Night – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Most common we dream at night, and night is the times when we have these deep and meaningful dreams that can help us reveal many interesting things about ourselves.

So the night, in many ways, is very important for the dream world, and all that is taking place in it.

But we have one interesting question for you right now, and we are asking it, just because it has truly had serious meaning – do you ever dream the night (as the motive in a dream)? As the prime motive in a dream, the one that carries the most important meanings?

You do, we are sure, and we are not surprised, the dream that has one primary motive the night is very common among people.

This is one very common motive that many people have, and when it does appear, it carries one very relevant meaning depending on other circumstances in a dream.

For some these dreams are scary, and borderline nightmarish, while for others, they are the representation of something that is romantic and beautiful in life, like a summer romantic night with numerous stars across the sky.

Night can be something that we could not wait to come, in a sense that we cannot wait to relax and to sleep or to go out and have a good time with someone we love very much.

In following few rows, we will speak more of this motive that appears in dreams, and what it does mean for people who have such a dream.

The Meaning of a Dream about the Night

As we have said, this is the dream that is very, very common among people, and this is the motive that appears both as a primary motive, and also as the secondary (it follows a certain situation that occurs in a dream, for example, you are with your lover under the stars in the night or the one dream where you are being chased through the woods, in the night, of course).

We are aware that the night is such a generic term, and that it can appear in numerous ways, but we will tell you that all of them mean something.

So, in the case of the dream where you have seen yourself in the dark in a dream, it warns of evil times that are coming your way, and this is true in the case where you are scared in the dream, you do not feel comfortable in a dream, and the night that you see scares you to the maximum.

It means that you have a feeling that something bad will happen to you; it is almost like the intuition that is telling you something that you should take seriously.

If the dream depicts you as you are wandering the night, such a dream implies that you are going to find yourself in some kind of trouble and that you will not feel good about it.

You will probably feel lost in space and time, which will put pressure on the people you are close to. You will not be able to control yourself, so you will say many things that you do not think and after which you will have to apologize and promise that it will not happen again.

Such a dream often speaks of the interpersonal relations, and of your character that is at times out of control. This may be the cause of numerous problems you are having.

If you dream that the night is passing and that you are about to live to see the day, and the dawn is very close to you, such a dream implies that you are just right about to avoid some danger that is on your way.

You are the person who will see the light at the end of the tunnel, and you will be able to escape from something that could ruin your life – maybe this is the dream that speaks of your ability to listen to your inner feeling and make the right moves that are leading you away from the danger that is about to come.

This may be about a vice or bad company that has seduced you with promises of a nicer life behind the temptations that you would be hard-pressed to resist.

Whatever the case may be, open your eyes and listen to the voice from within, the one that we could compare with the light after a long night.

The Symbolism of a Dream about the Night

As far as the symbolism goes, the dream that has the main motive the night, you should know that the night is the symbol of warning. In this case, this is the warning not to expect anything good from your surroundings.

You are an independent person who, at a very young age, has had the opportunity to learn an important life lesson, which is described by the saying “in and of your own key”.

You are used to no one helping you, but in the future, it may happen that some people who you expect to help you, now will make you feel sorry, and will do anything but help you. This is one aspect that is not easy to “swallow” but is certainly the one that is necessary for you to know.

If in a dream that night is just about to fall, and you cannot wait until that occurs, such a dream has a more positive symbolism, and we will add much happier one. Such a dream signifies party, and fun in some way that you are about to have in your life very soon, in the next few days.

So, the night, in this case, has a positive symbolical value, and it could mean that you love to pretty and to have a lot of fun with the people who are close to you.

The dream in which the night is not coming, even if you are waiting for it comes to you, such a dream indicated that you are, in fact, very afraid of yourself, of your true being, of who you truly are when the lights go out. This is the process that you are delaying, and you do not want to experience.

However, this is far from the truth because you are often tempted to indulge in weaknesses and do something that is not good for you.

If the night in your dream is white, and it is not dark as you think it would be, you can see clearly everything that is around you, and such a dream could symbolize unrealistic point of views that you are lead by.

In some way, this is the dream that speaks that you are unrealistic. By nature, you are a person who expects a lot from life which is why you are often disappointed. And we must say that dreams are always great, but the expectation part in you is the aspect that ruins the whole story – you must be realistic, or if not, you must let go of the expectations that cannot be meet.

This is the best seen if, for example, you would like your partner, friends and other people in the environment to be as you imagine them to be, but you never wonder if you meet all of their criteria.

Do I have to be worried?

You should be but look at this dream as a warning (we are talking about the dream where you just see darkness, the night, and you do not feel comfortable about it, you feel fear).

Such a dream carries negative meaning – it is possible that you will be completely unprepared for many adverse situations that will put you in a corner and leave you speechless.

Only then will you remember the tips you found boring, which involved saving money and setting aside for the black days like the ones you are experiencing now.

This is just one of the examples that could help you in the future, and the same, if not more important one, is the one that you should save personal connections for the future.

When you get out of the dark in a dream, it means that you will avoid danger – so in some other cases, this is the dream that has one very positive connotation, and is seen as a positive one.

What to do if I had this dream?

If night falls in your dream, it signifies something that is not scary, but is quite easygoing, funny – you are the person who loves to have such a good time, to party, and to forget of all negative things that are around you, problems, etc.

It is possible that your relationship will fall into a serious crisis that you will not see a way out of. All your attempts to change something will be unsuccessful because the other party will not consider you to have a problem.

You will feel like you are collapsing into the living mud so you will make one last effort to escape. And this is the situation that all of us had in our lives, and we did not know what to do, and where to go from that point – it is not an easy task.

When no night passes in your dream, it indicates that you are afraid of yourself – this is the most problematic dream that you could have if the dream in question is the night.

Probably at work and in society you give the impression of a strong and self-aware person who is able to control his feelings. But this is so far from the true – you are opposite from this, and this is the aspect that you should work very hard in life.

Everything that you know of the dream motive the night is not important if you do not change certain aspects in your life, especially true in the case where the night in your dream is white.

The worst part is when you are afraid to look yourself in the eyes and to know the truth about your true being.

Whatever your true being is, you should face it, as soon as possible, before you continue to live in a lie (in the night).


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