Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon – Personality, Compatibility

We all need to be aware of one fact when we are discussing Astrology, or anything related to it (in fact, any article that is related to it, personal or daily horoscope), this is not a science that claims to know how precisely to speak about your destiny and to predict the future in the smallest details, cause it does not.

It cannot, but what it can do is that Astrology is by using a variety of techniques, to reveal the forces and inclinations that will appear in the future, that you will or will not follow. It can be seen as a simple or more complex guideline.

So, to speak more in depth, the natal chart is created for people who need such guidelines, and this map can be advanced to any time in the future of that person.

You could look at the entire chart, or you can base your analysis on a certain aspect like we are going to do today on the example of the person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Capricorn signs.

This is not the combination that you will say immediately that is amazing, but we assure you that it connects (in a good way) things that are otherwise in opposition.

Good Traits

This is the person, who must have some sort of material security and safety in his life, and his nature is very aware of this importance – his actions are directed toward prosperity, but he must not exclude the possibility that he will leave his spiritual virtues. He strives to preserve them, but sometimes he may struggle in this process, and the main thing is that he does not forget about them.

He does many things in his life (successfully we must add) just by combining his ratio (that is brought by the Moon in Capricorn) and free spirit (that exists because of the Sun in Aquarius); this spirit that we are talking about is the spirit that brings finesse, and makes life pretty interesting to live, but not always easy always to deal with such details, but he manages.

The one that has Sun and Moon in these locations can concentrate on the process of the opening new issues in life and resolving them.

In this human being, coldness is mixed with the warmness, and inner nature achieves remarkable clarity and a certain ability of reasoning. In some way, he has the best out of both worlds, and it is just up to finding balance in this sense.

Bad Traits

Yes, in the previous sections we spoke about the fact that this human being has the best out of two worlds, he can be warm and caring, and cold and calculated; but unfortunately, this human often does not realise this amazing synthesis.

He has the impression that he often do things that they cannot reach, and also any other that is in his environment, and things get even worse when he feels that he maybe is not so valuable and has difficulty in releasing some of his reality.

For him, the world is going too fast, the events soften him – and he struggles in dealing with such events and his state.

Maybe this is the person who can be a little silent and to seem that he is a misfit in some way, but it all comes to the fact that he would prefer to listen rather than to speak; he feels like he is learning in this way a bit more.

But sometimes he needs to try to be more open and talkative, cause he has a lot to say; and things that you will hear from his mouth you cannot heart anywhere else – the world is just not ready for what he is about to say.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon in Love

As you can see in previous sections, he is not the person who will approach others first, regardless if he may feel something for them, passion or inner connection; he would rather let them approach him.

Others see him as the person who has something besides the things that he shows to them; his essence is much more passionate.

For the person who has Sun and Moon in Aquarius and Capricorn is hard to explain his sentiments and he is turning to classical style and conservative values, instead of being open and free, even if he would like to be.

But when deeply in love, he is able to overcome various troubles and problems, and in this sense, he will sacrifice for others with his heart open and with a lot of joy.

And we must add that his lovers must be aware that he is the one that is very much focused on success and the one that must have authority in a relationship, every other scenario does not guarantee that they will work out.

He is very ambitious – it is essential for him to achieve success on the professional plan and to prove himself; maybe in some ways, love would come later in life for him. But he is never that person who will fall in love easily or give himself to others with ease, this is a process that takes time, and he feels like he has all the time of the world.

For him, things are going slowly and carefully, without any unnecessary mess; even if he stays alone for a long time, he knows what he is waiting for.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon in a Relationship

All people who want to date a person with Sun and Moon in Aquarius and Capricorn signs must be aware that they are dealing with the lover who is active when he wants to, but mainly in his work, he is ready to wait in love.

But when you are with him in a loving relationship, he is the one that will take the initiative, who will gladly do an onerous task and the one that will sacrifice for the person he loves. He sees this as his obligation to the people he loves.

Regardless of his coldness that sometimes is the first thing that you see when you meet him, he is the one that is emotionally striving for security, and the best lovers are those who have some sort of practicality and who strive to long relationships.

One thing to be added here is that he may be the lover who is secretly possessive, but who always stays a true friend, even after that relationship is long over.

Best Match for Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon

Their ideal partner should be some kind of calm, cheerful, family guy who loves everything about our candidate, the good, bad and ugly, without any prejudice.

He needs a lover who will accept his ambition and his success; but also someone who will influence him to expand the family and to direct their energy to this section of life after they succeeded in everything else.

The only person that by Zodiac signs is a true match is the one that belongs to the Taurus Zodiac sign, and here is the reason.

This is a very powerful combination that works on almost every field that they share – this couple is so amazing and compatible, that they are able to build a connection of affection and warmth because their understandings in love almost perfectly correspond.

Their aspirations for acquiring material wealth (or any shape or form of success) coincide with the tendency that in a love relationship equally important is agreement both at the sexual and at the higher, spiritual level, which makes their love harmonious and lasting.

Aquarius Sun Capricorn Moon as a Friend

As a friend, a person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Capricorn signs is dignified, patient and persistent, but you can be overly unilateral, almost overly disciplined, and therefore he is reserved and cold, or seems like it, even if deep inside he is a very warm person.

Basically, he is quite aware of his possibilities, and you like to play the role that basically does not belong to him because he knows that in this way he leaves a decisive impression on other people.

He is the one that will rarely promise something if he cannot keep that promise. The work is the cornerstone of his life, and deep inside he believes that nothing can come without hard work and that every one of his relations must be difficult.

But he is the one that will gladly sacrifice for his loved ones and take responsibility for all of them, often he is seen as the friend that is much older than all the rest, and he treats them as a parent who they have to listen.


This is a predominantly good combination of the luminaries where we can see the intellectual possibilities and originality of Aquarius (the Sun) are combined with the great diligence and perseverance of the Capricorn (the Moon).

This brings a combination in the person’s character where two interesting things meet – intuition and rationally connection with the desire to understand reality.

The main task in the life of this human is to have and never forget his spiritual fund, since he has at his disposal a large assortment of useful qualities for a productive composition in all life activities; refined resiliency, wisdom, calmness, strength, effectiveness and organisational are features that will allow him to subordinate his ambitions to one goal only.

And that one goal is often connected to the material gain all for the feeling of safety, and it is ok, as long as he does not forget his spirituality.


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