Aries Man – In Love, Compatibility, Personality, Best Match, Traits

Every time you start reading a horoscope(in press or online), you will notice that as a rule, the first Zodiac sign that begins astrological prediction with the Zodiac sign Aries, and this shows characteristics of the people who are born in this sign.

Did you ever, while you read these texts, wonder why this is the case and why is this rule? We will tell you, along with the explanation of what is like Aries Man when it comes to love relations – if you belong to this sign, you will learn so much, and if your lover belongs to this sign this article can be useful also.

Now, the beginning of the Zodiac starts when the Sun comes out and awakens life on Earth. Spring comes, and with him is the birthday of the children of the emerging Sun, the first sign of the Zodiac. Being born as Aries means to be born as a winner in every aspect of life- but is this mean that these people will find happiness in love also? Read all about it, and make your conclusion.

Good Traits

First, we will speak of the planetary ruler of the Aries in general, and this is planet Mars, the fighting plant, that brings incredible energy and potency.

Although Mars, the ruler of this Zodiac sign, carries with it aggressive (some say passionate, or active) power, which can be destructive at times, it is precisely he who makes Aries people the winners.

In general, Aries people like to be always the first and the only one in everything they do, and they usually can succeed. However, it is not only a competitive spirit and a love for victory but a love for life -Aries people, and Aries man knows how to take the best out of life. Aries governs the first home of a horoscope, which signifies birth, energy, impulse, a beginning of life.

This is very interesting, as the first sign of Zodiac Aries has a complete horoscope. Namely, all the houses are naturally distributed, which means that in a way they all serve him -every good thing that can be found can be theirs to use.

Men who are born in the Aries sign are mostly very temperamental in every aspect of their lives, and they cannot ever hide their temper, because it would simply be a runaway from the essence of their being. They like to rule, to be dominant, but they are really good souls, and they are always fair toward other people. In some way, Aries man has all characteristics of a true man, and he is rough and kind at the same time.

One of the good traits that are connected to the Aries Zodiac sign is that they are people who are dedicated to their families – their family is important, a man born in this sign is a true family man. While young, they can be emotionally frivolous, but there is always a clear plan behind it to skip one day in the future, so this aspect we will count in their great traits.

Men Aries are very temperamental, and they have to deal with sports, even for some recreational reasons, because only in this way can they amortise everything they lack, but also to consume excess energy that is cumulative for them.

Charismatic and full of leadership skills, Aries has no fear of exploring the unknown. Aries is impulsive, stubborn and powerful. He has an inner strength to take the lead in the whole universe and will probably succeed in doing so. Everyone will ultimately wear his vitality, craving and aggression.

Bad Traits

And in the same way, like these people are temperamental and passionate, they also can be difficult – they like to be dominant and always right. They need to be adored and loved, and always at the forefront. And even if these people are always charismatic and hard to resist, and ultimately they have many qualities, they can be extremely difficult to be around with.

Sometimes also Aries man does not deal with the details but they are much more involved in the big picture, and this behavior can hurt the people who are around them. Even worse, Aries man desperately tries to be interesting and to leave an unforgettable impression – and at times he can fail miserably in that attempt. Sometimes he is too much focused on the form, rather on the substance, and this could be catastrophic.

Some people see him as the person who will go to the extreme, and is, in fact, an unstable person – he can be the one person that can change his behavior on the second, and this could be very confusing to this lovers. Some even say that this is all thanks to the impact that comes from their ruler Mars – the planet connects to the strength, passion, but also need to fight and compete.

They cannot be tactful in any way – he wants to achieve the desire immediately and moves towards the goal the shortest route, even if he was covered with traps and obstacles. Lack of planning and analysis are also some of his traits. It neglects the negative consequences of its actions – especially if it thinks that someone else will suffer them.

Aries Man in Love

Aries man is the one person that is perfect for all women that love to be in a relationship with a bad boy. (We are not saying that Aries man is a criminal, but he has this aura of a bad boy and in this sense, you can think of for example the famous actor Marlon Brando, as the true Aries).

The Aries man is very good at being a bad guy, and he is very popular with women -we should all agree that women, at least at some stages of their lives fall in love in a guy with the bad boy image. He is extremely passionate, but the love for these men can be a practical conquest that not many women can reach. He is guided by the planet Mars (the God of war), he approaches love as a battle, and in the majority of cases, he is the winner of that battle. In times when he fails, he will feel miserable, and at times he will blame others for his failures in love.

How does he seduce, and how the hell he has so much success with women? He uses a charming smile, he likes flirting with compliments, and he has an irresistible aura of danger that surrounds him (even if that is not a true case, it might just be a “picture”). How do we know this? Well, in fact, Aries man believes in true love and a perfect partner and will wait as long as he needs to find it. The moment he finds out and conquers that love goal, he falls in love at the same time, and the bad boy image goes away – Aries man turn into a kind and loving partner.

They are incredibly sensual and are always hungry for love, but also they are very demanding and being with them in a relationship is an extraordinary adventure that will make your life amazingly passionate and exciting. But, a person who is with him in a relationship must be sure in its emotions to be sure that both partners feel the same passion because if this Aries man feels that you do not have enough, he will walk away and find passion elsewhere.

Also, Aries man has this stunning main-commanding surface, but underneath he has an extremely gentle side, and he is very dedicated to his relationship.

Aries Man in a Relationship

It is said, and this could be seen as some sort of Astrological rule that all Aries men get involved in passionate relationships from an early age.

Already in his youth, Aries man engages in romantic relationships, but his too passionate feelings do not allow them to tie more firmly to one person. He could be seen as his environment, as the cheater and a bad boy who does not like to attach; he can be even called serial dater.

If we are talking about marriages and long-term relationships (he is not against these types of connections, on the contrary), he should remember that life is not only a youthful dream but a real reality, and therefore they need much more sobriety than he has.

Until he finds his true match, he can be associated with a weak personality in lovers, over which he can dominate. Although it is very easy to adapt and obey to him since he is a true leader, he is almost always the one who chooses to leave, if he feels like he has evolved past current relationship.

Best Match for Aries Man

An ideal partner for Aries man is a strong and stable woman just like himself, who is ready to fight common battles and be brave enough to take charge of him (inside of household, not in front of the public, this is a big no-no). Also, he needs someone who understands his inner sensibility and who will support him in all his efforts, and he has them many since here we encounter the man who likes to be very successful, and usually he is.

So, he needs a woman who will follow him until he reaches his goals. His imagination is endless, and when needed, he knows how to show his teeth and take over domination. When he gets all that he dreamed about, then Aries man Aries will maybe say that he owes everything to his dedicated and loyal partner (but, in the meantime, he will be very difficult, so he needs someone who will “put up” with him).

In general, in love Aries man is romantic, smart and large conformists, he is constantly looking for new knowledge and experiences. It is said that Aries man is easily falling in love at first glance and that he does everything for love.  If you want to tie in with this man of passion and emotion, you must be ready not to ask for much and to accept everything.

Now his perfect match could be representatives of the Aquarius, Taurus and Gemini Zodiac sign. Aquarius could be a good partner since both Aries and Aquarius have a huge need for personal freedom. Aquarius people are attractive and resourceful, which completely corresponds to the nature of the Aries man who is fascinated by the ideas of Aquarius partner and their firm beliefs of life. On the other hand, Aquarius experiences Aries as an extremely strong and interesting lover.

In love with the Gemini lover, we could say this – Gemini lovers like to analyse to the details all characteristics of their partner, and Aries man, on the other hand, is keen to talk about him and enjoys when partner devotes his full attention. Gemini people are very social people in general, always surrounded by friends and thus provide Aries man freedom, which is very necessary for them.

In the end, a good match for Aries man could be Taurus lover, since he is the partner who tends to give unconditional love, enjoy family gatherings, relaxed atmosphere in the house, love dinners under candles and every kind of romantic gesture that Aries man will appreciate. People who belong to Taurus sign are warm, sensual, and kind and Aries love these traits in their lovers.

So, these three Zodiac signs are suitable for Aries man to be in a relationship with.

Aries Man as a Friend

When we speak about love, we could not but mention the aspect of friendship and in the life of Aries man, like in every other way, he likes to be ahead of everyone in everything, it follows that he likes to compete. He will always compete with his friends (very problematic aspect in this life, that can cost him a lot), so he is mostly surrounded by people who motivate him to progress in life (this aspect is good, since here we are talking about having the best possible environment, and Aries man needs this motivation to succeed).

As a friend, Aries man is very sociable and likes positive people who have energy that is similar to his, and these are friends who he can have many activities during the day and whom he can see every day. It will be easy for everyone to notice if anyone is not at his or herself and will quickly remove people who do not like him. To be the best friend of Aries, you must be like him and support his interests unconditionally, or he will consider you to be his enemy, and quickly remove you from his life.

You need to have an overabundance of positive energy, rebellion and various interests to the close friend of Aries man. Only in this way can you cultivate a friendship that will last very long, but also the rewards are huge – he is an amazing friend who is dedicated and loyal to the core.

Aries Man as a Father

Who can love you more than your parents? No one, but every parent has his own way of showing love, and every Zodiac sign acts differently in this role. As parents, Aries have plenty of energy and love to explore new things, and with a lot of enthusiasm, they accept any change they feel will be good for their child. And in this general sense, we could say that Aries man as a father is just like this, one very involved parent that sees the benefit of giving many opportunities in the life of a child.  It’s good for the child because it gives him the opportunity to explore completely new things.

But do not be fooled, Aries man is a strict parent, and although he seems sometimes he can lose his nerves, he quickly regains their concentration and is ready to solve new problems.

The bad side of Aries man as a father is that they are not particularly patient –  he can get scared when kids run around the apartment or when they try to put off sleeping time, as well as when the kids are struggling to learn something new. Maybe the main advice for Aries man is to arm himself with patience because his children need it.


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