in nature with the gentle but durable, in nature is called by the name “mother”. And there is so much logic in it.

The Mother carries the symbolism of a personality who is unreserved support and the strongest support, and who never allows her child to suffer or be hurt or endangered.

She is the symbol of a lioness that struggles to provide with only the best of the future and to give him a maximum of his attention and tenderness. And on that path she will do anything it takes, no one should stand on her way, but what is more important is this – when she is mad at you, you feel the worse.

And as such, it is said that the Mother often appears in the dream of people and that when it does, the special attention must be paid.

Of course, you are wondering what such a dream means and how you can interpret such a motive. It is a truly important dream, everyone agrees, and even psychology recognizes them as relevant.

The Meaning of a Dream about the Mother

So, what does it mean when you have a dream about the Mother, as the dominant figure -well, such a dream could be interpreted in very different ways, and according to some, such a dream implies some dependence and desire to preserve the “kid within”, while according to some, these dreams have interpretations that are either positive or extremely negative, depending on the particular situation and the particular “state” in which the Mother is in her dream and is seen and experienced.

Just like in a real-life, people are connected to their moms, and during life, emotions that are connected to her can vary a lot, but what stays the same is the strength of those emotions.

In the case of a dream where you have just seen (or looking at her, or she is just the secondary aspect of your dream) the Mother, without any communication with her, such a dream implies that in a reality, deeply in your mind, you are still the child that is overly connected to the woman that gave you life.

You need this woman to make decisions in life, and there is nothing that you can do without her approval, and we are not saying that this is a negative aspect of your persona.

If the dream that you are having depicts you in the situation where you are speaking to your mom, and especially, in the case of the Mother kindly advises you or comforts you or encourages you in some of your moments of weakness and doubt; in reality, such a dream expresses that you are facing very important and difficult decisions.

The time that is ahead of you will bring you numerous challenges in life, and you will have to act maturely.

The Symbolism of a Dream about the Mother

The symbolism of the dream where the central motive is the Mother implies numerous positive connotations, but in some cases, the connotation of this dream could be to say it least, disturbing.

It marks and implies an immeasurable and complimentary time to happen in the near futurity, both in all perspectives of your lifetime. Many steps that are ahead of you will make your life problematic, but you will have to make it.

In the dream depicts some negative communication with your Mother, such a dream has very negative symbolism, implying that you are facing difficult and unfavorable decisions, and that you will very or easily and/or thoughtlessly “stumble”, and that you will be completely lonely and left to bear the heavy burden, and the great consequences of your completely reckless and bad actions.

The alternate version of this dream implies that you have hurt and insulted someone who is dangerous and very dear to you by your words or deeds and that you are very repentant and want to ask sincerely for forgiveness and apology because you were superior or rude, and showed great discourtesy or lack of education.

According to some other interpretations of the dream mentioned where the central motive is the Mother, it often has a symbolism associated with the very good and sudden events and changes that lie ahead, as well as the chance that you will hear some very good and pleasant news, and that you will be happy, and that it will either make a meaningful impact on you or effectively and improve your situation, both professionally and personally.

In this way, all aspects of your life will come to one place that will please your appetites for a good and comfortable life.

If in a dream that you have, your Mother is angry with you, and she refuses to speak to you, such a dream is very negative.

If in a dream you are having, your Mother is sad, crying, and she does not speak to you, such a dream depicts her being sad for you and worry too much, and then the symbolical value of that dream is negative.

In reality, it heralds great troubles and losses, which may concern either you personally or all your immediate family members.

Specifically, according to the above interpretation of a given dream, there is a very clear indication that someone will try and embarrass or endanger your family.

If the Mom in your dream is sick, and it is visible, or she is sleeping, such a dream implies something very bad for you, and you should be alarmed as soon as possible.

Such a dream carries the connotation that your life was in danger, and you are very worried and suffering because of her condition, there is a meaning in the real life that is quite positive and means that you have decided to change yourself to better, and get rid of some major flaws and vices, and that the people who love you can be proud of you, and will be praised and appreciated for having managed to persevere.

To dream that in a dream, your Mommy kisses you on the cheek or forehead, such a dream is amazing when translated in reality.

This is one very common dream that comes into the connection with the dead Mother (oftentimes people dream a dead Mother that is telling them something or is kissing them kindly, like children in a cheek or forehead)

When you dreamed that your Mother loves you in a dream, and it is positive.

Such a dream symbolizes that you are the person who is loved in society, in your work environment and that you respect very much for your good deeds. This is the vision that just confirms that you are on the right track and that you should continue on that road.

Do I have to be worried?

You are aware that a dream where the Mom is the integral motive, just shows that you are indeed related to the Mom and you are quite aware of that fact, she is the most exceptional comfort – the reality is that no person (as you see it) can ever be capable of providing you as full admiration and regarding as this woman who gave birth to you.

In fact, this is the image that could show the good or the bad relationship that you have with your mom or the person who is this for you, and it could be the boss at your work.

But do you have to be worried? We think no – remain to be the person to either protects your loved ones or warn them about some unfavorable periods that follow.

This is the main message that comes from these dreams – you are concerning and exacerbation of one’s material situation, or may relate to serious and chronic illnesses, or to the loss of work and/or close friends or acquaintances if they have been ill for a long time or have died.

It shows that you are very attentive and gentle to your environment and that even though you are already an adult, you like to think about your own mom and the way that she has been treating in the past when you were just a little boy or a girl.

Feel that everything will come to its place since these dreams have a symbolism in reality that is positive or very good, and means that you are a very loved and respected person and that you are confident in yourself and in everything you do now and in the future.

What to do if I had this dream?

It is highly advised for you to “listen” yourself and continue the path you were taking so far, and hold on to your own beliefs and well-established opinions and attitudes, because the people around you are not the right and sincere support, and that you can first rely only on yourself, and on” your own self.

On the other hand, the dream about the Mother has a symbolism that is sometimes quite bad, and may refer to going through some very painful and difficult moments, and that your worries or stress will persist, but in the end you will to manage everything for your own benefit, and to have great help and essential or support or support in your family, or in your Mother you dreamed of falling ill in a dream.

In any case, if the Mother is dead, and she still appears in your dream you should be truly a happy person, even if she does not bring you some “good news”, she still cares for you ad is warning you about something that you must hear right now — all for the purpose of protection and future happiness.

Do not miss out the road that your Mom has given to you.


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