Taurus Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility

When we are speaking about the Astrology, or more specifically about the personal horoscope, or a natal chart, we are always talking about the planets and their meaning in our horoscope.

The planets (in the Astrology, they are called the astrological planets – including the Sun and the Moon) – are moving, viewed from Earth, around the Earth, and at each moment there is a constellation behind them, and we say that the planet is in a sign.

The planets occupy certain interactions that we call aspects, and among them, the most important are the locations of the “planets” Sun and the Moon, besides the Ascendant.

Today we will try to reveal as much information possible when it comes to the person who has the Sun located in the Taurus Zodiac sign and the Moon in Aries sign.

Good Traits

We could say that the temperament of this human being is warm, noble, nature-friendly and earthly in a way, the sensuality is direct and warm – people feel safe around this human being. But, he has the untainted passion underneath, and you never know when you will get the splash of this energy.

The person who has the Sun located in the Taurus Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Aries Zodiac sign is capable of turbulent passions, those that ripen for a long time, and those unremarkable, even unexpected.

He is so passionate that a few people could measure with this human being, and he is passionate toward everything that he has in life, and the things he does not have, he does not want.

This person has a particular type of a sensual vitality that is constantly evolving, and this is something that not many people have even if they try. This person likes to give and take in equal measure, and he has emphasised the sense of physical joy, love life and its pleasures. He is not a person who can be happy when he gives, he is the person who needs to receive to be happy, and the same thing is in life, business, and love.

For example, in business, he works hard, be he expects to be paid properly, and in love, he expects to beloved strongly.

Bad Traits

Since both signs that we found in this combination are strong and passionate, but the energies that they give are diverse and give some oppositional characteristics.

The Sun in the Taurus gives in a way, some sort of passive power; it gives a solid and static action, while the Moon in the Aries is active, explosive, dynamic and aggressive, and so the result will not be too compliant personality.

He can struggle to make these two go well together – he has both, a conservative and cautious mentality, but also the one that is progressive, careless and full of self-confidence. And in practice, these could be very problematic, since he can make some actions recklessly and with passion, and in a very next moment he can regret this actions and be unhappy.

In any case, this person has the energy to waste, but his main weakness is that he does not submit checks and even the least losses. He is known to be the person who will blindly chase for his goals, and sometimes he is missing more prudence and diplomacy in dealing with other people.

This person can feel torn between two contradictory rhythms, one dynamic, another slow, and from time to time he can be more under the influence of one or the other, and this can be very confusing for him and his environment. But the greatest struggle is inside of him, so it is therefore difficult for him to choose between his strong love instincts and pragmatic essence.

At the same time, a human being who has Sun located in the Taurus and the Moon in the Aries can be both rational, sensible, and stubborn, unbridled even. You never know what in fact you are getting with this person – at one time he can be kind and warm and easy to cooperate, and in another, he can attack you like you are his worst enemy.

Taurus Sun Aries Moon in Love

One thing needs to be clear, and this is the person who often knows to enter unrelentingly into emotional relationships that bring him some temptations and problems he can have a messy love life to say it nicely.

However, in most cases, this is the person who knows how to put things in their place and finds true emotional peace with age. This is a very important element to know, and this means that person who, when mature enough in every sense, will learn to love properly.

Here we encounter a person who has to master his emotions and the explosions of his sudden wonder. Even if he does not aggressively show his feelings, but he can, in any case, he can cause a lot of problems in his life.

Often, this person can find himself in the bundle of accumulated passionate charges inside and outside, and they must be released from time to time. But the cause to all of this is the fact that this human has a strong inner, sensual life. In other words: he does not often allow showing his deep feelings and tend to suppress his love emotions. This is not a good idea to do, but he cannot help it; things do get better when he matures and learns the art of realising the emotions and taking them back.

Taurus Sun Aries Moon in a Relationship

Emotionally, this person best deal with people who are similar to his temperament, but who are still thriving, peaceful, well-placed persons with the ability to genuinely love.

He easily conquers the attention of others, he loves to learn, travel, and everything goes so smoothly – he tends to find himself in a more negative environment or surroundings of people who are against themselves when he shows great sensitivity.

But all his lovers must be aware of one fact – the person who has Sun located in the Taurus sign and the Moon in the Aries sign hates being restricted, or controlled in any way. His lovers must be aware of this fact, but they need to find a good way to keep him theirs.

Best Match for Taurus Sun Aries Moon

With this person who has Sun in the Taurus Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Aries sign, his lovers need to know how to deal with, because he is giving all that he has to the maximum, he is dedicated to his lover, and love, in general, is meaningful to him, but if his lovers, in any case, try to oppose or provoke him, he can behave utterly rebelliously and aggressively.

So, who can be the person who will be ready to have a partner like this?

Maybe this could be a Libra lover – someone who will help him to achieve balance in life, and who will know how to handle his “mood” swings, and who will never be afraid by his sudden passions, and jealousy rages.

Taurus Sun Aries Moon as a Friend

This person is sensitive and stubborn, but very persistent, always comfortable for socialising, ready for any discussion; he leaves a strong impression in public. He loves his family and closes friends and wants to have harmony in the environment he is living in. His friends love to visit him since he is a very hospitable and active person in general.

The person who has Sun located in the Taurus Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Aries has a great sense of being and living nice, his relations with closest people are honest – he is very reliable in life. It is important for him always to receive a small self-affirmation from his environment and also enough love and attention.

But one more thing needs to be joined here – although he is often able to conquer the sympathy of the environment, he actually belongs to those people who are relatively harder to make friends. In his actions, there is often something that has a touch of pride and restraint – even when he does not want it.

In fact, this human being is extremely sensitive to confrontation of any kind, and his combat tactics are too rough to crush as needed, so when the person who has Sun in Taurus and Moon in the Aries sign encounters resistance or feels something inactive, he can react quite recklessly.


A person who has both, Sun and the Moon located in the Taurus Zodiac sign can be called a human being who is very diligent and dedicated to what matters to him and nothing can stop him on that road.

Few people are capable of persistently persisting in a task like him, and many will give up on the road he is successfully walking for a long time.

It is a virtue if the task is feasible, but this human is equally persistent and if it is on the wrong path. He is very cruel in thinking and does not like to fit him from the goal set, this could be called his greatest flaw, but it cannot suppress all positive traits this person has.

His strength hides in the fact that he is able to reconcile with his diversity, which allows him to exhibit outbursts of enthusiasm that are lasting and achievable. He has the inexhaustible energy that allows him to confirm his will in an unreasonable search for the goal.

This person is always close to places where something significant is going on, which could later serve as a motivation to do something himself.


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