Aquarius Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Astrology teaches us that the sky, or the Universe (that part that we can see, and that affects our lives, planets and the luminaries) that we use for the examination in Astrology is separated into 12 sections, and every one of them depicting one of the Zodiac sign.

So, we have 12 sections and 12 Zodiac signs, and every other analysis is based on this.

And we all know that at the time that all of us were born, the Sun was in one of these 12 sections, and that determines what sign of the zodiac you belong to – this is one of the reasons why we deal with the Sun’s position in a certain sign.

One more thing we need to add here – for thirty days Sun spends in each division, which means it takes a whole year to visit each section and round the Zodiac.

Today we are looking into the life of a person who has Sun in the Aquarius sign and the Moon in the Aries sign – this makes this person very interesting in many ways. You will able to see as you progress in reading, that this human being has many qualities, even if he can sometimes be misunderstood in his environment.

Good Traits

A human being who has such a position in its natal chart has a chance to achieve continuous growth between spiritual and physical vibrations – he has all of them. Usually, he has physical strength along with the mental – and some will say that a person with such amazing qualities has all that takes to succeed in life.

In him, many amazing things are very well combined, just like creativity, inspiration, individualism, the openness of the soul, love of life and devoutness are embodied in the life of this human being, and this is the aspect that produces one individual that is an idealist.

He enjoys in being an active being, whose ideas are not always easy to follow, but they are original; there is no doubt about it, and we firmly believe that he deserves to be followed.

This is the person who is very intelligent, and often well educated, and he has ideas that can change the world, and even better he is the one that has the courage to make his ideas real.

This is the person who devotes all of his activities into the direction where he is in a position to achieve a relative significance, but he will give enormous value to its qualities.

He has, without a doubt, a fascinating personality, an active and fruitful, extremely lively spirit who can achieve many great things in life, and if you have a person with such luminary position, be really happy, because he has so much to offer to society.

Bad Traits

Basically, the person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Aries sign is restless, and his approach in life is very direct in this way, he is not someone who is a diplomat and who observes what he is going to do and say.

This attitude can be hurtful and problematic in many ways for people who are close to him –  he either does not speak, even if the communication is essential at that moment, or he is so direct that it is uncomfortable to the point of absurdity.

He is a person who is both extrovert and stubborn, and often times people see him as a person who is out of his place and who is misunderstood. It is ok to be different, but he needs to accept that this also means that he will be alone often and that he will never have the support from others that he wants to have. So, being independent has its negativities, and we do not believe that this person is always ready for such events.

It is also true that the Moon in the Aries sign brings him closer to courage and dynamism, and often times this is too much to handle for the majority of the people who are close to him.

The good thing is that he is able to fight for what he believes when needed, but he prefers to use the spirit, and this is ok; but the problem occurs at the moment when he is so different from others, so he often gets misunderstood.

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon in Love

This type of Aquarius (with the Moon located in Aries Zodiac sign) is more straightforward, more open than the majority of other Aquarius sign people.

He is the one that has no problem in conquering lovers if he feels like it; he likes to say everything in the face – of course in the case that he finds a person who he sees as his future lover. He hits in the core, or he shows no interest in people and those have no chance to be with him.

This person, when it comes to love, has a strong need for emotional harmony and can be a very deep, warm and sentimental person. He has a line to overcome events, but he is extremely sacrificing for his career and children – so maybe he is not so romantic as some would like him to be, but he can be extremely dedicated parent and spouse.

He has the temptation for freedom and adventures, along with the tendency to risk and the pursuit of ideals are made up of him – this can be seen in his love life. He is mostly endowed with great mobility and unbelievable self-confidence – this is the person who almost never suffers and rarely makes wrong choices, and even when he does, he has no problem in dealing with those choices.

One advice for this human being is that he must cultivate himself a little bit (restrain) the strength so that he can maintain consistency in his life, and love.

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon in a Relationship

As we have said, a person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Aries signs can be a surprisingly amazing partner, parent, etc. – he belongs to those people who will put huge amounts of energy into what they believe.

And in this sense, he is the one that will turn to others, but it may happen that this will stop him from doing other things – this also happens, this person just needs his family and nothing else.

In some other cases, he remains ambitious, besides his love relationship – he will never allow anyone to disrupt his achievements, and in this case, his private life comes second.

When in love with someone, he never hesitates to say what he thinks, regardless of the circumstances.

He loves life, and he needs a lover who sees things in the same way – he goes in life as a “flash” with incredible curiosity and idealism that is almost inexhaustible.

When truly in love, he is ready for a quick start, full of optimism and promise that tomorrow will be better than yesterday.

Best Match for Aquarius Sun Aries Moon

Others may see him as a person whose “naivety” is disarming, so much sincerity and honesty can surprise anyone.

The person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Aries sign is an idealist, and he needs a lover who is equally enthusiastic and a lover who will follow his lead, or just stand and understand.

His main characteristic: independence, which sometimes knows to be really overstated. He is spontaneous, and great individual loves life; people do not like suits and fights for liberal values. He does not promise what he cannot do. He must find a lover who will value life, above everything else.

Emotionally he can sometimes be inclined to often enter into love from friendship. Therefore, the choice of the emotional and marital partner must be spinning and turning around in time, not suddenly entering.

The perfect match for this human being is the person born in the Libra sign -and we can say it right now that these two lovers are very well complemented in love relationships and attracted in an unusual way. Such a connection is a true indicator of the strong attraction and harmony in the love of opposites.

Aquarius Sun Aries Moon as a Friend

This person usually has the need to fight for a goal, to allow passage of his ideas, to expose them to the widest audience -and where you can find the better audience than close friends who understand what he is really about.

If he throws a sometimes naive view of the world and itself, it is not only a disadvantage because it allows it to prove in a large number of cases an extraordinary freshness of view, not to succumb to the influence of preconceived ideas of its contemporaries or from the past, is firm and safe in its identity, despite the jealousies which are firing on the light of their gossips.


In this genuinely positive combination, the Moon that is located in the Aries generously gives the Sun in Aquarius the necessary strength to concentrate on a particular goal, not to waste any energy on some things that are not important in life.

The result is a more specific character, less obsessed with irrational ideas, mostly involved in what can establish the foundations for a harmonious development of both his personality and personal interests.

This will then help to create that profound originality that a person who has Sun and Moon located in Aquarius and Aries sign will never sacrifice for anything.

This is his interpretation of ambition, and it is not something that he will trade so easily.


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