Venus Square Saturn Synastry

In the case of these two planets, Venus and Saturn, we can see that they are going, when it is a square position in question, toward each other, but they have different speeds to do so.

In some case, here we can see the crossing of energies, and some like to describe it as the contention of energy, and in any case creates a range of high and intense energy control precisely because the energies touch each other at the intersection, preventing each other from going directly in the started direction.

Either one is pulling back, or this is what makes this square between Venus and Saturn so interesting.

How it is seen in the lives of the people who have this position in their natal charts, and what is the astrological advice for all of us if we ever found ourselves under the burst of this incredible and challenging energy.

General Characteristics

We know that the planet Venus expresses harmony, relationship, sensuality, beauty and love, and the people who have this square direct their activities into this direction.

Saturn is, on the other hand, the one that symbolizes form, limitations, boundaries, and time (it is connected to all things that are affected by time.

When interacting, Saturn and Venus symbolize the establishment of harmony and balance, and as you can see their planetary connection does not have to be negative.

But, in this case, when in the aspect of the square is in question, and these two planets create an unstable form that can very easily lead to the disruption or loss of what both planets symbolize – harmony and balance.

So, people affected by this square, and if there are some other aspects that are negative, often lead to losing, exactly things that they strive for the most.

So, in reality, it is seen as events that depict those entering relationships from different directions, pursuing different goals. They strive to build and develop because love tends to be free in the sense of progressing and expanding, but the restrictive Saturn here prevents them from expanding and progressing.

King James I of England, Muhammad Ali, Dustin Hoffman, Wes Craven, Franklin D, Roosevelt, Oprah Winfrey, Nigel Farage, Anthony Hopkins Michelle Pfeiffer, Venus Williams and Johnny Depp.

Good Traits

Venus carries with it the idea of ​​freedom and the need to realize its manifestation of love, beauty and harmony in various ways – to change, to transform, to always be more advanced, different.

Saturn limits all this and imposes rigid rules on it, but sometimes this is seen as a good thing, and people who have it are able to put it into shape and states that it develops and manifests itself through the rules of building and maintaining the structure.

This is necessary to have in life if we want to live “normally”, and since love itself does not have a clearly defined structure and form.

In order for it to develop in the direction of beauty and balance and in the direction of harmony in the relations it symbolizes and thus bears the fruits of its symbolism, Venus must accept the rules and laws of the material world. Some of the representatives of this square position must accept responsibility for her actions.

Without the intervention of Saturn, without the existence of the energy of squares, Venus would evolve into undefined, indefinite, variable forms, and would not have anything stable to lean on, and they cannot “fly” all the time, they need to put themselves on the ground from time to time.

Look at this square position in this way – here, the planet Saturn acts as a mentor who will direct Venus towards the development of the ideals of beauty.

Here, the best value of this square lies.

Bad Traits

The conflict here arises from the problem where the tendencies that come from the Venus are not those that love shade, darkness, cold.

These people are sometimes aware, and sometimes not that their nature does not let them grow without light and cannot reflect harmony and beauty unless the human eye sees it. All of this is seen through love, emotions, and they are doing it in a way they can, that is unique to them.

Instead of engaging in combat, they will fight through the love of the one who puts shackles on, all the while trying to turn the cold that they encounter when giving warmth and affection to the warmth and approval.

In one part, it will accept the rules and responsibilities that Saturn imposes on their lives, while in the other part, it will preserve its unique independence and heterogeneity of demonstration.

In this situation, Saturn will not be able to retain its original analogy of rigidity, so its rules and the structure it symbolizes will certainly be violated.

So, everything that Venus brings is now destroyed by the rigid nature of the planet Saturn.

Love Matters

You must be aware that this position of Venus and Saturn can in synastry bring an aspect of fatal, but above all karmic love, which at one point shows you all the beauty of emotions, takes you to the seventh heaven, and then throws you into an emotional swamp for a second, from which it is very difficult to extract. And there will be many emotional temptations in the lives of the people who have this position. There will be love (Venus), but also tears and sorrow (Saturn), and all in between.

Their love is just like a beauty in stone, the one that will act as an ideal for a while, but soon it will lose quality, it will cease to be interesting, and there will be a need for a new form of beauty, a new ideal.

Saturn does not like to change, and in this case, it is forced to change, in order for that love to survive if those people want to work out with someone their Saturn must allow Venus at least partial freedom to display his beauty in a different form, so that she may be different from the moment of their encounter.

They are in conflict with themselves, and they have a need to become warmer, to stop being so cold and inaccessible. People who have this aspect in the natal horoscope suffer repression by a loved one.

They will feel that their emotional partner is restricting them and not allowing them to give him their love freely, in their own way, but only in form and in the way that the partner asks them to. This often takes the form of emotional blackmail:

One thing must be added here – this square position is one of the more difficult aspects in the natal chart because it hits where people are weakest, which is emotions (first of all, love emotions, and have in mind that we here speak about the synastry that speaks of interpersonal relations looked though the horoscopes).

In interpersonal relationships, people who have this aspect in the horoscope will feel better if they understand and accept that they love and are loved, regardless of what their loved one does not accept and reciprocate as they wish.

The good thing is that these people are very noble; they love and know how to show beautiful emotions and the imagination about it. But, when needed, people who have this position often do not know how to express feelings towards their lovers; they can be cold, at times, and harsh, because it’s their way of expressing emotions.

When they can achieve some form of desired emotional fulfillment if they nurture the structure of the relationship as a gardener who, with much love, prunes and sprouts a bush of wild rose, through which appearance rules the structure of the beautiful.

These persons in emotional relationships, as well as in every type of close relationship, have a problem with giving and receiving love.

The way they themselves provide love and affection will not be appropriate for their partner; on the other hand, neither the way their partner provides love and affection will be appropriate for them.

In all of these, all these people genuinely love their partner and need to be loved all the time.

Emotional fulfillment and contentment, and where they constantly feel a kind of emptiness or lack, they can remain in the emotional relationship or marriage with the same person for the rest of their lives, but fail to reach the desired realization of acceptance and affirmation that they are loved.

That is, what we have to face in order to recognize the chance for change and use it.

Work Matters

Their tendency to show that they are cold, it could be manifest as cold in close relationships at work, and this is the most problematic aspect.

Therefore, the energy of a square can always be we will use it for personal advancement if we know how to deal with a given situation – it is not ok to be cold with your lover, but you can be with your co-workers.

In the case of Venus and Saturn, the solution is in Venus’ acceptance of the constraints and rules that are necessary to achieve a sustainable and lasting structure that embodies beauty and harmony – they often find their perfect jobs in these and similar industries.

They love to be neat, be able to dress up, wear clothes in matching shades, have a neat haircut and the like – they love to see all of this in others, and all that is related to fashion and beauty.

These standards, on the other hand, must not be too powerful, uniform and unchangeable.

It is a good idea that people who have this position to be the main part of a larger company, where they can show their own creativity and talent, but not in a way they can “wander” around, but in a way, they have some strict(er) form.


Such a square position is usually seen in a global sense, and for many of us, it feels like we are all waking up from a long dream. It seems that all of us are waking up and seeing things with our own eyes, not like they are imposed on us.

Astrologers are saying that while this aspect is active, all of us should have one thing on our minds -do not torture yourself in karmic relationships, bad emotional relationships. Love is happiness and joy, suffering is not considered love, and it is advisable for all of us should not cling to an energy-exhausting relationship of any kind.

If someone does not want you, wish him a happy journey and open up space for someone new. If you do not want someone, gather courage and cut all the ties and desires that you have related to that human being.

All of us should be able to write the end of his or her love story, and it just all depends on them whether the story has a happy end or not, and it all depends from that lover of ours. It can be right and wrong at certain times.

In some ways, this square position could bring you something that looks like a fairytale; it something that has a hidden lesson beneath the surface, that all of us should learn.

You know how all fairytales sound perfect, but in fact, all of them hide something valuable for all of us to learn, and the same analogy could be seen in a square position between the planet Venus and Saturn.

It is one thing to be obedient, the second to be untamed and the third to be trained- do not let you be either one of these things.

Be careful what (whom) you want because the Universe (the square position in this case) gives it – and if you have it do not be scared, and if you do not have it in your chart, but you can feel its effects, also of not be scared, it brings hidden gifts.


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