Dream of Falling off a Cliff – Meaning and Symbolism

One of the most memorable motives in a dream can be height – in this sense, and there are numerous ways of how you can interpret those dreams. Height can dream in different ways. You can dream about fears of heights, fear of falling, falling with a parachute, reaching a high peak of a certain mountain.

Altitude-related dreams can indicate both good experiences and bad. Such dreams are seen as interesting but scary, and height is attributed to the sign of achieving high victories in real life. In dreams, height means fear in making serious decisions, and also indicates the mistakes you can make.

All these potential issues can be solved with the help of dream books, or pieces like this one, but it is necessary to remember all the details of the dream. There are numerous specifications of such a dream, and depending on it, you can find its true meaning.

There are some dreams that are so common in certain stages of our lives, and there are some reasons why this is the case – for example, we dream our parents (in various situations, and these dreams can be extremely bizarre and weird) when we are older. And in the same ways, kids are those who dream falling when they are in stages of development when they are growing.

But the dream when you are falling off a cliff is very common in people when they are older, and there are reasons why this is the case.

This is the dream that could be interpreted in a different way, but the best way to find out is to relate it to all the facts that have appeared in it, as well as your current position in real life.

Meaning of a Dream of Falling off a Cliff

Fearing heights in a dream also has many meanings – in some general sense, but when there is no other interesting parts in it, could mean that you are expecting an important event. And since this is an important event, you have numerous fears will everything be good and will everything be ok, and you project your fears, so it comes into the form of your dream.

But, one thing must be said is that such a dream projects the reality into the subconscious and tells you that you are in java overloaded with problems, whether love, business or other nature, from which you do not see the exit.

If you had a dream in which you see yourself falling off a cliff, it is a warning in your life that your current position is numb. It is possible that many will pretend to be your place, which will put you under a lot of pressure, and your every step will be analyzed in detail. You will not want to give up what you have gained through hardship, so you will act in accordance with the saying “goal justifies the means”.

Also, this is the dream that indicates an accident that may happen to you in some near time, or it can be the reflection of your fear that you may have an accident.

But if in a dream you see yourself falling off a cliff, and you are pulling someone else with you, it could be an implication that you are the person who needs support when it comes to facing your fears. And if you face those fears, and find a person who will help you, it means that you will progress.

When you think of the heights, in any case, and also in the case when you are standing on a cliff, and you are falling off it, such dreams (in the majority of cases) indicates a person (a dreamer) who is struggling with a lot of insecurity, fear of failure, a feeling of inferiority in real life.

But also of the goals that you have set for yourself, along with the fear that you have regarding its achievement. You have the impression that your life is completely out of your control, in all aspects of your life. You lose confidence, and the higher the height, the larger your life and subconscious mind.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Falling off a Cliff

In a version of this dream when you are enjoying the fall from a cliff, it can be an indication that you are ready for anything. You are the person who thinks it is “better to prevent than cure”. You try to stay comfortable in every situation because you know those beautiful moments, as well as ugly ones, alternate and that it is useless to worry about something that you cannot change.

If in a dream where you are falling off a cliff, you see that you have fallen and you find yourself on the ground, not dead – it means that you will surrender. You may experience a blow after which nothing will be the same in your life. You will have no motivation for anything, and many will notice that you are still living in the past without accepting reality.

In some cases, such a dream is a symbol of fear, and one particular fear – the one that there is a chance that someone in public will underestimate you. Usually, these are colleagues from work, and such actions will make you nervous and frustrated. Don’t let that bother you, as there are malicious languages ​​and comments everywhere.

If by any chance, you see someone else is falling off a cliff, and you are just the observer, it symbolizes the expectation termination of some part in your life, and it can be a current job, or something else.

In this sense, such a dream is not such bad news, and in some cases, it is a good thing to change something that does not serve you. It is good to find the courage to end some things that are bad for you, and this is the only way you can progress truly and face your fears.

Do I have to be worried?

Unless you are a child that is in the process of growing, then you have to be worried since this is the dream that comes to the people who have fears that something bad is going to happen; or that you had such an experience before, and you did not move on from that time, so it is a struggle.

You may have a traffic accident or other discomfort that will shake you badly. It will take you a long time to recover from this mentally and physically, but you will become much more cautious, which will certainly benefit you in the future.

In some version of this dream, it can be an implication that you can progress in life – in that case, the truth of the saying “until it darkens and the other does not dawn” will be shown. You are likely to achieve good results in all walks of life that will be conditioned by someone else’s failure that you are not guilty of.

We must add one more thing, and listen to these words very carefully – a cliff in a dream is the symbol of some goal, idea, something that you want to achieve in your life, and the fact that you are near it means, that you are near that success.

But the fear is crucial here – the fear that you won’t be able to maintain that success, that you could not be able to keep it and that you will lose it, in a split second. This is the main symbolism in this case.

Such dreams remind you of your over-ambitions in real life, and your mind is telling you that this is the case and that you are on some level aware of such a situation. Land on which you should potentially fall after that fall, and depending on a circumstance whether you see it or not, show a slightly more realistic life, at least for a while without too many goals.

What to do if I had this dream?

Dreams in which we are in a high place, looking from a cliff or falling from a height are very common. Mostly, such dreams are usually not pleasant, especially if we dream that we are in a place that has no protective fence, like a cliff.

And of course, it is not hard to know that not one of these scenarios is pleasant (in real life, but also in dreams) especially for those who have a fear of high heights (the majority of people are very afraid).

There is always a fear of slipping, that someone will push us, or that something may pull us down – very common fears and they are often translated into the dream world.

In some general sense, this dream is translated to fears that you have a problem in dealing with, or it can be an indication that you do not think that you are worthy enough, you have a sense of less value.

More precisely, you have set yourself very high goals, usually in line with others, and strive for a sense of superiority, although you do not have an exaggerated basis for it. In this way, through height in the dream, you compensate for any shortcomings.

But, such a dream, on the other hand, the dreamer interprets you at a great height as someone who has achieved great goals in life. It is considered that you have been very fortunate in all that you have come up with, as well as that through all your business; you are followed by happiness and prosperity.

Be careful, though, as this may make you delusional, so it may be time to get down to earth.

Dreams that as a motive have a situation where you fall off a cliff globally can indicate a number of troubles such as a disruption to the health of a close family member. And you should take this into consideration, and you should find peace and calmness so that fears should go away, and you can move on further in your life.

This is the dream that has one small and slightly small meaning – small in a way that it does not mean that you are truly about to fall in your real life. This is in the case when you are dreaming that you are falling off a cliff and that fall is not traumatic, on the contrary, that fall is interesting, and it lasts a short period of time.

Such a dream can easily find a way to get down, so this may indicate that these problems are of minor importance and that you have exaggerated them in your head, but they actually have a simple solution.


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