Venus Square Jupiter Synastry

Even if know that the square position could be very problematic in some way, and brings numerous challenges, we can also say that in the case where Venus and Jupiter and positioned in this way, things are not as bad as it seems.

In some way, astrologers say that these two planets love each other, and they could bring so good in the lives of the people who have it in their natal charts. And even for the rest of use, when we know that this aspect is active, we can use all that it gives and make something beneficial.

They can provide such a good and prosperous combination in synastry since both of them, or combined allow people to love, to want to be loved, they bring generous nature and ability to value love and youth, along with the beauty.

As long as people do not start exaggerating with everything that these planets bring to us, then problems of different kinds will arise, and we will have a problematic time in dealing with those problems.

General Characteristics

So, as we said these planets go well together, and in this case the planet Venus is the one that matches very well into the Jupiter’s noble generosity, reputation and splendor, and Jupiter her (Venuses) beauty and youth.

On the other side, we must say that still, this is the square position, and as such it puts these two planets into the conflicting relationship of morals and desires, Eros and freedom, juvenility and experience, revolution and practices, but if they are able to find some sort of balance, then their relationship, and therefore the relationship of all people who are under their impact could have a relationship that makes sense.

What is even more important is that this square is able to bring the lessons that ultimately matter to us in life, those that we have gained only through experience and excellent enhancement in love.

This is something that all of us need, and all of us should have once in a lifetime. These are those experiences that will help us grow in the right way, emotionally and spiritually.

Some of the famous examples of people that have this position in their charts are  Thomas Edison, Bobby Fischer, George Grosz, Michael Crichton, Dolly Parton, Gustave Courbet, Larry King, Boy George, John Frawley, Andreas Vesalius, Princess Margaret, Nancy Spungen and Wilt Chamberlain. For sure, take a look at lives (especially love lives) of these famous examples.

Good Traits

This is one combination that has so many good aspects, even if this is a square position that by default brings challenges and difficulties – these people are very sensitive, emotional and intuitive, they usually have some talent for dancing, music, creation of some kind, even if such creation is not their work, they could still enjoy.

People with this position often have a “sense” of doing something, without knowing it; they do at their own preference because it gives them a chance to be innovative and diverse.

They enjoy accessories, decorations and a festive atmosphere, and if you want to say it simply, they are those who know how to enjoy life and all that it brings, there is so much beauty in the world, and they can see it.

Bad Traits

Whenever you see the exaggeration (like in this square position) you know that it can bring so many challenges – these are the people who never have enough in life, and they nurture an overstated hunger for life, erotica, and euphoric extravagance, so these are the people who are misbehaving, these are all wild at heart and eternally young, always ready for the party and a lot of fun.

This is certainly an aspect that gives so much more at a young age than later, a remarkable appetite, and some say that “opportunities are almost worth the disaster” as you watch them roam, torn between desires and freedom and love and society, this is a risk, sometimes and the near-dead adventure that those crazy blackness’s bring, but from which friends saved them.

They often have friendships that do not last, as well as the love that does not last – but which are remembered, because at the time we liked so full of desire, passion, ready to surrender to each moment, impulsively.

Impulsiveness is also something that these people have abundantly, and they remain forever those “youngsters” with the poor psyche, an elusive look that still looks for something and is scared not to miss.

Thirst for another kiss, another drink, one more and one more and they pray that the joy they feel does not stop. And all of this is ok, as long as they do not miss out to grow and mature in life; if they do not succeed, then they fail miserably in every aspect of their lives.

Love Matters

Emotional setbacks are normal when it comes to this position in the natal charts – they often act crazy in love when they need to act like someone who is stable and mature.

They often lose their idea of love in all that sea of opportunities that they are scared to miss out so when the planet Venus makes a “square” or bad aspect to Jupiter, the planet of happiness, they feel that the happiness in love is leaving them, and they are often afraid that they will end up alone in life, and that they will never find a true love.

On the other side, we also must say that this is the aspect that pronounces the need for freedom, but often at the expense of partners and relationships. This is an aspect of long-distance relationships and the love that waits. An ideal love for them is one in which it is possible to express all their freedom, even if it is meant to be with another person.

People with this aspect are afraid of rejection but never talk about it openly, and they even hide it. They often feel better and prefer a partner when he or she is away than when he or she is present.

In the square of Venus and Jupiter occupies unwarranted optimism and the need to enjoy it even beyond its own borders, and these are the people who have in them a certain aspect of naivety and a great stake in the things that matter, whether it’s relationships, friendships or work.

People with this aspect are trying too hard to be loved and accepted, so they enter into relationships with the belief that persons will change or seek to return a relationship to the “old” even though it changed a long time ago.

In some cases, these are the people who show a great sign of ego, and they have a mantra that they must be the first, those that are ready to do whatever it takes to be in front and centre of the event, in this case of love connection.

If they are able to mature enough, they could take the lead and take the initiative, but there is a dose of discomfort since emotions can definitely get in the way of many realizations.

Even if their feelings are under control, they are prone to having an emotional breakdown often, so they need a firm lover who can handle them in these times.

Work Matters

They are the people with many talents, but there is usually something in their past along with unreliability, that can definitely stop progress at work, regardless of their great talent.

Often they can hardly give something new, let alone get it. This aspect, when manifested on a business plan, is usually in the form of an eruption -, especially at work. And this could mean that they are able to have an outburst of creativity and power, and on the other side, they can have the outburst of misery, and failure.

The good news is that even when people seem to be jealous of your success, they will know exactly what to do – they will manage. If they stay calm, peaceful and strong, and don’t avoid meeting their opponents.

This means that they must go face to face in chaotic situations even though you have a conflict with commanding people, authorities.

A good side is that they can manage even in uncomfortable situations or in an environment that is demanding; they can simply take the lead.

Someone has to be an adult in situations where there is no boss – and that someone can be them if they want it.

Another side of this aspect between Venus and Jupiter is the side where there is a prediction that those who have it will lose money, and we mean a lot of money.

But, the other possibility is there – on the contrary, money is possible – rather it is a type of social aspect and relationships between people and some situations where one has to take responsibility.


When you find out that this aspect is active, and that it affects all of us, you should know that our behavior in love and partnership depends a lot on the current emotional state, security and self-esteem (we are speaking more about this part of life since synastry is always connected to someone else horoscope, someone who is in some kind of a relationship with us).

So if a person feels disappointed, unloved, rejected, Venus will behave like that, they will not have too much hearing for loved ones. It can go to the other extreme and be very cold, reserved, easily allowing the position of a victim.

In a negative note, this square is seen in the lives of the people, where they became dependent on other people, they easily absorb other people’s emotions and quickly falls under the influence of the environment.

In terms of possible challenges, this Venus can be very suggestive without setting a clear boundary between whom I am and who we are, so their mindset is never clear.

But, this square can also bring a lot of inspiration and creativity, so this time is generally good for creating, learning new things and remodeling things. Do not let to be pulled by the past, and start making things from a present perspective.

For some, it could bring the beauty of movement, positive thoughts, beautiful words, changing habits and confidence, along with the inspiration, dreams, high expectations and emphasized intuition, and love is idealized in this case.

People must know that this square gives the opportunity for great inspiration and creative freedom, but also a rebellion in love at all costs, where personal freedom is valued more than a partner’s.

These individuals (who have this square in their natal charts) often have the attitude that they need a friend, not a partner, and often stay with former partners in a friendly relationship.

However, a square of Venus with Jupiter can bring tension, so it is not the case that loves results from friendship and vice versa.

If we are not careful in reading the signal, your high expectations will lead to a love shipwreck. But if you use the gentle energy of Venus to be especially considerate of others, a beautiful gift for you comes, and here we could apply that one saying – the one who gives most is not the one who expects anything in return. And you should expect abundance in all aspects of your life. Take it.


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