Venus Sextile Jupiter

Of course that there cannot be any generalization of natal charts, because that is the point, every one of us has a different position of planets during our birth, and even if someone is born in the same place, at the same year, in the same time, those two people will have different lives because they will make different choices in life.

And the same case is with twins, they can make their lives different, even if they have the same “options” given in life.

The sextile position, as one of the positive aspects in the personal chart, could sound a good thing, and especially when planets like Venus and Jupiter are connected in this way.

The houses where these two planets reside (transits) will tell you the possibility of happening – possible scenarios, but also aspects that they do; and the options are huge.

Venus sextile Jupiter – This can be a very fruitful period financially as this transit helps facilitate the realization of plans to improve the financial situation and can further add to the wealth.

People who have this aspect in their personal natal charts could profit from the relationship between Venus and Jupiter; they could “profit”, but everyone else can also profit when such sextile is active in the night sky.

General Characteristics

People who have this aspect in their natal charts are seen as fortunate – everything they do, they do it with a lot of passion, but this is also the aspect that could cost them a lot.

You must know that every transit must have support in all others so that these people could use the opportunities given and have good and fulfilled life in all aspect, but the fact is that at times they could not deal with such pressure and demons from the past.

This is the energy that can help you be happy with what you already have – if the basis for your life is happy and satisfied, and then everything else has the chance to be like that. But if it is not, then these people could get lost in the process of looking for a change (that may never come).

Marilyn Monroe, Winston Churchill, George Michael,  Edith Piaf, Marty Robbins, Richard Nixon, Jacques Leroy de Saint-Arnaud, Johannes Kepler, Van Morrison, Ian McShane, and George Eliot.

These are the famous people, who have this aspect in their natal chart, but the fact is, and you will be able to see, have tragic moments in their lives.

Good Traits

Some say that this is the aspect that ensures that the lives of the people who have it will run smoothly and that this aspect is good for conducting to friendship, pleasure and enjoyment.

The emotional and business relationships that develop under this transiting aspect are long-lasting and bring benefits to all participants.

Even when these people take one more, then they can deal in the current moment, and even if it takes some time to realize it, that does not stop them from experiencing life’s pleasures.

They love to enjoy and know how to do it, and what is even more interesting is that they will certainly be noticed in their environment; so they can be attractive as hell.

But it is not their main goal since they can be shy at times, but this just adds up to their charm. Being in their closeness is filled with warmth and mutual attention, small tenderness.

In the professional sense, the sextile of Venus and Jupiter leads to success, and all aspects necessary and important for development.

Bad Traits

The transit sextile of Venus with Jupiter enhances the prospect of alleviating the effects of earlier misunderstandings and conflicts.

You could know how such an aspect helps people who have them in their natal charts to achieve all that they have dreamed off, but they are also those who strive to help others because they are full of affection and want to see others satisfied.

This is one aspect that could truly lead them into the madness and failed life, instead of making themselves happy and pleased in the first place, they need to see others happy and pleased.

This is one sure way how they are going into the bad direction, even if they have all that is necessary to achieve greatness (and sometimes they do, but the price is high).

They need to be very careful when they are handling some financial transactions, even if they are going according to plan, and this is a favorable aspect that brings a positive attitude in relationships, romantic opportunities and successful results of financial investments; they can ruin it in a split second.

Love Matters

The sextile formed between Venus and Jupiter shows generous, compassionate and reasonable people – in many ways, they are those who are eager to be loved and who want to (even if sometimes they do not know how to do it) to give that love back.

This aspect gives a good material side and represents successful people, so they are seen as attractive human beings who have many potential lovers who are standing in line for a chance to be with them, even if they, in reality, could be really shy.

It is good to know that the planet Venus that is one part of this sextile, the one that is truly important represents the female principle. It symbolizes a person’s sensuality, sense of beauty and quality, and symbolizes a person’s ability to enter into relationships and maintain them.

On the other side of the sextile position, we could see the planet Jupiter that represents support, progress, and the principle of fertility, faith and a higher level of knowledge as well as distance.

Sextile is an aspect that symbolizes collaboration and connects signs of the same polarity – and you could just see how much potential and beauty there is in the lives of the people who have these two planets in one very active and favorable aspect, like sextile.

These are the persons who are always of a cheerful spirit, and most of the time, for the public, they are those who attract others to be in close connection to them; even if they sometimes want to escape such a life.

They create nobility, a cultural attitude and a sense of empathy, which is manifested through their behavior; many people fall for their magic, but the best part is that this is the reason why so many other people perceive them as lovers of trust and often rely on them when they find themselves in an emotional problem.

Their faces are always adorned with smiles, and their appearance attracts attention because they are always refined and have a natural beauty.

These people have a strong faith in good, and above all, they believe in love – even if they do not have any fortune in love, and are used by their lovers, who want to be just in their close environment, but not truly to love them.

They have very high life principles and expectations and are great idealists – this is maybe the reason why they do not find happiness in love so easily and why they suffer so much.

No one could meet their expectations, and in the end, they are the ones that remain hurt and feeling utterly alone (even if there are hordes of admirers around them).

Work Matters

The sextile between Venus and Jupiter is symbolic in which everything that is beautiful and of high quality receives support for its development and progress – these people who live under this aspect have one or many talents, and when they decide to monetize their strength. This aspect allows them to do it very successfully.

In whatever sense, these two planets, when found in the sextile position, represent the night and day principle of goodwill and when cooperating with one another, they support the potential of building superior quality. Venus’ sensuality and sense of relationship are supported by Jupiter’s principle of expansion and magnification – for example, and you can see in the life of Marilyn Monroe how she was loved by so many people, to the point of fanatic.

People who have this aspect in their natal horoscope have subtle senses and are able to sense the finest differences in matter and in other people, in some way they are sensitive souls who are fragile from the inside, even if no one could see it.

The best occupation for them is, therefore, some form of art; so they can show their highest quality and are ready to do their best.

They have a good sense of money and values, aspire to achieve harmony in all their relationships, are skilled in art forms, and can be successful interior designers, musicians and painters.

Maybe it is the best choice if they can work alone since they have doubts about what they do to other people, so they can sometimes act naive to others, but they are by no means naive, but on the contrary, capable of seeing things from a broader perspective, which protects them from bad influences.

There is a duality in them – and maybe acting is the best choice for their careers, but whatever they choose to do, they will do it amazingly well.


This sextile is one of the best position in the natal chart, since it can, on some general way, allow that everything you do, to do it successfully.

If you have any business negotiations and professional relationships, they will surely blossom in the process of improvement.

For people who have this aspect in their natal charts, life could be a fairytale, and everything they do will take place in a positive and harmonious atmosphere, which guarantees a good understanding of all participants.

They are blessed with the charm, beauty and many talents – they have even cult followings and are very loved by many.

But this also means that these people could feel, deep inside very lonely, and can have even some problematic feelings that can drove them crazy.

So, if this aspect appears in the night sky, or if you find out that you have this aspect in their natal chart, think about your talents and obligations that you must meet in the future. It will bring you a good day to sign a contract that will prove successful for all participants.

Following the lead of this aspect, you can become more open and satisfied because you have built a relationship of trust in emotional and business relationships.

Enjoy the life and pleasures you deserve and do not think about the life you can lose, of things that you risk, try to follow your talents, and at times you can even do wonders if you do not plan them at all. Just do not complete your life with the desires of others, but your own.


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