Venus Sextile Neptune

So many inspiring pieces have been written on this topic about the position of the Venus planet and its impact on the natal chart, and there are so many reasons why this is the case.

It is no wonder why Venus in the sextile with the planet Neptune draws so much attention because in some way it is the lesson that you should learn and it speaks of the heart as the core of the meaning of this aspect.

The planet Venus that is connected to the ideal of purity and it could be represented by the innocence, but in some cases, it could speak of something that is far from this idea.

Venus is the symbol of the romantic, handsome, platonic love that is represented by the perfection of being and commitment to one being.

Here, in this sextile, this amazing planet is associated with the mysterious planet that goes by the name Neptune.

Try to envision this astrological marriage – where Venus is attached to the ideas of phantasy, dreams, and imagination?

General Characteristics

Astrologically, this sextile is represented by the forces of Neptune – and here there is ecstasy, idealization, deception, sacrifice, reduction in the name of ideals, hiding, falling into imagination, and “belonging to the unconditional spirit” and “finding the ideal soul mate”. And you can imagine what does this aspect does when it is connected to the planet of love, Venus.

Here, in this sextile, or the people who have this position in their charts, we could see a crazy amount of seduction by sight or presence.

But, have one thing in mind also, here Venus is connected to Neptune that is also the one who disappears, goes in tears, leaves or is left behind.

So, things are not as perfect as you could imagine, but there is a passion for sure, and maybe the most problematic part is where Neptune gives that idea of idealization and unrealistic expectation.

In their lives, we can see also the idea of illusion and ability of supernatural beings to take a material form, to change appearance in their own volition, and to influence the real emotion of a person exposed to its effect. So, again, we’re talking about Neptune. Everything is subtle, in the ether, without physical contact, at least to begin with.

Any association on this planet that governs desires, libido, fire, bodily contact, and intercourse will not be well received by Neptune – take a good look at the biographies of these famous examples that have this aspect in their charts, you will be able for sure to find these ideas.

Some of the famous people who are blessed with this planetary aspect in their natal charts are Justin Bieber, Joan Crawford, Donna Summer,  Jeremy Irons, Benito Mussolini, Beyonce, King Louis XVI of France and Heinrich Himmler.

Good Traits

These people are very well aware that they are not sinful because they love to love, they enjoy all pleasure of life (some may be too much), and they are all about love and everything they do in the flame of lust.

This path of lust is what others cannot fully understand, but they cannot fully control their desires – firmly believing that this is the path of growth and development. And in reality, this turned out to be true, because they truly could use their ability to love to make something magical out of their lives.

These are the people who love to love, they love everything that is connected with the beauty, and love, passion, seduction and care of another being; but at the same time all of this connected to the imagination and phantasy.

Imagine how many good things they can create with their imagination and a positive attitude toward love, how much good they can do with it; it is just up to them, will they make their talents and gifts worthy.

One very important aspect of their personality is spirituality, and it is the part of their system; we would say that it is a good thing to have it since it can be their guiding light in the moments of darkness. And they have these moments at times; it is just how strong and dedicated they can be to rise above it.

Bad Traits

It is true that we cannot live in the way that we indulge everything we want in life, and this is also true for the people who have this aspect and whose lives are filled with desires.

So, the biggest problem is when they are trying to control their inner needs and desires; and they could be very lost when they are trying to find a balance between control and desire or action; this is the moment when they are failing in life, especially in love life. Their minds and souls are dedicated more toward phantasy, and this is the reason why they are often so lost in the real world.

Often, solitude and loneliness is a part of their journey, since they are not able to be with someone just because, there are many conditions to be met before they give their hearts to someone.

They would rather be alone than settle for something “small”, and this is a sure way of how they miss out on life.

People who have such a relationship between Venus and Neptune can suffer from oversensitivity, which is why they cannot resist many external challenges and internal impulses that are tormenting them.

Unconscious and uncontrollable influences that they have can bring a disturbance to the sensory sphere and the love life, and the search for the ideal lasts while they are alive.

Love Matters

Do these people live their lives in a way that they do not let the world to close the door to romanticism, longing, ideals? Hardly, they live to have this in their lives, and this is the aspect that carries the greatest importance for them.

Here, because of the sextile that is formed between Venus and Neptune, we get to see one amazing gradation of love, sense, emotion and ecstasy (that comes from the planet Neptune).

In other words, in their lives, there must be attractiveness, liking, and establishing an emotional exchange, bonding, trusting, and finally, completely unconditional surrender to another being.

This is their goal; this is their idea of how they want to live, but this kind of idealistic behavior is sometimes not rooted in reality.

They know, or they come to this knowledge that love is a combination of multiple emotions, intertwined with a strong attachment and attachment to a person.

We will return in a few lines, to the very aspect of Venus towards Neptune, and to explain what the aspect between these planets means, at the moment when you are truly alone and at the moment when you met someone.

As we have said, they can have a problematic nature, and this makes their love life to be somewhat troublesome, because, in love relationships, the image of reality becomes distorted and idealized to the end, so it persists unsuccessfully on what does not exist in reality.

These people need someone successful, and someone accomplished someone persistent, often older, maybe a little mysterious, hidden but creative, imaginative, spiritual.

Work Matters

In general, considering this aspect, the relationship between Venus and Neptune is not the happiest, whichever aspect you consider, but we cannot say that this aspect does not have any potential.

It does and even it can indicate some emotional weakness, excessive sentimentality and a fall into ecstasy, it can produce such a creative and wonderful soul that can work well in any creative work they want or have a talent for.

Undoubtedly, the greatest artists, among other things, have an aspect of Venus and Neptune, whatever it may be.


Let us speak of these two planets in general, and speak more of the fact that whatever aspect connects these two, must be supported by another “more solid” planet in order to manifest and materialize to the end.

By itself, it doesn’t mean anything important, and this sextile does not make any out of its potentials. But, if they do, then things are drastically different.

Here the dream about the ideal of love – one is the planet Neptune, and other is the planet, Venus. And as you know, this dream must have some healthy basis that is necessary if this dream is achievable here on earth.

You need to put some effort into your dream so they can become a reality, phantasy is not enough.

So, if you are aware that this planetary aspect is active in your life, or on a general level, you should look for emotions and beauty. This should be your goal, and you should be looking for beauty, harmony and goodness in things that are surrounding you.

If you manage to do so, then all of your life will make much more sense, and you will attract more and more beauty and love.

You will have the chance to surround yourself with beauty, and harmony and even you know that this is very short.

Still, the pleasant aspect will bring creativity and imagination to your life, and the imagination can do anything.

Advice for all of you us to relax and enjoy, even if you know that there will be time to worry too, but try to overcome them.

Now is the time when your sense of sight will be sharpened,  take pictures with your thoughts, with one thought in mind that everything that you once dreamed can now become (with a little effort) a reality!

Your hobbies, like music and art, will bring you the necessary inspiration, and the ways that you can please yourself, are numerous.

The sextile between these two planets give you the opportunity, and it is up to you to recognize this energy, “grab it”, relax and immerse yourself in what makes you happy.

For those who have this aspect, this is the ideal time to spend time with people you love, or this time is a chance to find what you have been lacking, and there is an opportunity to meet souls that will complete you.

Have in mind that the planet Venus is the goddess of love, beauty, pleasure, and related to people it is considered to be the ruler of a heart that shows our readiness to give and receive, the so-called little happiness in a beautiful aspect with Neptune that brings us universal love, spirituality, love and beauty that is not material, inspiration, a world of imagination and dreams, escape from reality.

So, if everything else is aligned in a good way, then this sextile could only beings good. Use it.

This is the aspect that brings the need for lasting love, its reliability, and safety is important to it and faithfulness, approaching close relationships in a serious way.


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