Midheaven in Gemini

Great flexibility is a feature that one immediately associates with this MC. They have a high degree of receptivity to the environment, a rapid response and less tendency to accumulate feelings of guilt. Agility, versatility and adaptability are its main qualities.

They have a great capacity to observe or detect possibilities, although there is a tendency to lose depth and stability. The duality of paths in the vital or labor order is very common in this MC. They can be managed successfully, or both roads can lose concentration and energy.

The ability to get excited, to engage in several activities at the same time is also significant. In general they are handled in a very mercurial and analytical way to solve labor issues. The ability to mediate and negotiate is another intense characteristic of people with this location.

In short, its keywords are: dexterity, diversity, ability and adaptability. The CI in Sagittarius imposes on the native never to lose the search for himself, despite going through all the variants of the change.

The inability to commit for a long time and build permanent work structures seems to be the great challenges of this MC. They always have the feeling of being protagonists of a permanent process, they are neither their initiators nor their finalizers.

The feeling of confinement and lack of depth ensues when they feel they can feel “trapped” in a single choice. As a mutable sign, Gemini requires a lot of “space” (physical and mental) to move and work with skill.

On a professional level, everything related to communication, sales, work related to hands, commerce, travel, writing, teaching, speaking, are common professions that are observed in these locations.

Midheaven in Gemini Man

The Gemini man will know to conquer you in a skillful and devious way. He is usually humorous, charming and thoughtful. Quickly grasps your weaknesses and responds at the right moment. He often marries on several sides, successfully, but when in love he can be loyal even very jealous and suspicious.

You have to have something besides a nice haircut on your head too! He does not like the type of female widower, it scares and rejects him. Be always new and surprise him. Open yourself slowly so that he can have fun getting to know the different sides of your personality.

If you put him on the plate you can quickly get bored with him, his curiosity seeks challenges! He does not like a monotonous life and it is important to him that he is a productive community. He is not vain, he is attracted to women who are better than him.

Domination is relative to him and very often he gives the partner the role. If you want a man who bangs his fist on the table, look for Taurus, Lion, Scorpio … He doesn’t like when you question him with suspicion, wanting to know everything about him, though he often does.

They may not confess to you, but in a discreet, though very clear way, they will let you know what they think and feel.

Midheaven in Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman is in the pipeline, well informed (she just read the latest »issue of a book) and is following the latest fashion trend. Very often she visits exhibitions or devotes herself to a sport to maintain her vitality.

The Gemini woman is charming and witty, though she knows how to be discreet and responsive at the right moment. He dresses well and knows how to act in society. He can be a tireless talker, or be silent. But the twin nature is always curious and keeps a close eye on everything that happens around her.

He has polite manners and very often knows how to go to extremes, becoming a snob. She cares to make an impression and she succeeds. He regularly expects a lot of little attention from a man and, for a man to act like a real cavalier.

The twin woman is at the same time afraid of a love trap, but on the other hand wants to fall into it. Knowing this, be a skilled hunter and accept life as one big game and you will never be bored with this woman.

Good Traits

Gemini is very critical and analytical, quickly capturing things and also reacting quickly. Long before others see different nuances in interpersonal relationships, and rarely when a little thing can miss them.

The intellect, i.e. opinion, may be synonymous with Gemini. Don’t think that these people have no emotions; on the contrary, they know that they respond to the smallest thing.

Specifically, a small change in your behavior will be registered immediately and an average Gemini will respond before you are aware that you have sent such a signal.

Just keep in mind that twin people in the horoscope pass everything through an intellectual filter and only after processing the data emotionally react. Hence their apparent, or rather double nature. Because of this, there are many confusions when it comes to Gemini.

It can be pictorially presented as two faces of one man, or as two sides of a coin. Perhaps the best display would be the operation of the windshield; it changes position depending on wind direction and can change rapidly, i.e. turn to the other side if the wind changes direction.

This analogy shows us how complex and adaptable Twins are. From there comes other people’s misunderstanding of this character’s behavior.

That is why Gemini does not like to make promises and to be strictly attached to something or someone, all because they do not want to appear irresponsible. Although in moments of weakness (which, admittedly, everyone has), the Twins can promise you much that they will not be able to fulfill later. Ashamed of themselves, they will escape from you without explanation.

The sign of Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, its quality is flexible, and it controls the human body, hands, lungs and nervous system. Gemini metal is a living, mineral agate, and color is gray-blue.

The persons born in this sign are curious, of a wide range of interests and very resourceful. Often these are talkative people, who are doing multiple jobs well at the same time. Their attention can hardly stay long on just one thing, and because of this they very often do not finish everything they started.

Their dissipation, which results in superficiality, annoys them most, though they will never admit it to you, but will prove to you wrong. Verbally they are always strong and they can best beat any opponent with these weapons.

These people remain big children all their lives with the desire that no one grows up, or rather not grow old. This is something that is most drunk.

They may not have told you this, but look at their behavior and you will see how much they try not to get run over by time. Often, they would like to stop the timepieces, which may be why they are late for appointments.

Every Gemini is basically a curious and irresponsible kid on the one hand, and a good analyst and a skilled man on the other. His heart is pure and maybe you just need to encourage him and ignore some of the delays to meetings, after all, time is relative!

Bad Traits

A twin often starts a lot of things and jobs at once, and ends up with nothing. Many Gemini find it very difficult to concentrate, and for some, deep-seated problems are a real “Spanish village.”

They can be very superficial, responsibility is a noun.

Although they seem to be experts on many topics, they often only know it with authority. Because of their gentleness, they usually give a better impression of their own education at first glance.

They think only of themselves and their own pleasure.

Midheaven in Gemini – General Info

We continue talking about the midheaven (MC), today’s turn is Gemini. This position is of people who know how to get the most out of their passions, who become intellectually obsessed with what they like and become referents and authorities in their field.

The Gemini Midheaven tells us of tireless individuals, with multiple interests but with the ability to gain mastery in all of them if they know how to organize and find a method to learn them. These natives look for new things in everything they do, so getting stuck on a single issue can bore them and demotivate them.

These people have great communicative and personal image potential, are magnetic, can communicate with large audiences (if they know how to develop the skill and the aspects that surround it are positive), so careers in teaching, public relations, journalism, communication and means can be given easily or can attract them. They are curious by nature, will ask questions constantly and want to get to the bottom of knowledge.

An MC in Gemini prefers activities and trades that keep him in a constant learning process and allow them to change activity casually, without locking themselves in one place.

Their task is to stimulate others, invite them to ask themselves the questions that they have asked themselves, this can be motivating and frustrating at the same time: these people know how to keep the suspense and don’t throw away all the information once and for all, they like it make others work to reason.

If the world does not react to their reasoning or follow their mental process, they simply explode. Their ethics can be somewhat erratic, sometimes wanting to know everything can lead them to do things that are not well seen in professional practice, so reviewing the limits of their ambition is the main task.

Nor should they get carried away by the desire to gossip or goat, knowledge is power and they have it very clear.

They are creative par excellence, this can also lead them to be undecided and to change their opinion, style and communication constantly because they always want to cover as much as possible.

While this creativity takes them away, it is moments and you cannot force this MC to create and do things immediately, they need time and space to analyze and then act.

Carrying out ideas is what costs them the most, their intellectual world can be very rich, but at the time of execution they may encounter great obstacles and frustrations if things do not go as expected.

Like Aries and Taurus, it is a spring sign; it is characterized by youthful abundance and enthusiasm. But, the glow of the Gemini is not so much reflected in starting a business (the pioneering energy of Aries), nor in executing it (supporting the energy of the Bull), but more in the idea itself – whether in the thought of starting something or in the problems that may arise in itself execution.

The air “element” in man tends to deny the reality of the other, conditionally, “Lower elements.” He sees the earth as a constraint: the crude facts that trim the wings of thought, limiting his lofty aspirations to the cramped space of prosaic possibilities.

Even mixing air with fire, or thought with useful energy, seems like an idealistic compromise. Beautiful abstractions, the Twins believe, should not serve any great, useful purpose. But ideas that are not firmly tied to reality, nor put into practice, are known to wander irreversibly into space.

The spirit of the other two spring signs – earth and fire, Taurus and Aries – is a filter through which Gemini can achieve lasting fulfillment. For in order for inspiration to become ingenuity, control is necessary.

Adaptable, Gemini can feel comfortable everywhere. It can adapt to all situations and people. This is a person who rarely doubts himself.

She is confident in her talents and in her ability to think. He is most pleased when he can make himself important with his memory. He never lacks imagination, he always has enough new ideas.

That’s the real talker. Always following fashion, keeping up with the times. That is why he looks almost all his life with a youthful appearance.

Literature and art are ideal fields for people born in this sign. Creativity in any form is a trademark of both a woman and a man of Gemini. They are often very charming, eloquent and usually in the spotlight. Many are therefore very sympathetic, especially because of their “easy going” attitude, as well as their excellent sense of humor.


Great communication skills Avoid superficiality, feelings of guilt and get involved in gossip and misunderstanding. Flexible, analytical, receptive, agile, versatile, adaptable, with great observation skills, they can carry out several tasks at once, without problems.

Professional careers related to the processes of communication and contact with society are favorable, such as journalism, commerce, diplomacy and education.


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