Personality Number 7 – Meaning in Numerology

Numerology exists since ancient times among people and numerology is a science that can help us to discover a lot of things and helps us to discover what is ahead of us. This science with numbers can tell us what kind of person we are and what are our traits and can help us to change things and influence our future.

If you have had some particular encounter with numbers, this text will help you.

Numerology is the science about numbers, and the way in which they manifest themselves through the qualities and talents that are part of the cosmic plan.

Each number has a numerical value that corresponds to a certain cosmic vibration. A personal numerical number is a number obtained by simply summing the digits of the date and year of birth.

If your personal number is number 7 you should read the following text and find out very interesting facts about yourself. You will find the explanation for most of your actions. You will find out that are you in a relationship with other people and what your talents are.

It will be very interesting so please continue reading and find out some new things about numerology meaning of number 7.

Numerology meaning of number 7

If your numerology number is seven, the ability to acquire knowledge will almost certainly be something that will follow you from early on. The seven is considered as the number with the best sense of humor,also intuition is particularly pronounced.

People whose personal number is number 7 are humorous, lively, strong when making decisions, unpredictable and always youthful. They are good advisers; even enemies can accept their advice and suggestions.

They flow with peaceful vibrations and can calm people with their presence. They have a solution to each problem and are good at resolving disputes. Their access is reasonable, practical, friendly, and creative. Between the thirties and forty-five years their intuitive power is growing and they can read people’s mind clearly as a book.

Most of their brilliant, original ideas come from dreams or from day-to-day fantasies that are their favorite blunders. They try to get acquainted with dream secrets and subconscious mind, and they believe in mystical power that people can take from the future or the past. They are surrounded by members of the opposite sex who are attracted to them, and flirt with them in a special way.

A woman’s whose personal number is number 7 is very social, sensual and appealing to a man of that number. She is smart, decisive, talkative (sometimes overwhelmed) and thinking about her career. She is strongly attached to her mother and other female relatives, which causes her problems in marriage. She has a caring character and is always worried about the future.

That is why as wife she devotes less attention, which is not good for a happy marriage. Man whose personal number is 7 is advised not to marry before he is twenty-eight years old. Both men and women of this destiny number have one or more extramarital.In love for the people whose number is number 7, sadly, disappointment is mostly followed.

While they are young and still full of ideas and strength they cannot resist the opposite half. As the years go by and life begins to shake them, and they are so stubborn and disobedient and do not compromise, they turn into bitter people.

The men whose personal number is number seven are not very attractive, but they are so mysterious and impulsive, with strong sexual instincts, they are always in some love affairs.

Regardless of the inclination to fall in love, marriage is always very meaningful; they know exactly what their partner needs. It is terrible that men whose number is number 7 want to take everything, but they give very little from themselves. Even if they are married they act like they are single and unfortunately we have large number of divorced persons in number 7.

Women whose personal number is number 7 are slightly milder in nature. They are extremely clever and wise. They are real artists in seduction.  They are eccentric and spoiled, but they give a lot of their selves, which often falls on their head, because they do not see clear when they are in love.

Number 7 indicates mysticism, intuition, mystery.They are blessed with wisdom, spiritual qualities, and visionary abilities. Neptune also makesthese people intuitive and able to bind to higher degrees of existence.These people are prone to mysticism and occultism, they are always in search of knowledge. They are ready to devote their lives to the ideal they believe in, without worrying about their material success.

These people possess a brilliant mind that is capable of unifying material and spiritual aspectsas a whole. They actually carry a lively world within themselves. They love traveling and life time often takes them overseas, and life itself is full of unusual circumstances. They have a positive and soothing effect on their environment.If they develop healing or other supernatural abilities, they achieve great success.

They are very noble; their greatest ideal is sincere and true love. Best match with people born under number 2. Their biggest drawbacks are that they do not have the strength in themselves.Number seven offers to these people a lot of talents; they make sense to music, painting, dance, and even spiritual disciplines.

They are very often unaware of these talents and need the other people to direct them. They tend to dream and run away from reality.They have a special magnetism in them that others like. They are in love with romantic people who seek spirituality and are closely related to them. They seek partners who will understand and accept what they are.

Positive sides of people whose number is number 7:

People born under number 7 are charming and attractive.Intellectual, intuitive, wise and valuable people. Those people seek truth and wisdom in everything. They are spiritual and enigmatic, hate gossip, and money does not mean anything to them.Strong people who understand other people around them.

They are great organizers. They have a strong mind and natural wisdom. Do not like people who lie and talk bad things about others.

Negative sides of people whose personal number is number 7:

Those are people who like to be alone and do everything on their own. Their isolation can last for days, weeks, and even months. They are egocentric, they think only of themselves.

They are selfish, cynical, withdrawn, lonely, they do not believe, are pessimistic, angry, always proud of themselves, they like to criticize and cannot share ideas with others. 


Because of their intelligence and wisdom they could become important people in the world. They could become a scientist, explorer, and inventor.

They can be religious leaders, philosophers, preachers, wise men, teachers, and psychologists.


For persons born under number 7, the major health problem is the nervous system. They can suffer from stomach disorders, fever, can have problems with blood circulation and stress can cause greatest damage. Those who work a lot can get sick quickly, so they are advised to rest after physical effort.


These are people who are mostly focused on themselves. They are very arrogant and think they always know everything. They will always know your weak side.

They are looking for people who will be able to talk to them about metaphysics, science, civilization, and the riddles of human life.


Many famous actresses and singers were born under number 7. Some of them are Julia Roberts (actress), Carrie Underwood (actress and singer), Taylor Swift (actress and singer), Leonardo DiCaprio (famous actor), Natalie Portman many others.


People with 7 want to enjoy the solitude. They want to make themselves smart and show their knowledge. They love all the light and dark colors, but their favorites are yellow and white. Pearls are their lucky stones. Happy day for them is Monday. Seven is called spiritual and sacred number.


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