Dreams About Drowning – Interpretation and Meaning

Drowning is something you don’t want to dream about. Feeling of despair and grabbing on to your life is something everyone of us wants to avoid when we go to bed at night to rest and relax.

But what could a dream like this say about our inner state.

The first thing we would probably think of is that we feel drowned by someone or something in our life, so we bring those emotions and stress to bed and dream about it.

We will list some of the most common situations you can dream about and possible reasons and meaning that lies behind these dreams.

Dream about drowning in water

If you had a dream about drowning in water, then in reality you might be overwhelmed with troubles and problems that are on your back. Perhaps these problems are related to your job or maybe you have some family or relationship problems that suffocate you in real life.

We often transfer our feelings to dreams and they get expressed more clearly in our dreams when we don’t neglect them and forget about them because of our daily obligations and daily routines. We concentrate more on them and see them realize in our minds through symbolism, which in this case is represented by drowning and water.

We shouldn’t ignore these problems and especially dreams like this, because problems need to be solved in order for these nightmares to stop. Talk to someone about your problems or ask for help, if you don’t know what to do.

If you let your negative feelings to take over, you might end up depressed and your negativity could take over your life. Make sure to pay attention to a dream like this one and seek for help, if something serious is stressing you out.

Dream about saving someone from drowning

This dream, on the other hand, is positive. It actually represents that you will be a great support for someone who is going through a tough time. Perhaps you already know who this person is, and you have offered your help to them.

You might be a little bit overwhelmed by the fact that someone important to you is depending on your help, but deep down you know you will be able to help them. This dream brings good news for those who are asked for help and the problems that others have will be resolved successfully.

Dream about being drowned by someone

We again have a negative symbolism in this situation. Dream about being drowned by someone represents our relationship with a certain person who is close to us or who we encounter often. Our relationship with this person is not the best and we actually feel a lot of stress when this person is around us.

Perhaps this is someone with whom we are in a relationship or maybe it is just that nosey co-worker who is always interested in other people’s business. If you recognize someone while reading this article, it is best to try to ignore this person or resolve any issues you have with them.

If it is our romantic partner, then try to figure out where your relationship is heading and how you can resolve the issues that bothering you.

This dream can also represent bad relationships with people in general and it reflects your aggravation with them that you feel on daily basis. In this case problem is probably within you, so try to find a solution for your bad mood and resolve inner issues that are bothering you.

Dream about drowning someone

This dream is similar to the previous one. It represents your relationship with other people or, more likely, bad relationship with them. In this case try to figure out your emotions and feelings and find out what is actually bothering you.

Sometimes we act badly towards other people not because of their behavior, but because we are feeling stressed, angry or depressed. If you can’t figure out what is actually bothering you, seek professional help or simply try doing things that you enjoy doing.

Dream about drowning in an ocean

Sometimes dimensions of things in our dreams are very significant. Drowning in a small river and in an ocean is not the same. Just like dreaming of an ocean and a small creek, is very different.

If you dream about swimming in an ocean and going along smoothly for a while and then drowning after you were no longer able to stay active, then you might be overflown by emotions. Perhaps you are a person who is very good with coping with other people and your inner feelings, but you are now faced with a bigger challenge that is not so easy to overcome like those before.

This can be related to your job or your romantic relationship that has become too burdening or too demanding and you feel like you are overwhelmed and unable to follow these changes that are happening.

If you have been drowned by a big wave and swept by it suddenly, then you might have been faced by a sudden challenge in your real life that has left you feeling stunned. You weren’t expecting this to happen and now you are surprised and unable to confront this new situation in which you have been involved.

If you were drowned by a big wave and in bashed into rocks in the ocean, then this dream represents that the hurtful situation was done by someone you admire or someone very close to you. You weren’t expecting this kind of behavior from them and now you feel betrayed and stabbed in the back by this person.

If you were drowned after being left behind by a vessel or a sinking boat, then you might be afraid of being left alone and you feel enormous amount of grief because of this. You might have experienced a loss of someone really close to you and your grief is now represented in your dream.

This might be also a representation of different kinds of losses like the one you feel after divorce or loss of an important job position you had.

Dream about drowning in a pool

Pool is very different from an ocean. People build pools and they are by nature more restricted than oceans. If you had a dream about drowning in a pool, then you might have been wondering about your life in general. Perhaps you have been overthinking everything you have done in your life and whether other people had more influence on your life than you wished for them to have.

This dream can also represent your wonderings about your job or your marriage that look great from the outside, but they are not true representations of your life and what you wanted to achieve.

If you dream about drowning in a pool by yourself, then you might be worried about the fact that you are no longer able to sustain yourself and provide for yourself. The life you have built is no longer enough and you need to change something quickly in order for you to continue living happily.

If there are other people in the pool when you are drowning, then you might be experiencing this above mentioned change, in a public way. Maybe other people are witnesses of your ongoing change and you have been put into a public eye for everyone to see and talk about what you are going through.

This is why you are feeling overwhelmed and you feel like drowning, while other people are comfortably enjoying themselves and not helping you.

If other people in the pool are drowning as well, then you might be going through a family crisis or company crisis and you feel enormous pressure that is presented in your dream.

Whatever your situation might be, despair is not an option. Try to find a positive way out of this situation and help yourself and others in every way possible.

Dream about drowning due to storm or natural disaster

These dreams are very often. Probably all of us have had a similar dream in the past and experienced fear and helplessness in dreams like this. There are several explanations to these dreams.

Some believe that dreams like this are actually memories from our past lives that we experience once again while dreaming. Dreams help us cope with these bad memories and we resolve any left behind issues that we had from our past lives. This is of course one alternative meaning and interpretation.

Another interpretation is that dreams like this represent our way of handling difficult situations and feelings that bother us in real life. They don’t need to be directly troubling us. But we are aware of them and feel them strongly.

We might also be under an impression of a certain situation or natural disaster that has happened somewhere in the world and we were strongly affected by it. We might start imagining or sympathizing with the loss those people felt and our emotions are clearly presented in our dreams.

Dream about being saved from drowning

This dream has a positive meaning. It represents that you will be able to overcome obstacles and problems that you have. Dangerous and life dependent situations will be overcome. This dream acan also relate to a business project you have been working on or perhaps a health issue you have.

Dream about a woman who is drowning

This dream actually has a positive meaning. Something that you have been planning to achieve will come true and you might even receive something valuable in the near future. Plans that you have been working on will be successfully finished and you will be able to gain praises from everyone.

Dream about drowning something

This dream has a negative meaning. You might be overwhelmed by your emotions and you feel very depressed and alone. This dream can also represent bad news in a form of news about illness, death or betrayal. Your near future doesn’t look so bright but whatever happens to you try to keep a positive attitude and your head up high.

If these problems are more serious, ask for help or seek advice from someone who could be helpful.


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