1155 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

Sometimes the simplest wishes are those that have the most meaning, and sometimes we feel that the Universe has heard our call and that the answer will arrive faster than we could ever expect to come. Sometimes people call Angels for help in most interesting ways, even if they are not aware that they are doing so – people do this just for the sake of being in peace, and finding peace in their lives.

Sometimes people just pray to some Higher Force, and ask from it to find something true in life, like love, and believe us Angels hear this call. And only if you look at the sky, or you find yourself at peace and silence – the Light beings are hearing you, and you can find yourself in many ways of communicating with them, and one of those ways is Angel numerology in general.

Angels even if they are not physically present in our world, they are here, present all the time, since the beginning of time, with one particular task to help us in a particular state of crisis or have been present for a more extended period of time to help people more directly.

It often happens that when we are in a state of stress or in a hurry, we do not register what the state of internal noise tells us. Angelic numerical arrays, therefore, represent the codes of communication between you and them.

As you know, they genuinely communicate with us in so many different ways, but numbers might be the most common and usual, it is the tool that we continually register. In the following text, we will help you discover what does Angel number 1155 has to say to you, what kind of information you are about to hear from Angel Realm.

Angel number 1155 General meaning

Of course, we need to find out what kind of character you have, as you are the chosen person to receive this particular message that comes in the world of humans under the number 1155. This is one extraordinary number, and we will look at it as such a unique number, that carries interesting and Divine vibrations on people who are under its influence.

So, you as the person who is marked by 1155 is a person who has many talents that can be directed either for good or for evil -you have a free will, so you will choose what the force that rules your life will be.

In any case, you can go to the limit and be known or hated, according to which path you choose. You are interested in the affairs and troubles of others in some general meaning, and you are in a position to sympathise with them, and if you want even help them, and not many people have this opportunity in life.

But we must say that this is not mandatory to choose, you might choose completely another way of life. This can be a dominant dilemma for you, and occasionally you can impose it on others, sometimes this is not such a good idea. This is definitely an issue that you need to deal with, in the best possible way.

If we look at some other aspects of life, you can be called a person who is very energetic, but you also need extra stimuli to get the best out of yourself. You are the person who needs to be motivated to do well, even if you are the person who knows what to do and where to go in life, but you do not always make the right choice.

You also have prominent spiritual lines, but you do not allow them to express themselves freely, since you are a very practical person who can be persistent in beliefs and views in life, and in your interests, you have a width. The independence of opinion, but also the work is beautiful, although this is not so impressive if it is not pointed into the right direction.

Once again we are speaking about choices and no matter what kind of Divine path we may have in front of Us, we may never walk on that path; and this why, for every human being, even for those who are like you, endowed with many Divine blessings, Angel intervention is mandatory.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

As you can see for yourself, the two main ingredients in this numerical sequence are numbers 11 and 55, and all strength comes from these two vibrations.

Number 11 is one clear passage towards Angels or the Divine Realm, they are speaking directly to you, and the main symbol of the 11 is that it points to a state of calmness and confidence, and this is always a part of a message that is fundamental.

Number 1, and so number 11 always point to things that are fundamental and spiritual, and this message has all of these elements in it.

Another part of the numerical sequence 1155 is the other dominant aspect, or number 55, and we all know already that the number 5, in general, carry the vibration of a dynamic change.

If number 5 is in any way a part of any message, it signifies that a person who has this number is either going through a major and significant change in life or that that change is about to come in your life.

This can also be a signal that the change is still being made, so prepare for it, but now.

Number 1155 in Love

Angel number 1155 teach you that life in our Universe comes in many different forms and shapes, and we all can accept it in a different way, but one thing that connects all those ways is that Love indeed opens the doors where you do not expect it. It moves the walls and mountains, and this is not just an imaginary Love or Love that we hear in the poem, it is Love seen as the Divine Force that rules our lives, and it is the essence in our lives.

To give up Divine Love is to give up the core of being, and if this happens we lose our humanity, and we stop to exits as human beings. Do not seek her (Divine Love) further from her heart because she lives right here. When it is closed, it seems to you that you live in a world without love and no face reflects joy, and every Angel message, including this one, speaks of this.

When it’s open(heart and soul), almost as if all the streets of the Universe is smiling, Divine source is in you, and you are wrong when you are angry with others who do not like you. Does not nurture negative feelings, cause then you is sending these vibrations into the Universe, and this energy fires back as a boomerang.

Because they are just a reflection of your closed heart, open it, be happy and suddenly you will feel with every your sense, how much God loves you, love will help you reach your Divine embrace! She’s there, in front of your door, waiting patiently – message 1155 speaks of the opportunity to have an open door for Love, without any fear and discomfort.

Vibration 55 shows this amazing opportunity and 11 shows that times have come for that Love to become the part of your life truly, and to stay there, forever. Then, and only then, state of true happiness is possible and achievable.

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Amazing Facts about Number 1155

If we want to look deeply about the meaning that number 1155 so that we can learn what Angels are genuinely saying to people who accept this message, we need to explore even more aspects. One of them is an entrance into the additional dimension, and we can reach it by examing the sum vibration of the numerical sequence 1155.

We come to the number 66/ or 6. First, we will say that this number is sometimes called imperfect and unlucky, but this is not the case here, even if this number can be a warning to all negative or unlucky, or imperfect traits in a human character.

Some say that number 6 points to a direction towards materialism, and earthly pleasures that many people love to have in their lives, but every time you go overboard it comes to a problem (this could be a part of Angelic warning, when number 6 is present, even indirectly).

So, every time number 6/66 appears in a certain numerological sequence, like in this one 1155(1+5, two times), and it is a warning and a reminder that you must direct your thoughts to spiritual insights instead of caring for earthly worries, or even worse toward earthly pleasures, like a material obsession.

Angels will point you toward one task – since number 6 can be a distraction from spiritual -giving and direct our attention to the faith and availability of all the necessary resources.

This message is very strong, and it is said that this word of God also points to a stronger message than you have ever expected to receive.

In the end, 1155 or 66 ask from you to pray and seek spiritual help and Angelic guidance in order to be on the supreme path. Even if you have some of your convictions regarding this number (or numerical sequence), know that the Divine message here is attached, with the control of your thoughts, to a positive outcome.

And here also rule of positive thinking and Angel affirmation is obligatory, the way you think, and the kind of thought you are sending into the Universe, it will come back to you like a boomerang, or some like to say, like karma.

Will Angel number 1155 Bring Good Luck to You?

First, in order for you to be happy, must do certain things in life, and this message 1155 is a clear example of it, it shows how relevant for you is to become aware of the fact that being unhappy is just one state that can be changed.

And it is up to you, and only you, not anyone else around you, whether you will accept your blessing or not -often, with anger or sorrow, you ask yourself that the door that you push does not want to open, how to do the jobs you start encountering hundreds of obstacles so that the people you meet do not return your views.

Angles are proving you in the message 1155 a simple answer that is simple and maybe for you at this moment very difficult to accept. If it does not, then it is not yours. You open the wrong door, and you’re doing the wrong jobs, and your life is going in the wrong direction, and this is not wrong if you realise your mistakes, and accept the mercy of God; in every other way, the path for happiness is out of your reach, permanently.

Angels are saying in the message 1155 that you never really see yourself in the Divine light, and you do not ask yourself who you really are and what your self will want, your heart wants.

You live the roles imposed on you by society, family, institutions, and you do not live your true essence, and the true essence is in the Light of the Creator, and you have to stop beings so stubborn to become aware of some things in life, so that the Divine change can enter your life.

By stubborn rebellion in the wrong door, you are preventing yourself from finding out the blessings, and you are going through from the first.

In the end, Angels are concluding that you need to stop for a moment and to remember who you really are, and then travel the way that is intended only for you.

Message 1155 is the message connected to blessing and the discovery of them, even if you did not know how; then you can become happy and joyful again.


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