Moon In 3rd House – Meaning, Synastry

We started the week learning a little more about the moon. Today we focus our attention on when our dear white lady enters the third house of the zodiac.

House 3 is naturally associated with the sign of Gemini and corresponds to the phase of childhood in which we begin to talk, relate, ask for everything and give more war to our parents. In house 3 we develop in our environment.

That is why our interaction with siblings, neighbors, relatives, close friends and the people of our neighborhood governs. It also gives us clues about our way of speaking and learning and determines our way of thinking.

People with the moon at home 3 have an amazing ability to tune into their surroundings. They are communicative by nature and relate very easily.

Sometimes they sin of rational; they like to explain what they feel in order for others to understand them.

Good Traits

They need to verbalize everything and have a hard time conceiving the emotion if they are not able to shape it with words.

As the moon is variable, these natives often change their mind quickly. It is very possible that one day they will tell you that they have made a decision and soon rectify and choose another option.

They are influenced by the ideas of third parties because they take others very seriously and it is precisely this that sometimes leads them to change their minds. Other times they get carried away by hunching and base their decisions on the impression they have taken

They are what is said a restless ass and never stop. They are always here and there, ready to sign up for a bombing if necessary.

So much movement can create some nervousness and anxiety. It is good for them to slow down from time to time to catch their breath and decide what their next project will be.

If the moon is transiting your house 3 you will feel like movement and action. It is time to meet friends, make phone calls, write e-mails and be aware of a thousand things at once.

Multitasking doesn’t seem so complicated those days and we feel capable of being able to do everything. We are more communicative than ever and therefore we may meet new people anywhere.

Bad Traits

You would rather not want too many emotions in your life. Life should be natural and easy (intellectual downplaying). There are people with this position of the moon who tend to suppress their feelings, then it can lead to personalities who almost never get upset and always have a grip.

Self-control can have many consequences: For example: not being able to sit still, forced relaxation through continuous sports (Saturn connections), always wanting to be on the go (driving around aimlessly – Jupiter or Mercury connections), irony and sarcasm in the language (Pluto- Links).

Then real emotional closeness can be perceived as oppressive, since it would reveal what is under control and thus undercover (chatterbox syndrome). These people then appear neurotically happy and communicative, but are lonely internally.

So this moon position can pose some problems. If your moon is harmoniously aspect in the third house, or if you are generally a conscious person, you can be a real happy person who is easy to address emotionally and easily infects and illuminates her surroundings.

It is important that feelings and emotions are not subordinated to the dictation of the head.

The moon makes statements in the horoscope about how we perceive the world emotionally. Moon is the need to feel accepted, to understand the world as a safe place to welcome.

It shows the emotional realm of the human being by feeling understood and accepted or misunderstood and rejected. The skills and conditions for being able to integrate into society become visible as well as how it is done and how the world is perceived as a society.

All areas associated with the moon largely describe the mother relationship and thus also the imprints from childhood, i.e. the basic mood that is brought towards life.

Therefore, the moon must always detach itself from the past, leave imprints behind it and create its own home within itself.

Challenges of Moon in 3rd House

This leads to a general need for conversation and knowledge. Can express feelings well in words, or undermine feelings with the mind. Self-presentation and speaking talent.

So we also meet the ‘Hans-Dampf-in-alle-Gassen’ with this moon position. In any case, people with the moon are almost always happy to be in the 3rd house to satisfy their curiosity or to exchange ideas with others.

Your relationships with siblings and neighbors should be good because you like to talk about collective interests. You therefore have less of a desire to think up your own, but are willing to disseminate what is already there: e.g. the latest research results that you can present in a generally understandable manner.

The moon is a reflective principle and therefore shows the re-action. In contrast, the sun is a self-luminous principle and shows the action.

The moon as an emotional star shows how reactions to external impressions are reacted to, the nature of the feelings and the emotional behavior.

The moon not only reflects, it also reflects its effects directly. That is, as the moon is encountered, it comes back from it.

The moon describes the sensitive areas, e.g. where a person feels slightly offended or hurt. There we find the soft, nurturing, nurturing qualities of a person.

Therefore, the moon is often called the mirror of the soul.

The eye with its expression of the state of mind is assigned to the moon. If people can look into each other’s eyes with a good feeling for a long time, then they have a spiritual relationship, a relationship that understands and accepts.

Moon in 3rd House – Best Match

Luna in house III is not a good position if we consider it from the point of view of the rational and concrete mind. People with this location of the Moon are very fanciful and dreamy, and are endowed with intuitive and imaginative intelligence.

His mentality has many similarities with that of children, with a predominance of passive mental and subjective faculties.

However, it is a position that favors inspiration, so it is excellent for an artist, a poet or a writer, as well as for journalists, whose life is full of relationships, travel and changing situations, but not instead for a mathematician or scientist.

This configuration also encourages intuition and interest in history. There is a tendency in these natives to focus their minds on domestic, affective and everyday life matters.

They usually have sisters, in many cases younger than them, or it may also happen that the brothers are of lunar characteristics: sensitive, dreamers, homemakers, etc.

If the Moon is well aspected, there is a good relationship with the surrounding people – brothers, neighbors, coworkers – and a predisposition to empathy with them, but also some passivity or submission. It also encourages many short trips and benefits contact with the public, being favorable for merchants and sellers.

If afflicted, it will give a tendency to obsessions and feelings of anxiety, and will make the mind very superficial, exacerbating its most fanciful side, which will also make the person very lunatic and unstable.

Moon in 3rd House – General Info

The acquisition of knowledge, curiosity, spoken or written expression, and the need to be objective, rational and intellectual turn out to be an important facet of his life that will also give him a feeling of security and emotional well-being.

He will seek comfort through the mediation of a brother with whom he will assume maternal attitudes: protection, security and help. He has intellectual curiosity and can express his true feelings well through speech, poetry or writing.

Sometimes he likes to intellectualize his feelings. There is a strong need for communication to collect information and then share it later with other people or some women in particular. He has a fine sense of humor and likes to joke and play around him.

Go to travel because they allow you to have new opportunities to learn. Routine of any kind will probably bother you for this reason that you will constantly be looking for the variety.

Your ideas change from one moment to another and will always be flexible and adaptable to any situation. It is much more comfortable for you to learn through listening than through reading. Your mind can become very emotional at times.

Regarding your vocation: the emphasis will be on the exchange of communication and information. This position represents the intermediary or the dissemination of information or merchandise.

Numerous short trips. Imagination very active, although disorderly and capricious. However, it seems to be a favorable position for mental occupations and especially for fiction.

Restlessness and adaptability towards intimate changes. Versatility that makes your changes unpredictable. Dialogue is fundamental in their family relationships. His curiosity causes rapid mental reactions.

Tendency to rationalize your emotions. Your constant mental change can decrease the continuity of your ideas. Intellectual and commercial exchange with others is favored.

The education received is the basis of their social settlement. Their fraternal relationships are under the sign of mobility and mental exchange.


The moon in the third house always indicates talkative people who have an easy emotional response. There is a sense of what others think. But on the other hand: moon = feeling and changeability, and that in the third house = thinking and talking.

That doesn’t always go together. In this way, the same circumstances are sometimes interpreted differently. Mood fluctuations therefore also belong to this position.

Your imagination and imagination is strong. You are lively and moved, you are an opponent of routine and sometimes even have a penchant for dreaming.

As a speaker, you are in a good position to move the hearts of your audience. Teacher e.g. can respond to their students with feeling and know how to make the lessons for their protégés exciting and varied.

Often, however, you’re thinking and speaking may be in the area of unimportance, simply because you like to talk. You feel comfortable in your circle and know how to adapt.


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