Aries Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

When you read about your personal horoscope and your natal chart, you always read about the two positions that are most mentioned – the Sun and the Moon; and truly enough, they carry the great significance.

The Sun in the personal horoscope is the symbol of the essence of one human being, and the Moon is the one aspect that is forever changing and is turbulent. The Moon represents our emotional reactions to a particular event in life, it shows our senses, instincts and even it can reveal our subconsciousness.

Now, if we look at the natal chart in total, these two aspects should be compatible – if the Sun and the Moon are found in matching signs, there can be a clear indication of the harmony of reason and emotions, conscious and subconscious, desires and needs.

A person who has all of this in his life can be considered to be happy; otherwise, in the problematic aspects and signs that conflict with the Sun and the Moon, they often indicate a complete incompatibility of reason and emotions, resulting in dissatisfaction in various living conditions.

Today we are focusing our attention to one person who has positioned the Sun in Aries Zodiac sign, and the Moon in Virgo Zodiac sign. We will do our best to reveal what this means when looking at the personal character.

Good Traits

This is one person who has some kind of rigid character but has the character stability in a sense, and the perseverance to achieve all goals that he put in front of himself.

And he often manages to reach all that he dreamed of before, and in some way, we would say that for this person success comes well deserved since he has worked on it for a long time.

The person who has Sun positioned in the Aries and Moon in the Virgo Zodiac sign has a practical nature, and he achieves goals in life by using his methodical approach – he has the strength to do it, and the necessary patience to wait for the results. There is a tendency to produce very concrete and visible results in any situation that many people will admire.

Also, we could see his ability to put feelings aside when the success depends on it, and success matters to this human.

He is a workaholic who is ready to invest a lot of effort and engagement when he is motivated to achieve a high goal, especially on the business-financial plan. He is precise and a solid organiser.

Others could see this human as the fighter who is at the same time, a perfectionist who seeks to create its present moment in accordance with his principles.

When these aspects, the perfectionism and fighting spirit are combined, then this man can make his life into one wonderful symphony where everything is just like he wants it to be.

Bad Traits

On a more negative note, this person tends to “water down” his ideas, and instead of focusing on his achievements he gets lost somewhere along the way, and in the end, he could suffer for it. He has so many ideas and plans, and he wants them to be perfect, no matter what other people say – along the way he can struggle a lot, a become depressed if things are not going in the way he wants.

He can easily lose his focus and change his plans before he realises them, and since he is a control freak, he would suffer immensely along the way.

In some times of his life, this man could make a risky move, and then get scared and show a great deal of caution that is sometimes so pronounced that it easily goes into real scepticism. And these two aspects do not combine well – to give and then to be scared because of a particular move, means only one thing, that you will fail. And this precisely is what is happening at times in the life of the person who has Sun in Aries and the Moon in Virgo.

But the fact that needs to be understood here is that this man just wants to be safe and stable, but to gain a lot in life so that he is always acting in the way that he minimise the possibility of making some wrong decisions; and the problem occurs when this man go to the extreme in this process.

Sometimes he can be so involved in gaining, and we think here on everything that is material, that he will lose perspective in life, and get lost even more.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon in Love

In the person who has Sun in Aries and Moon in the Virgo Zodiac sign, one thing is clear – unlike some other Aries people, he has introverted nature. This means that this man prefers to hide or lock down his own feelings, pulling into his inner world, which cannot always be easily read; and this is a major problem for his lovers or potential lovers who do not know how to penetrate into his heart.

He can sometimes feel like he is a prisoner of his own emotions, and sometimes he can struggle to show tenderness and love passion, that he undoubtedly has.

When deeply in love, he will struggle – will he express a feeling in love in an open way, or he will rather remain shy, is a big question for this man. This is particularly pronounced when he is just getting to know and starting a love affair, in the beginning. He can leave the wrong impression on his potential lovers, and this happens all the time, so it is an aspect that he should work on.

So, on the long-term, a human who has positioned the Sun in Aries sign and Moon in the Virgo Many could gain a bad reputation that he is calculated in love.

But, the one thing is sure – he often has unrealistic expectations in the field of love and due to its emphasised tendency to achieve perfect love, in many situations he can achieve a disappointment in the face of unfulfilled expectations.

But, this does not mean that this kind of love affair will never happen in his life, because it will, and one time is enough for this human to say – this is one thing that I have been looking for all of my life.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon in a Relationship

However, we must say one more important thing here, when a person who has Sun in the Aries and Moon located in Virgo Zodiac sign has a stable, and long-term relationship, he will know how to enjoy his happiness carefully guarding his relationship from others who will want to harm them.

Also, he is not the person who will reveal a secret from his intimate love life does not like to share with anyone but keep them and retain it for him and his lover.

This human being loves strong emotional security in love, and when he reaches it, he is very dedicated, family, loyal, and turning to the household.

In a marriage, he will be filled of understanding and warmth and is there to help when his lover needs it. He is open to talks, agreements and compromises, unlike some other Aries people.

Best Match for Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon

The perfect match for a person who has Sun in Aries and Moon in Virgo could be the representative of the Scorpio Zodiac sign. How will this connection works?

Well, in this case, this person can be scared and fascinated at the same time with the Scorpio lover, and this could be the one really passionate connection. These two could be a good fit if the Aries Virgo man helps Scorpio lover to open and show his/her romantic side, cause he has it, it is just hidden somewhere inside.

On the other hand,  Scorpio lover could be very interesting as a lover, since he is not easy to conquer, and Scorpio does not like easy prey (a person who has Sun position in Aries and Moon in Virgo may seem like an easy prey, but in fact, he is not). If Scorpio opens before this person, and he remains mysterious, their relationship will take time, but it will last. It will be a surprise to all of their surroundings.

Aquarius Sun Virgo Moon as a Friend

This man is an incredibly loyal friend, and he has just the right amount of close friends who he can dedicate his time, and provide them with everything they need to hear.

In some deeper introspective, the man who has Sun in Aries and Moon in Virgo is an altruistic person who loves all people, and will genuinely try to help people, not just the ones that are close to him, but all others; and in this sense, he has the kind heart.


In order to make a final decision about the character of the person who has Sun positioned in the Aries and Moon in the Virgo sign, you must be aware of one thing.

To be happy, but truly happy, this human being needs to form an attitude about a particular matter, and he needs to harmonise his feelings along with the reason.

If the feelings are not sufficiently analysed, or tested in some way, then this man will become more rigid since he will reject some feelings as something incomplete, and imperfect.

In him, there is pronounced productivity and flexibility of the spirit and the need for conceiving new ways and strategies for achieving only the best in life.


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