Chipped Tooth – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Teeth are very interesting aspects to look at from a symbolical point of view, they always have their place in the common minds, and we can also analyze them through the traditions of the past.

We could see how many different religious and spiritual understandings, rituals and superstitions encouraged the attachment of symbolic meanings to many objects, especially teeth and skulls.

The symbolism was most often attributed to the teeth in the way that people find an interesting meaning through their modification.

In many cultures around the world, teeth are the symbol of good health (in some countries these perfectly shine and white teeth, while in others they are different).

Following this lead, we must say that teeth find an interesting place in the dream symbolism and that we want to find one in particular – the meaning and symbolical value of a dream about Chipped Tooth.

The Meaning of a Dream about Chipped Tooth

This is one very specific dream and can have many meanings, but we will tell you that in the majority of dreams, the tooth is connected to health.

It can be physical health, but it can also be inner health that is in jeopardy. It is always a very important dream that must be taken into the analyses. As you know the status of our health is very important to all other aspects of your lives.

If in a dream you see in your mouth a tooth that is chopped, such a dream indicates that your form (physical and mental strength) is very good, but that you have recently started with habits that are taking you in the other direction.

This dream comes as an alarm to you, and you must stop with those habits that are deteriorating your health, maybe not now, but in the future, for sure.

If you are in a dream and you are fixing the chipped tooth, in that case, this is the dream that speaks that in real life, the majority of people you know are respectful toward you.

Keep up with what you are doing, and you will be happy as long as you live.

If you are trying to pull out the chipped tooth, such a dream means that you will encounter light frustration at a job; in any case, this is the dream that is connected to your workplace and the job you are doing.

Maybe you are investing cash in risky businesses that can produce commercial disadvantages and difficulties with authority. “Be careful” is the message that is behind this dream.

Something this dream is amazing as a warning that comes to you to stop you from investing stupidly and spending money erratically. It is often the best idea to wait.

If the tooth that is chopped in a dream is a different color than the rest of your teeth, like golden, such a dream implies that you have a season in which you will gain a lot of capital in all of its forms.

If you have been anticipating an inheritance for a long time, this is not a good time to get one, and you will not get it, even if you are sure that you will.

If the tooth from your dream in chipped and you could feel it under your tongue and fingers, but you cannot see it, such a dream means that you are viewing people from some bad point of view, where you are seeing them as they are nothing in comparison to you: This is the dream that shows that others start to leave your life, and they are right for doing so, you have become intolerable.

Do not be selfish and give consideration to others, and they deserve it for sure.

The Symbolism of a Dream about Chipped Tooth

In a symbolical point of view, the dream that has the main motive a chipped tooth it symbolizes your strength assists you well, and that you are capable of making right moves in the future.

What is more important, this is the dream that speaks about your ability to accept the life path as it is – hard.

We know that this is something very hard path, but the fruits that you are picking, in the end, are amazing and fulfilling.

In the case of the dream where the chipped tooth you are having is about to fall out, such a dream recommend you to be concerned; someone in the background plans to fool you.

They maybe want to take something from you, or they want to use some of your ideas to make their own.

If more than one tooth in your mouth is chipped, in that case, this is the dream that is symbolically connected to the love life – it is quite possible that you will convert in your relation to your lover, you may become irritated with your adored one.

In some cases, this is the dream that speaks that others that are close to you are using you and your kind nature to gain something.

If in a dream you are left only with that one chipped tooth, in that case, such a dream symbolizes your stress level that is very high – the message is that you pay more attention to your well-being than ever before.

If you are at the dentist chair and you are about to fix that one chipped tooth that is the dream that symbolizes that many of your difficulties and challenges will pass. Don’t lose confidence, and things will go fine for you in the future.

It is not an easy task, but it is worth the trouble – just like when you sit in the dentist chair fixing your teeth, you hate it, but when you look at yourself in the mirror, you are more than happy.

In the end, we must speak of one more version of this dream where someone else has the chipped tooth – in that case, such a dream symbolizes the end of a relationship that has been burdening you very much.

You feel like the person that has been a trouble for you is now long gone from your life, and you would prefer if that person will stay there – as far away from you.

In its alternate version, this is the dream that symbolizes that someone who you love will get sick.

Do I have to be worried?

In some ways, yes, since the dream about teeth are always important cause they are connected to death, or health – the two aspect of life that are very important, for all of us, and also in a sense that they can show the death or health status of the people you love dearly.

These dreams can be both positive and negative, depending on the essence of the dream that has the tooth (in any form, golden, new or chipped) as the main motive.

Sometimes this is the dream that speaks about the work you have been doing, and in this way, it advises you to skip something that you want to invest your time and money.

In an alternate version, this is the dream that is saying to you that you have to take good care of your money and energy; they cannot go in the “unknown” direction.

In the case where you are pulling the chipped tooth by yourself, and there is a lot of blood, such a dream means that you are sacrificing yourself for someone you care for in real life.

Alternatively, this is the dream that may indicate that you will withdraw some of the more lenient diseases, or in some way, this means that you have good health.

Besides this, more important meaning, that could be worrying for you, this is the dream that just wants from you to take care where you invest your time and money if you want to succeed.

In the case of the dream about the chipped tooth, that is connected to the respect, and you should continue with the actions and deeds that you have done so far because you are able to radiate positive energy wherever you appear.

What to do if I had this dream?

We know that many of you are scared, since the dream about teeth, in general, has a somewhat “negative” connotation; and are often connected to the health.

But in some cases, this is the dream that speaks of luck, passions, or financial profit. In some cases, you just have to beware of false friends.

In the end, take this warning seriously, this is the dream that could mean that you must be under the major stress – think of you before anything else comes to order.

In the end, it is normal that you have some health scares regarding yourself or the people you love, but try to be happy and not to take some unnecessary risks.

It just like with your teeth, if you take good care of them, they will serve you a long time.


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