Virgo Ruling Planet

Some time ago, one research showed that the position of the planet at the time of birth could make an impact of what will we do in our life, in the sense of our careers. This study was carried out on more than 25,000 subjects, and it is proven that the choice of our interest is conditioned by the position and influence of the planet.

By systematic processing of these data, very important indicators were established, it was concluded that each professional organisation has its own planetary timer.

This just proves that besides the choice of our occupation, ruling planets affect of all us, in all other aspects of our lives.

Today we are looking into people who are born in the Zodiac sign Virgo, and therefore their ruling planet is Mercury, the same planet that rules Gemini Zodiac sign.

It is a well-known fact that the Mercury planet is moving really fast and that those who are ruled by this planet are well communicators, like Gemini people, or they are amazing when it comes to collecting information, like Virgo people. They use the information and organisation of Mercury planet, and they control their world and realise hierarchies that only they understand.

Read more about this Zodiac sign, and their ruling planet, the Mercury and its impact that has on the Virgo people.

Good Influence

As we have previously said in the preceding section where we dealt with some general aspects, Virgo people are in a constant search for information and have an attention to detail(no other Zodiac sign has this kind of characteristics, they are unique in this way).

These people are very dedicated to serving others, but not in some way that they will let anyone rule them, but something else, they will give the amount they believe you need, not that you believe you should receive from them.

Virgo people have a deep sense of humanity that makes them the most people with the systematic approach to their life ensures that nothing is left to the case.

These human beings strive for security and safety, and in this sense, all of their actions are directed to this; they are gentle but cautious; the first step in the back is to analyse things thoroughly and only then move forward. Without this step, they cannot work well, and will never give the best of them.

Some people say that the Virgos are conservative and that they love organised things, they depend on them – this is 100 per cent true, and we are not saying this in a bad way.

Even if some representatives of this sign, because of the fast paste movement of the Mercury planet lose some arrangement, these human beings still have their goals and dreams are placed in strictly determined places.

You can learn so much from Virgos, and they are the people who will gladly share their knowledge with others. They are amazing in explaining and teaching others, they can be strict at times, but they are undoubtedly dedicated and fair.

Since Mercury is the dominant planet of the Virgo people, they genuinely have a well-developed sense of speaking and writing, as well as for all other forms of communication (maybe not so openly, like Gemini people that are also under the Mercury rule).

Bad Influence

Those who belong to Mercury, Virgo people are dedicated to noticing every detail, but sometimes they can be boring, and overly extensive that can drown everything around.

Virgo humans want to be informed and love socialising, or they go to another extreme and retreat into themselves. It is not easy to be their friend, since all Virgos(many of them are not aware of it) have high standards for themselves and also for others, and those others cannot achieve those expectations.

They are known to be critical, but when they should be self-critical, these people can be hardly critical of their account -every criticism that comes in their direction, even if it is funny and not hurtful, they do not want to accept it, and will never forgive those people. Virgos would never be able to accept others criticism, even that that comes from their loved ones, even if that criticism has the best possible intention.

Even worse, these Mercury children often suppress emotions and are prone to various fears about their lives, so they often stay away from many forms of socialising and entertaining, even if they would want to be a part of those activities.

In the practical example, this means that Virgo people madly fall in love in some, but will never have the courage to start something because they are afraid that they will be hurt, so they will instead spend their lives wanting and desiring from the side.

In worst cases, human beings that belong to the Virgo Zodiac sign, and who are under the impact that comes from Mercury can be prone to rage and nervousness attacks – they transform into beasts so that they could not be recognised.

Once again, the trigger for such behavior is criticism or fear that they cannot process in some mature manner.

Influence in Love

When it comes to feelings and love, along with the interpersonal relations in general, and we spoke about this many times now, about the fact that Virgos hide their feelings, and often are afraid from beings with someone who will discover their flaws and insecurities.

These people would rather stay single, or in casual love relationships, that to enter bravely in something that may put them out of their comfort zone.

So it is significant for Virgo people to feel desirable by his partner; they love foreplay with a lot of care – and maybe the best case scenario is when these human beings are seduced and when they do not have to make the first move.

They are tactile humans who just need to be open by the lover who will treat them as the most precious treasure, and inside of them, there is a  great desire to last as long as necessary make them excellent lovers.

Even though they are not prone to direct statements of love, above all, they want to feel safe and adored as much as it is humanly possible. If they do not have it, be sure that Virgos will use every possible opportunity to criticise their lovers and love in general. In this sense, they are the worst imaginable lovers

So, we can conclude that the Virgo people love to be in stable connections, rather than having many partners for a short period. They choose love partners by how much they feel they are essential and necessary in their life, and this process of selection is slow and with many details included.

They are dedicated partners who from time to time, love challenges, even if this can come as a surprise, this is just a phase, not their regular behavior in love.

Influence in other issues

They are capable of reaching the core of every chaotic situation and reject everything that is unnecessary in someone’s speech or expression – in fact, and it is said that Mercury gives them skill in words.

These people are often misinterpreted – and the fact is that Mercury is the planet of learning, so they look like they are experiencing everything for the first time. These human beings are using life to reveal it, although they look innocent, they are not – Virgo’s ruling planet Mercury allows them to have a real insight in life, with all negative and positive aspects.

So, Virgo people are oriented toward analysing and detailed processes, and all that to have some amount of convenience.

Intelligent and prone to science, these Mercury children will always know how to come to the core of the problem – with the extremely methodical approach. They are good at all jobs that require good organisation, and they are every employer dream worker; if they want something to work properly, hire a Virgo.

When focusing on a task, they will give their maximum to perfect it, this is also the cause of all problems that may come from that obsessive need to be perfect, but they cannot help themselves.

They will often turn books and acquire new knowledge to improve their talent, even if they have just one talent.

As far as money goes, people who are under the Mercury rule are excellent in the distribution and spending of money, and they generally pay great attention to what they will spend and will always try to save as much as possible. What sets them apart from others is the fact that they plan everything in advance, and when it comes to buying, they are not inclined to spend too much.


To sum up, this story, we will remind you that Mercury is the planet that refers to the intellect, communication, speech, writing, travel, and children.

In the Gemini sign, it is said that Mercury expresses its air qualities, which is the instability, but also the speed of thought. With the Virgo sign, this fiery planet contributes great memory power and perfect memory to the smallest detail.

It is the nature of the earthly Mercury that rules a virgin. It is a shame that when he moves into challenging aspects, he loses himself and swings in small things so he cannot see the wood from the tree.

A perfectionist of exceptional intelligence can create exceptional works, but only if he does not get into unimportant things. Its cycle is the same as that described under the Gemini Zodiac sign, but this nature is more grounded and concrete in its actions, words and desires.


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