Mountain – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

In a general symbolical system, the motive Mountain as a symbol takes one very relevant place, and if would like to connect it with a personal path, we would say that it represents a “holy trial” or a test – here we are talking about the Mountain that you should climb on, and it can be small or big, scary or beautiful, and all of this shows your relation to the challenge in life that you have.

It shows your personality, and the natural ability to deal with life itself, because we can all agree that life is a challenge, but it does not have to be a scary one. We could enjoy it.

The question is, does the Mountain obtain the same symbolical value in a case where it is the dream motive, in whatever scenario? Yes, it does, and much more than that.

In a dream world, the Mountain takes an even bigger role, and what is that read in the article and apply that knowledge to your life.

The Meaning of a Dream about the Mountain

If you see a mountain in a dream, it indicates a change that you want to achieve in life, and it’s something that you strive for in life – it does not have to be connected to just one aspect of your life, it can be a process of finding a general purpose in life, a path that you will take in the near future.

It is possible that you will start bolder move in your career, or you will pursuit in your life and learning the things you need for a job, which will very quickly result in promotion.

You will have to neglect other aspects that will not be a problem for you because you are neither desirous nor denied anything. But, the results will be great, and you will enjoy it when you climb on that “mountain top”.

If you are climbing a mountain in a dream, it implies that you will travel by force somewhere, it could be a journey that you do not want to take, but you will have to take.

It may be that you will want a loved one to do the service and embark on a journey with her that you are not thrilled about at all.

This is not how you imagine the fun, but you will have to refrain from negative comments and try to draw something useful from that experience – this is the main aspect, and this is not a dream that carries bad meaning.

On the contrary, this dream represents the journey that you must take, even if you cannot see the bigger picture.

But in the end, everything will pay off, and you will be amazed at how all turn out in your life.

Sometimes we have to take some steps that seem hard or unnecessary for us, but it is all for our benefit.

When you come down from a mountain in a dream, it indicates that you will make your life easier – such a dream means that you have already done the hard part in your life and that now that part of life is over.

From this point, things are going to be much easier. In its alternate version, this is the dream that shows your character – it shows that you are a very ambitious person who achieved almost everything she or he wanted, but over time you will get tired and start to appreciate some other values.

You will realize that new things, unrelated to your job, would make you much happier and regain the enthusiasm you lost – the best news is that for example, if you had neglected your family, now you will find the time for them. Or, if you had dedicated your time to family, now you can improve your career.

In the version of the dream about the Mountain you see the Mountain that is in the mist, such a dream comes to your life as a warning that uncertainty awaits you, but you do not have to fear because of it, such a dream can show you that from it you can grow.

Probably many things in your life have not come into place that makes you lose hope and become impatient – but do not do that, try to become more open to a possibility that everything will be great. You have a hard time coping with the consequences of making the wrong decisions that are just about to come.

At the end, when you see a Mountain in a dream and you are taking your path slowly, and you are making long breaks, such a dream means that you need rest. It is possible that in the previous period you have overfed, which is why you can hardly wait to take days off and go in an unknown direction.

You just want to sleep and recreate to gather strength for new work wins – and this is ok, even if you neglect this need inside of you, it is still present, and it finds its release in dreams, take this warning seriously, and take a necessary break. It would not hurt for you to restore the necessary energy and make better results than ever before.

The Symbolism of a Dream about the Mountain

The terminal goal of the symbolism of the Mountain is to encourage the person to look at the world around them. They require reverence. They describe the components of our life adventure that we must go within and that we should strive for.

It is necessary to recognize that a dream is just a tool to appreciate your own presentiment better. The construction of this representation depends on our particular vision and individual associations.

But we must say that even if we want to look at the specific meaning of this dream for you.

In a symbolical sense, this is the dream that asks us to change something our lives, and according to the look of the Mountain itself, you will know what your relation to the process of a change is.

Do you need it, and how you can use it for your personal growth – in whatever direction you prefer?

If the Mountain in your dream is huge, in that case, you would want to use the change (or you need a change) for the purpose of protection.

If the Mountain is almost like the temple where you intend to go so that you could pray there, it is the symbol of the higher consciousness that you are trying to achieve in life, in the current moment.

If the Mountain from your dream is small, but you still have to get there, or someone visits you there, such a dream signifies that you are the person who needs shelter from the daily routines that are causing you stress.

If you are in a dream approaching to the row of Mountains and you are passing it one by one, such a dream symbolizes your awareness that you need to take one step at the time so that you can make it. They are almost like milestones for you.

If you are flying over the Mountain in a dream, it suggests that you must have a change in mindset or that you must change your goals and dreams, and set a new standard for yourself.

In case when a Mountain in your dream is ugly, and it cannot be approached, such a dream symbolizes that you are the person who has rigid views of life and who is struggling to take challenges in life.

If the Mountain from your dream is beautifully almost unrealistic, you are in reality, a person who is capable of creative, almost abstract thinking.

In some ways, this is the dream that has to teach you to become a person who makes his way by using persistence when necessary, and who is able to transform when needed.

Do I have to be worried?

Do not be worried, just accept the fact that the change is one aspect of your life that is the representation of the life itself – change is something natural, and be sure about it.

The Mountain in a dream summons us to awake above our daily cycle and make something different in your life.

Depicted in a dream, the Mountain can be seen as the token that we must look surpassing ourselves to find direction, power and potential for conversion.

To move ahead, one must be knowledgeable of their presentation and be ready to change their reasoning guide.

So, if you are not afraid of the change, the Mountain as the symbol of a change are most commonly call to transform the subjective representation that you live by currently, at this moment in time.

What to do if I had this dream?

All in all, the dream about the Mountain cane be magnificent and life-changing, but it could be scary and confusing – it has various symbolic functions and is very important when they appear in a dream world.

They can signify the need to master difficulties, the examination of patience, confronting our weaknesses, protecting ourselves from danger, decreasing our self-esteem, and recovering us to rise above worldly things.

Mentally, they are present in our dream is to remind a person who dreams that you are only a small part of a tremendous quantity of the Universe.

Their nearness continually warns us that our journey requires enthusiasm, consecration and continuation. In the occasion, they are signifiers of development and great appeal.


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