Aquarius Sun Leo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Astrology is one very interesting science where every astrologer can speak of a natal chart in a different way, and people could also experience the effects of the planets in some different way.

So, no one will say to you, how should you feel about your life, and the astrological aspects can be seen as something that is just a guideline or warning.

It is said that in the natal chart planets could be positioned in a more or less favorable aspect to one or more planets.

But, people feel influences of these planets in different ways, so, for example, one human being could suffer considerably under the effects of an incompatible aspect, while someone else with the exact same features will look for the positive energies inside the aspect and work with them.

But positions of the Sun and Moon are seen in some different introspective, as you will be able to see in the example of the person who has Sun located in Aquarius sign and the Moon positioned in Leo sign.

Read all about this connection and make your own conclusion.

Good Traits

This is the person who is very emancipated and intelligent, and he likes that he has something concrete from his mind, and will gladly show others what he is all about. He is not shy in this way, and he happily likes to let others look up to him (the Leo) and to be let them follow his lead (the Aquarius).

This human being is seen as a reliable and correct friend, and associate noticed for his particular personality, intellectuality, advanced ideas, charm and open nature. He has everything in his life that will make others notice him from whatever reason; and in this sense, he has a real chance to make his dreams come true.

In his life, real qualities are connected to the incredible ambition, so success is right there.

All these qualities make a person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Leo signs is a person who is in some way created for a social life, and a prosperous career in whatever sphere he choose, cause he can do it all, there is no doubt about it.

Bad Traits

It is true that the person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Leo signs can have an amazing career and a meaningful life journey in many ways, because he is intelligent and brave.

But there is one thing to remember here -there is always a price to pay for this, and the price is sometimes too big, and it concerns his private life, home, family. It can concern everyone and everything else, besides the things that are in connection to his career.

This blend of characters in his case emphasises a pronounced self-consciousness that suffers from some bad influence on the side, which results in a certain discrepancy in behavior.

His self-awareness, namely, is not the intrinsic value of his being, which is why he is constantly seeking an external confirmation of his value – this is not healthy or recommended because he can be very delusional about himself, and subsequently about his life, interpersonal relations.

This is the person who wants to be in the center of events, and he must learn to leave the external influences to act on the part of his personality, in order to live in harmony with others. And this is a task that is not always easy in this way, and it takes hard work, but the one that has such luminary predispositions is not always ready for such tasks, it is easier to pretend that everything is ok.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon in Love

This is the person, who has the ability to look at life from an outside perspective, and in love, this human being has an interesting point of view, and he is often observing things in his own way that does not have to be objective at all.

Even in the area of love, this is the person who is presenting his stubborn ideas to make them more interesting and vibrant, and often times he can be very delusional about himself in relations with other people, like lovers, or future lovers.

His, rather turbulent emotional nature is an assumed mental power so that he gives the impression of a calm, stable, person who knows what he wants, but the truth is that often times he does not want what he wants in love and life, and we have spoken already about his inability to focus on more than one thing in life.

So, if he is focused on his career be sure that he will not be able to focus on his love life; as we have spoken before; he has an incredible need to succeed in life, and is more than willing to sacrifice everything else, including love life, for that purpose.

In spite of the climate of insecurity and instability, created by life circumstances outside of the usual and all kinds of unexpected personal events, this is the person who is basically very difficult to change.

These changes, when they come to them, are superficial, no matter how spectacular and exciting they look – and not even true love could change it, he would have to accept him for what he truly is.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon in a Relationship

On the other hand, if he suppresses his personality more than he needs (in love, of course), he risks not succeeding because of a lack of conviction and self-confidence.

Whatever he chooses, to suppress his emotional needs or to give himself to the things he needs (or think he needs), his abilities and loss of energy fall through frustration, self-pity, and unjustified remarks and accusations of circumstances and partners. He is definitely not the easiest person on this planet to be, and his lovers must be aware of this fact if they want to be with him in a relationship.

There is no greater disappointment than knowing that he is capable of something much more than he shows to his lovers, and despite his efforts, he fails.

So, there is hard work in front of him in some way, if he wants to be with someone in a meaningful and long-lasting way.

Best Match for Aquarius Sun Leo Moon

Although this combination of the luminaries (the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Leo signs) carries humanity and generosity, often the majority of these people will face love concerns, and things get even worse in the case when this person expand his need to be alone and independent.

This is not a person who will recognise defeats, rejections, and he is simply born to succeed – on top of the things this is the person who has a very burning emotional nature and often has sudden and big changes in family and emotional life.

The perfect lover for this human being is the one born in the Zodiac sign Taurus, and do not be surprised here, and this will work.

These two could make a good love combination, especially when they understand mistakes that another makes. Both are adorned with excellent physical qualities, and great are present in this connection sexual challenge for both partners. The Taurus lover needs strong safety and a sense of love, while our candidate needs compliments and wants to be honored and highly valued.

So, as long as both lovers try to suppress their internal problems and let another to rule or to be good in some things, they could work as a loving couple for a long time.

Aquarius Sun Leo Moon as a Friend

Friends, patrons, partners, take an important place in his preoccupations – we are saying this primarily in the sense of his work, and his career, because many of this friends are from work since he spends the majority of his time there.

This should not sound like a story about the person who does not have any real friends in his life, cause this would not be true, he has them and being in contact with them in constant communication to defend common interests, for reasons of shared responsibility or convertible debt. In any case, he is asked to establish cooperation with other people, which will often indicate opportunities for contacts with groups, circles, associations of all kinds.


This combination in the luminaries in this horoscope is not very desirable because in most cases it creates a complicated personality, which is hovering between respecting and despising recognised values, which at the same time are imposed and acted out of disguise.

But it is a difficult task that requires a great knowledge of oneself and the giving up of certain selfish habits – and the main question is this person ready to do so? Or maybe the more critical question is he has the right motivation to do such a thing?

His motives must at the same time correspond to the demands of egoism and altruism (the Aquarius and the Leo want things that are not the same, in fact, they are entirely in opposition), which is a balanced complement to these two different things.

So, you should look at this person like on someone who has everything that he wants, but who is also in deep inner struggles and he struggles to make a successful life.

Without that balance, if he wants that success very much, he risks not to realise his generous and humane ideal, or to disappoint those who believe in him.

Either way, he is not going to be completely happy, and he needs to work to achieve things in life that he wants.


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