Leo Ruling Planet

Due to the daily rotation of the planet that we live in, the planet Earth, around its axis, planets, like the Sun, appear in the east, climbs until they reach the highest position – the point of culmination, and then they go back and “tilt” to the west.

This is their daily movement, so we have not an only solar and lunar movement, but also ones that come from Mars, Mercury, Venus, and other planets. Nothing stands still in the Universe, and so everything is connected to movement.

In today’s case, we are dealing with the ruling planet for the Zodiac sign, Leo – and it is the planet, or object, the Sun. This is the planet that takes the central stage in our solar system, and if we would look at things from this perspective, we could also say that people who are under its rule, in Astrological sense, also have the need to take the central stage in the world, and if you look at the statistics of the Leos in the world, you will be able to see that many extremely famous and popular people belong to this sign.

We must say that the Sun is the largest star in the system; in Astrology, it is the symbol of ambition, pride, sincerity, kindness, and rule at the same time.

It is said that many Leo, because of the Sun share these traits – arrogance, authority, brilliant mind, bombastic appearance.

Read more about the Leo people are their ruling planet, the almighty Sun, and what this means in some practical sense.

Good Influence

The Sun visits the same position every year – and so, the Sun is used as a basis for calendars and timing in general among people, so you could imagine the significance that Sun has in the human world, but what is more interesting is that people whose Zodiac sign is connected to it, also exhibit a similar trait. Or to say it clearly, it shows their need to be significant among others. And as far as Leo sign is in question, we must say that people who belong to it have a great image of themselves, a strong personality and are very fierce.

Everyone must be aware that Leo people are present all the time, and they must be all the time in the centre of attention. A good reason for the attraction is a keyword for a dramatic, creative and social personality that these people show – and this is not just reserved for one part of their lives, but for all, they have very noticeable personalities. Just like a Sun, you cannot escape it, and it is there.

They are fiery and self-confident, extremely difficult to resist; even more, they will make a lot of things good either being a busy job or a time spent with friends and family. They are ambitious and do not shy away from showing it all the time – they see this as their advantage in life, not a flaw. They are ready to use the mind to solve the most complicated problems and take the initiative to solve various tangled situations – they see it as a way to get the best out.  So confident and attractive, Leos can unite more groups of people at every opportunity.

Leo people are fierce and love life above all things, along the way, these people expect to have a good time.

Since their ruler is the Sun, therefore, they worship it since it can be seen as the metaphorical expression of the state of the ego. And his could be seen as healthy on the one hand, because he easily searches for what they need.

In the end, Leo people are blessed with the specific power and status of the “king” – when they love, they are very generous and loyal.

Bad Influence

On the other side of the same story, it is problematic when Leo people ignore the problems and needs of others in order to fulfill their desires. People born in this sign are under the impact of the Sun and they must be aware of their surroundings, or they will fall into negativity and destruction.

As you all know, people who like to be in the centre of attention are very theatrical, and often doing damaging things to draw attention to yourself. They like to be at the centre of attention and just do not pretend to be unnoticed.

It is one thing that they are curious, educated, and like to dominate, but they often exaggerate – they are bragging and are prone to childish behavior.

The fact is that Leo people know to put some mask, and all because they are afraid of the mockery of the environment, and things get even worse in times when they are helping others just to show how others cannot live without them.

Although they are ambitious, they can be lazy and prone to the envy of the more successful people.

In the end, Leo people, besides all of their good traits, are that they are arrogant, stubborn and prone to inflexibility, egocentricity, and even laziness. This last one comes as a consequence of their inner ambition and nothing more and they sometimes forget that they need to work hard and never give up. It is not enough that they see themselves as winners, but they need to become that.

Influence in Love

There is no doubt that the persons who are Suns children are passionate and sincere in their feelings. When it comes to sensual pleasures, their lovers can expect that these people are adventurers, fun and very energetic.

One thing must also be said – in their lives, and there is no clearly defined boundary between sex and love.  They choose lovers according to their willingness to give them a leadership position, to shine with full shine and to be independent.

Their lovers should be intellectually related to them in order to make the connection successful. The Leo people are loyal, entertaining and very generous to their partner.

As companions and friends, they are also faithful and loyal friends. They will try to help even if it takes more time and energy, and they can be surprising people who are ready to sacrifice for those who they love.

Influence in other issues

Sun brings in their lives clarity, strong principles, dignity, need for rule and domination, royal approach to all things that surround them. Astrologers often say that if the transit the Sun is challenging, it will be harder for them, but they are most sensitive to the eclipses of the Sun, because then their ruler is without shine, and they are as if without life.

Under the strong impact that comes from their ruling planet, the Sun, people who belong to the sing Leo are strong and reliable, and they are blessed with the ability to do whatever they want, as long as these human beings can be happy while doing it, or they can monetize it.

Some describe these beings are humble and gracious human beings who enjoy the role of host of any celebration and event.

In their jobs, Leo people are seen as the executors, and they are described as people who have a strong will to make things happen. There is a lot of energy packed in Leo people, and that power strives to be always busy, no matter what happens around them. They are ambitious, creative and full of optimism – it is not just ok to do some job, they will do it absolutely the best they can. Once dedicated to something, they will do everything, but the main thing is that they never stop being bosses.

Everything that puts Leos in the leading position naturally suits them – management, teaching and politics, acting and entertainment, and anything that has to do with the public appearance.

Leo people like to be surrounded by modern and trendy things, they money and luxury, and they are prone to spending a lot of money fast. But on the other side of this story, Leos are extremely generous, and they will give the last money to help a friend. They are sure that money will always be available for them, and it will usually be – but it is not a bad idea to save it sometimes.


Although the Sun is a star, its position in the natal chart and the location in a zodiac sign is of great importance to each individual – we all know that the Sun is the Provider of life.

What interests us the fact that the Zodiac sign that is determined by the position of the Sun is Zodiac sign, Leo. The Sun stimulates, feeds the ego and casts light on nature and character, and in the horoscope, it is also associated with an attitude towards father and, in general, the way you treat men (or you are treated by them).

The Moon, on the other side, is connected to women and in general with the female energy and principles.

The Sun is a planet that, astrologically speaking, talks about the power of our character, the organization’s abilities, the need to hear something about us and strives to celebrate the symbolism of the sign in which it is.

If the Sun is in a suitable position in the natal chart, those people feel well in their own skin and are confident in their abilities. Also, the Sun represents inner self, personality and ego.

So, Leo people are at a high level of self-awareness and show the degree of ambition, the need to prove in the field of careers.


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