Black Butterfly – Meaning and Symbolism

If we want to look at the world that surrounds us, then all of us will notice the same things, but our perception will not be the same.

And here we come to the basis of every spiritual system that is around us – men have a genuine need to give some meaning to the things that surround him, and thus to try to find a connection between the tangible (material or visual) with that which is hidden deep, in his unconscious.

So when you see a White dove you do not see just a bird, but you see something much more, something the means something more to you, and your life. In our world, this is the symbol of peace among people, and in many countries when people release the White Dove, then this is the symbol of peace, beauty and purity.

And the same goes with all the material stuff that us around us, everything could become a secret symbol with traits that are more than ordinary object.

Basic symbols are those that can be found all around us, we are in contact with them almost daily, and they can be freely said to give all those other, so-called more complex symbols, basic meaning. This means, for example, that a symbol owes its deepest meaning to a sign that, to say the least, represents its essence or base.

So, in the case of the Butterfly, for example, the main thing is that he is the Butterfly, but the fact that he has Black color.

So, when we observe this symbol, then we are talking about the Butterfly, and then we put it the context that he is the Black Butterfly and this is the aspect that changes how you will perceive this symbol.

What we have here are, so-called basic symbols and they also include colors that serve not only to emphasize human creativity, but also to give the aforementioned forms a higher meaning.

As you could guess today, we are talking about the Black Butterfly, his meaning and secret symbolism for people; and in this sense, you could find out what this symbol means for you personally.

Meaning of Black Butterfly

In numerous cultures around the world, Butterfly is one of the most cherished symbols that ever existed, and as far as the story goes to the Black Butterfly, we will say what is most commonly known, is that this dark and beautiful Butterfly has long (or is; still it is today loved and needed) as a powerful hedge against negative energy and has been tasked with protecting its owner from all potential dangers.

It is believed that his black color is able to help people fight against bad forces, because just like a black hole, it draws everything in it, so we stay protected.

When it comes to this beautiful insect, that is completely different than all other Butterflies, and he cannot be compared to anything that we know.

Now, we come to the core of his being, and yes, it is connected to his power to change, just like all butterflies are – but here, since he can protect us from the negative energy and darkness (he will take it in his “black wings”), the emphasis is on establishing the perfect balance in the Universe.

In fact, the Black Butterfly is our way of finding the ideal balance that would allow healing both psychologically and physically.

It is not surprising, therefore, that amulets and talismans with this symbol were designed precisely to awaken a person’s dormant energy (this is the correlation to the blackness of his wings, and the sleep, since the most powerful energy, is often hidden), remove the blockages that come from the outside world, and give her the power to choose the right path at any moment.

You now know why this symbol is loved and used all around the world as the protector.

Many believe that talismans with this symbol provide so-called three-layer protection – so, you can have the primary protection that comes from his traits as the Butterfly, other is connected to the blackness of his wings, and the third part is his spirit or a spiritual being that connects all of those good traits.

In its totality, this beautiful creature can give you the first protection, and it involves combating all (even the least) aggression directed against your environment and yourself.

Anger, hatred, despair, sadness – these are all emotions that the Black Butterfly can recognize as bad, and do not allow them to penetrate the owner’s energy field – by owner we mean you, the person who is connected to this lovely creature. It can even occur that this being has landed on you, and that it is telling you in this way, that you are truly protected being.

Another part of the protection when it comes to the traits of the Black Butterfly is the one where that protection relates to the physical level and is directly related to the healing of everything that is “scheduled” in our body precisely due to the accumulation of stress.

You know the saying how the Black color can give you some form of calmness, it is not the color that disturbs you, and in that sense, it can take in all that has been troubling you, hurting you in some way, etc.

So, the Blackness of the Black Butterfly is not bad, and it is not the painful darkness, it is the absence of it; it is the darkness that can move you in the direction of purity, and you can even come to the oppositional state – the one in which the Butterfly has taken all negative aspect of your life, regardless of what part of your life is in question.

The Symbolism of the Black Butterfly

At first glance, it would seem that the Black Butterfly is a very ordinary symbol that carries that simple form, and just like every Butterfly, he is the symbol of beauty and a change that can come from the most unexpected places that you could even imagine. Nothing spectacular, right, but you must have at least one idea that says that it is truly something that is special and that he carries something more?

However, a sharp enough eye will immediately notice a design that, by its simplicity, fulfills the basic prerequisite for being classified as a group of symbols that are extra special, and that carry the most powerful symbolical traits possible.

Seemingly simple and yet – almost perfect when it comes to angles and proportions, this is exactly the secret of the Black Butterfly (in many cases, the Black Butterfly has proportionally large wings that are perfect and have interesting shape! This symbol truly reflects the perfection of Nature, a construction that seems to tell us that we will reap exactly (and only!) What we have planted.

Therefore, there is no mistake with the symbolical value of the Black Butterfly: if we are correct in our intentions, he is ready to help us achieve them, because he will take away all negative parts of our world and take care of us in the times of a deep need. And if anyone on the side dares to prevent us in these intentions – this shield will defend us and additionally give us the energy necessary to put our ideas into action.

So, he is not the Butterfly that could be easily caught – in most cases, the Black Butterfly is very fast, and he can transform in the darkness very well. From whatever perspective you look, this is the one symbol that you need in life.

Good or Bad Sign

This is a definitely a good sign, and you should not be scared because of his darkness, and the story of his discovery of the world; and this is one of the urban legends around the world. He has first noticed in ancient Egypt, where it was found around the tombs, but this is just one of the stories where the Black Butterfly appears as the symbol and amulet that help people remain immune to the curse.

And, this is not important in the sense that this is the urban legend, the fact is that thanks to its timeless design but also all its attributed miraculous powers, the Black Butterfly definitely holds a place of honor among all symbols, and if becomes a part of your life, you should take it as such, meaningful and powerful being of Nature, that is present here to help you and guide you in life.

It is said that this Black creature comes to the people who can be under a serious attack both on the psyche is at the same time an attack on the body, so all psychosomatic diseases and all hormonal disorders are under the watchful eye of the Black Butterflies – he dedicates himself to all those who are in need for an assistance in life, and all that is bad he can take in or take away in this Black wings.

Why are we saying that this is the good sign and that the Black Butterfly is one of the greatest symbols of all, regardless of his “Bad” color and the fact that he is, in some way connected to the darkness, is the fact that he can help you reduce that darkness and he will take it in, instead of you.

And here in this section, it is truly important to speak of the Bleakness of his wings, as one part that describes him – although most people refer to black as a color, it is actually a lack of any light or color.

For some, it is a symbol of sadness, for some a symbol of elegance, to some it is a favorite because it visually reduces and makes us look thinner and leaner.

Either way, it is one of the most popular colors that indicate formality, authority, prestige, power, seriousness – on the other hand, too much black indicates fear of the unknown, mystery, sadness, discontent, danger, and even death.

The internal message of black is: “I am infinite.” -How amazing this message can be if you take in the positive form, in the form that you are, in fact, protected from the above, and the flight of the Black Butterfly just proves that you are a being of God.


All of this is good news since the Black Butterfly gives you spiritual protection is also the most mysterious, and it is about enhancing intuition. There is much evidence that people wearing this symbol were much more likely to avoid dangerous situations thanks to an “inner voice” that would direct them at the last minute.

Does this mean that Atlantis can be credited with the role of a personal guardian angel, maybe the fact that the Black Butterfly exists, probes that not just only White Butterfly is the form of Angelical beings that is there to protected you but taught there is something that is more capable of receiving the negative energy instead of you, and therefore giving you the protection that you need, and that is mandatory for your personal growth.

So, all symbols from the Universe can be seen in an individual way, and you should try to view all these symbols as a specific, universally acceptable and understandable, universal language.

With it, after all, we begin to speak rather than our mother tongue, we can all see what the Black Butterfly means, even if we do not speak the same language, we are all connected by the meaning that this creature has for us.

It is not common for the Black Butterfly to come to the young people, or to the children (they are protected by the other forces), but the Black Butterfly is much more connected to the mature people, all those who are trying to figure out their lives, and in this way they are actually starting to understand slowly, surely, the shape of the whole world.

On a much deeper level, this symbol of the Black Butterfly teaches us to accept the different levels of our Universe, to reject prejudice, and to look more closely at all that surrounds us.

You should not be scared by its darkness, and you should not be disturbed if such a being comes close to you – he definitely has the message for you, and if he does not, trust that he is not letting anything bad happens to you. But not just bad as intentions of others, but bad in the sense of negative impacts that come from yourself.


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