Midheaven in Cancer

The ability to plan, typical of all Cardinal signs, but at the same time take into account others are typical of this MC.

Achieving an exact balance between the management itself and the responsibility to the environment is the biggest challenge in this case. The great self-perception is accompanied by the need to care and respond for others.

They are aware of their great individualism, which will allow them to be leaders in their own way (contemporary, protective) but at the same time their great responsibility to nurture the environment.

Sensitive, very influenced by the environment can become too impressionable and lose effectiveness and ability to command. They must fight strong emotional energies without losing sight of a fixed point on the horizon.

The key characteristics of this location in the MC are: individualism, consideration towards others, protection and firmness. The great ability to handle the finances or resources of others is typical of this position.

A danger with this MC is that the person adopts a very self-protective attitude of preservation shell when the external environment is very conflictive. The real key is to open and allow to protect and be protected, to flow with the environment.

As a good sign of Water, your intuition and your tendency to build a container first so that it is filled later with a content will allow you to protect yourself and continue with the painful vicissitudes of life.

There is also IC in Capricorn, a strong desire to sustain and progress in the middle of becoming “someone.”

On a professional level, it includes tasks that are related to the home, family, food, children, motherhood, work with women or with female issues, the work done at night (the night is governed by the Moon), also agriculture.

Midheaven in Cancer Man

When we look at river or sea cancer, it seems to us that he has no sense of direction. It usually goes back, forward, left and right – in all directions.

But don’t be fooled, they never go directly to what they want. Their strategy is to go in all directions and yet go straight ahead! So are the people of Cancer. Only when their target escapes or when someone threatens it, do they move straight ahead – and then beware!

Generally speaking they are mostly annoyed, confused and contradictory people. They feel best at home and at home. They remain true to the place of their childhood and memories wherever they are.

Their mood is subject to fluctuations. They have a very developed intuition. The relationship with the mother is very strong, so sometimes they have developmental problems, which are manifested in hypersensitivity, depressed moods, but also emotional tyranny. Getting rid of these addictions is one of Cancer’s most difficult tasks.

Cancer’s changing moods are a reflection of the mysterious lunar influences. Like it or not, they have to account for the strong influence of the moon. They have to put up with it. During the full moon, they will be irritable and restless and prone to insomnia.

With a little effort, they would have to learn to govern themselves. They always remain the same person. They are immutable in their variability.

You can easily recognize crabs by a cheerful and contagious laugh if they are in a cheerful mood. When melancholic and depressed, such a condition can take days because the stimuli come from the deepest depths of their nature. Then they withdraw into themselves and it is easy to hurt them. Because of this, they become untouchable in their solid armor.

Disappointed with life will not run into any risk because defeats can destroy them and throw them into such depression that it will take them forever to recover. Cancer people almost always show a certain fear of the outside world.

This can be manifested by a spasmodic attachment to the family or increased aggression. With all the fear of the outside world, they often feel the need to act in public, which they often achieve, although their successes come only at a later age.

Midheaven in Cancer Woman

Her greatest need is to be loved and respected. If you give it to her, you will forever have her love and protection.

Woman Cancer is attractive, enigmatic, fascinating and unpredictable. She does her best when she is sure of her partner’s love. Sometimes it is childish and silly, too serious and melancholy, so at one point it can express many different emotions.

She is erotic and passionate, but too shy to take the first step. The man must encourage her and release her erotic imagination in the most subtle way. Just one wrong move is enough and she will pull herself away. If her partner finds a “wire”, she becomes a marvelous mistress who knows how to charm a man she loves.

On a professional level, it includes tasks that are related to the home, family, food, children, motherhood, work with women or with female issues, the work done at night (the night is governed by the Moon), also agriculture.

Born in the sign of Cancer, almost everything has a firm attitude, because it helps them to successfully conceal great sensitivity. When you gain their affection, you can be sure that you will always be under their protection.

Few can resist their charm, because they are always enriched by the true depth of feeling. They are pretty unfaithful in love, but while with one woman, they are infinitely in love. The problem is that they often fall in love, make mistakes, and when a partner leaves them, they suffer for a long time.

They are suited to the type of dominant woman they are most often with successful, ambitious partners who manage their lives.

When it comes to love, “feel” is the key word for Cancer. Without a second thought, she will always show her emotions, tenderness and caring. They choose a partner who is able to understand them as much as possible. As a lover, Cancer seeks an equally intuitive person, loves children and marriage for life.

Crabs are great parents, traditional and full of motherly love. All aspects of the family come first, as can be seen in their homes and their commitment to the home. They are deeply sentimental and prone to diligently keeping family memories.

Good Traits

Cancer is the sign of the beginning of the summer horoscope, the house of the moon and the exaltation of Jupiter on the 15th degree. Like any sign, it is divided into three deans. The first dean belongs to Venus, the second to Mercury, the third to the moon.

Its nature is cold, moist, watery and phlegmatic. It belongs to reptiles, aquatic animals and trees of average height, and from the human body breast, heart, abdomen, hips and lungs.

Cancer has extremely strong emotions, is very compassionate, deeply intuitive and committed to the family and the people around it.

This is why it is one of the most challenging signs of the Zodiac to meet. The ruling planet Moon gives Cancer the ability to psychologically break through, and often causes him to behave strangely towards people who are prone to direct access, but the representative of this sign is not trying to be a manipulator.

The Crabs are characterized by movement on all sides. They talk about their problems from the outside and as they tell their story, they need extra attention. The most important thing is not to interrupt them, as in such a situation they can retreat into their armor forever.

The problem arises when Cancer becomes too sensitive or tries to take on all the problems of this world. Moderate compassion is one thing, but being so loyal to someone that you start losing yourself is not healthy.

When it comes to friends, a person born in Cancer is always ready to lend a hand to friendship, of course, if it does not meet family obligations.

They are very respectful of friends and enjoy their home time. Their intuitive nature, where the heart is more important than the head, makes them very compassionate, but it is sometimes difficult to understand.

Representatives of this sign can be as persistent, almost as sensitive. When they have a job to do, they roll up their sleeves and, as a rule, always finish it successfully. They are most comfortable with jobs related to any type of care or nursing job.

She will also make a great career as a gardener or a journalist. The great patriotism gives them a great basis for engaging in politics. The most important thing for them is that the job they do is loving and fulfilling.

Both security and money are of great importance to the representatives of this sign. They make big money pretty easily, but they also spend it very easily. Cancer is not a big waste of money, in fact, it is more prone to invest and watch it grow day by day.

For many Crabs, money is a status symbol, which is why many representatives of this sign have big money in their bank account. Cancer is very resourceful and manages its time and money very well. Cancer will be most pleasantly felt at home near family, famous things and dear friends.

Bad Traits

The negative qualities of this sign badly affect him first and foremost and do not endanger the people around him.

Sometimes they do not have the strength to cope with their lives. Shyness and indecision can be so severe that they affect their career progression and their entire lives.

Cancers are not optimistic, when they are in an accident, it is easiest for them to raise their hands and say, “How can it be”.

People born with this zodiac sign can be very tragic and non-ambitious, and their main disadvantage is that they are too sensitive, which is why they often fail in life.

When someone hurts them, they retreat to themselves and are unfathomable to others. Crying is no stranger to them because they are able to cry even for the smallest of things, especially when someone is unfair to them. They are often exaggerated when it comes to food, sex and lying.

Midheaven in Cancer – General Info

We continue in our series on the Middle Sky (MC) and today I will talk about the MC in Cancer, a half heaven of people who care for others, like to care for others and know how to protect what they love. If you want to know the bases of this topic and know your MC you can go to this post.

Cancer is a water sign, quite sensitive, so this half heaven gives us people dedicated to the care of others, facilitators and protectors. This MC is of people with strong character, who face challenges and adversities with the best face and with their experiences to the surface.

Empathy is one of the main features of this MC, although they want to take care of others, they know the limits too and they make great teachers, guides or consultants.

These people have an incredible ease of expression so social work is also facilitated. Professions related to medicine can also be a strong point.

Public relations, especially related to charity, defense of the rights of others and charitable actions are also characteristic of this Midheaven, these individuals want to help others and use their personal power in favor of causes with which they identify.

They are tremendously sensitive to the stories of others and connect easily with personal stories. Drama and literature can be your sources of escape so a career as an actor or singer is also possible if your letter is well aspected.

The challenge for the natives of the MC in cancer is about learning to deal with uncertainty, their eagerness to have specificity and security in everything makes them vulnerable to untimely changes and can be blocked when the rules of the game change.

If a Cancer MC does not see his paid or recognized work as it should be, he will most likely take a sullen and lazy attitude. For these natives, reputation and status is important, so they will work tirelessly until the spotlight is achieved.

The natives of this midheaven can also have obsessive tendencies with their work or the topics that interest them, sometimes in a way that they feel misunderstood in their extreme love for things.


Planners and protectors, must work their emotions and balance between responsibility with themselves and their environment. Individualistic, sensitive, firm and intuitive. Another point to consider is to practice fluency in your daily life.

They are favorable professional careers that help channel assistance to others, such as psychology, gynecology, cooking and psychotherapy.


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