Libra Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

In the times when we look at the horizon above us, we can have so many things that interest us a lot, that intrigue us. We can see beauty, and mystery, perspective, and maybe the explanation why are we the way we are?

This is the domain of Astrology, and in this sense, all of these concepts are related to the important and particular astrological importance and among them, there are luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. And we spoke so many times about the importance of these aspects and their importance in the personal horoscope, so we are emphasising this relevance again.

And we must say one more thing in this sense; the personal horoscope is not really a prediction of some kind, as some people may think if they focus on reading their daily astrological prognosis.

Personal horoscope can reveal so much more, and in this sense, we will put say that the most important aspect is the luminaries, and today we are speaking of the people who have Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Taurus combination. Take a look at this, by all means, one very interesting and compatible combination.

Good Traits

When we meet the person with such astrological combination, we can see the character that is endowed with a distinctive artistic feeling and love for beautiful and expensive objects- this is the person who likes to “have”, and by this, we mean to have things that others do not have.

He is also defined by the tendency to have a pronounced social life; and in the majority of circumstances, this is the person who shows the diversity of personal relationships, and increases the tendency for a physical connection. He is the one that likes to touch and connect with people in this way.

So, the one that has luminaries in the Libra and Taurus sign is the one that shows the increased interest in events in the outside world and sincere participation in the joys and sufferings of the people who are close to him. He is one kind soul who cares about the people.

Sometimes, this is the person who also shows a sense of organisation, an exceptional sense in the field of work, and very great ability to find what is important in order to sustain creative activity, of any kind.

In the end, we could say that this person shows a quiet and peaceful nature, and his image shows to the outside world that he can feel the world, but maybe this person is just a little bit full of himself, and at times he can show this trait, but nothing disturbing.

Bad Traits

If we want to focus on the negative traits of this human being, we could say that he is the one that has an increased stubbornness and possessiveness – which are not exactly typical of the typical representatives of the Sun in the Libra, but the Moon in the Taurus makes things different.

And there is no doubt that this human being belongs to those people who have charm, mildness, but sometimes have problems finding their way in life.

He sometimes can wander in this way, or even worse and nothing can seem too good for him, and everything he does must fulfill certain criteria, and this is not always an easy task. He can be demanding in this way and can lose a lot if acts in this way.

This happens, not because he is delusional (at least not very much), but because he often appears to be indecisive in choosing (the typical trade that no Libra can escape).

In the end, he is a person who sometimes is to “correct” and considerate to other people that he does not allow them always to show others possibilities.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon in Love

Once in love, for the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Taurus sign, it is very difficult to end that love, even if circumstances require him to do so. As with objects, this is the person who gets attached to the lovers fast, and he goes hard for people, often neglecting their negative sides, even if those sides are pronounced.

The main thing is, when it comes to love, that his lovers are always patient and that they never forget how much this person is valuable. He himself should never forget his worth.

Sometimes this human can be indecisive when he needs to make a move in love and starts something meaningful, but at the same time, he is the one that will show certain stubbornness in the desire to live the way he chooses.

People like him because he is very social but mildly distrustful; he needs to take time before he embarks on something. When this is done, then his loyalty is tested, as well as his honesty.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon in a Relationship

For this person to be in a serious relationship with someone, he needs to feel something, and that something is related to the sentimental or aesthetic motivations.

He has an extraordinary sense of creativity that is also reflected in the smallest things in life – all of his life must be like this, in a romantic and beautiful way, where he can comfortably enjoy with his chosen lover.

He is the one lover that wants to be in a comfortable, happy ambience, in one word, which he wants to create not only at home but also at work. His lovers must have, or at least understand these tendencies.

In the end, when we speak about the love relations, this person is in love in comfort and stability, loving nature and genuine, simple things, he is one of those people who truly enjoy life’s pleasures.

So, it is not hard to be with this person in a relationship.

Best Match for Libra Sun Taurus Moon

But, one thing we haven’t mentioned so far, the person who has Sun and Moon located in the Libra and Taurus can show a small instability through emotions, or he can show mild shyness and clumsiness in the earlier period of life. Later in life, this person will enjoy popularity and public relations. It strives with strong emotions and passions (which sometimes leads to loss of self-control) but without it cannot be happy in marriage.

Though it is personally harmonious and the person who gives the impression of trust, it can emotionally be inclined to permanent unrest, agitation, even showing the traits in some flashes of fury that they do not allow.

Who can deal with such character? Our guess is passionate Scorpio, and even if this sounds strange, we assure you that this could work.

Scorpio lover will give necessary passion and actions, to the sleepy Libra, but will also be a good match to the demands that he is put by the Moon located in the Taurus.

We are not saying that in this connection there are not any problems, cause they are, but the main thing is that they are healthy, and even the jealousy that can show up can be overcome in some way.

Libra Sun Taurus Moon as a Friend

As friends, this is the person who is too pacific, and who prefers harmonious relationships with the environment (also implicit in the professional one, but primarily in the friend’s zone).

He is the friend that is ready to accept the active people in his environment, even the aggressive one, because he knows what role he is expected to play, which he knows to play in order to secure himself under the Sun. He knows that he needs to support his friends to achieve any success that he wants in life, and this is why he accepts this role.

Some see this person as the one that has passivity, which rarely has to do with gluttony, holds more to receptivity, openness, desire for peace and sympathy. And even if you do not see this person as the one that is the leader of a society, the one that changes the course of that society, and even we could not say that his intention in friendship is to change his friends, but give him acceptance and to enjoy with them, as long as possible.

So, his strong point is that he is the one friend that could provide love and necessary comfort to his friends and loved ones, and if they match in some artistic or creative expression than things are even better.


This astrological connection is seen as the one that is designed in such way that the Sun and Moon are in signs that are ruled by the same planet Venus and in this sense, this is a complexed character, but at the same time, the one that has well-developed structure.

In this case, the Moon is located in the Taurus sign that is earth sign, and it provides the strength and tranquillity to the Sun located in the Libra sign (the air sign). Simultaneously, the influences that come from the Libra are that this person is endowed with ease and spontaneity.

This person does not have that selective side that has a double balance, and although it emphasises a certain material aesthetic, it most often retains the ease of behavior and restraint of taste.

This person can even have somewhat child-like nature, and in front of other people, you can see the influence of love and satisfaction.

In the end, this is a very pleasant combination because it dampens the energy of the firmness, persistence and perseverance and gives the balance as a sign of stability, beauty, harmony.


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