Taurus Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Sometimes knowing your Zodiac sign is not enough, maybe the information that it gives is not enough for having a complete picture about yourself and your true potentials. And how can we progress in life, if we do not know who we are in fact and what are we capable of?

The aspects of the Sun and the Moon in our horoscope can help us in this process. Just to remind you – the Sun is a star, but its position in the natal chart and the location in a Zodiac sign are of great importance to each individual. The Sun is the Provider of Life to all beings on the planet.

Also, your Zodiac sign is just determined by the position of the Sun connected to some zodiac constellation at the time of your birth. The Moon is closely related to the person mood, emotions and instincts.

Today we are looking into the person who has Sun positioned in the Taurus Zodiac sign and the Moon in the Cancer sign. What this means, is this combination compatible and prospective or is it disabling and without any potential? Read all about this theme.

Good Traits

For the person who has Sun located in the Taurus sign and the Moon in the Cancer sign, in life, there must be a sense of comfort, physical and moral at the same time, as well as the need for material and sufficient security that are fulfilled.

He is very much oriented to the natural, family, and home -all things that are related to family life, to comfort and hedonism, this person loves and wants to have in life.

Here, first comes the strength and the need to protect the family, provide sufficient resources for the normal flow of all households and a protective attitude towards everyone. Of course, this person has hypersensitivity, too, and it is not always ready for significant changes and turns, and it still takes time to settle things up.

In fact, he feels well with himself because he is striving for security, comfort, peace, harmony, harmonious lifestyle without any significant stress, and he will do everything to have this in his life.

He is one very warm human being, who is tied to home, and everything he does in life, he does with the great persistence and always remains faithful to what he chooses to do. He is the one person that will never flee from any difficulty if he has to master them to preserve what he has.

Nevertheless, this is a person who has considerable practical skills, capable of defending his interests and jobs, capable of correctly organising his life, despite living under the strong influence of feelings and purely internal impressions. He is blessed with the pure soul and the strong intellect, and in the person who has Sun in the Taurus sign and the Moon in the Cancer sign, these two are combined well, in one very developed personality.

Although this person does not act in a pervasive way, he is able to come to a material gain unobtrusively, but also to the spiritual gain (which is more important), because he is blessed with the imagination, ideals, and the necessary sentiment to gain all that he wants.

Even when he feels like he has everything, this human being should calm down and remain his faith in friendship and love – these are the things that bring him happiness.

Bad Traits

On a more negative note, this person can have some sort of narcissistic affirmation, and he can focus his action in chasing for prestige and social ambition, but he will never go to the extreme in this process, which is a good thing.

Also, we could say that sometimes his stubbornness to have everything settled in life is unrealistic, and he should not be in pain if he learns that things cannot go in the direction that he wants, and that life is not so harmonious, even if we do everything to make it like that. He should not suffer additionally if things are not working out, and he should stop wasting his energy on things that cannot work.

And as we have said, emotionally, this person can develop possessiveness that can make his love life very problematic, and here also the things become bad when he tries vigorously to gain and to “have”. Emotions do not work in this way, and he needs to learn this lesson as soon as possible.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon in Love

When it comes to love, this person is different from the majority of the people you may know – he is connected to the world of internal emotional and spiritual, but he is not distanced entirely from materialistic temptations.

He tries to combine these two things – so in love, he loves to have a person who he can be proud of, to show her off, but also he wants to be with someone who matches him spiritually.

Nevertheless, he is not a slave of this, since his emotional life is colored by romanticism and hedonism and rises above sensual joys, which underline his tendency toward peace and earthly happiness.

The family and love with his partner is his earthly paradise, and he strives to achieve it; but the main lesson that he needs to learn, is to stop artificially maintain something that does not work, just for the sake of having something.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon in a Relationship

Only when this man feels safe and loved, he can be spontaneous with a partner (this should be a goal for him in love), but when he is overwhelmed with feelings he cannot master, he needs a protective armor, a soft wrap that gives him security from pain.

All those who want to be in a relationship with the person who has Sun located in the Taurus sign, and the Moon in the Cancer sign, must know – he is scared of being hurt in love, and from time to time, he will pull out his armor and become inaccessible to people.

In an emotional sense, this person shows some form of possessiveness, when in love, along with the dominant power and desire for possession and control here are more pronounced, so he wisely keeps the person he loves.

He wants stability in life, and in love, he wants a stable partner, and any separation from a partner is a big disgrace but can be emotionally dramatic, so tolerance and patience are the lessons which he will have to apply more often.

Best Match for Taurus Sun Cancer Moon

One thing needs to be clear right away – the representative of this combination (the Sun in the Taurus sign and the Moon in the Cancer sign) has the existence that is largely influenced by family life, and the pursuit for the stability and comfort. His potential lovers must be aware of this fact if they want to be with him in some meaningful way.

He is a somewhat quieter, shy and more sensitive than you may expect, and he prefers the home and family environment – anyone who wants to party and have excitement in a relationship is not a good match for this human. He needs a lover who will share with him some dreams and be awake when reality hits; he needs someone who loves, just like him, simple joys, family, and house. Who can that be?

That person could easily be a Virgo lover, the one that will understand his need for security, but who will be tender enough to understand his deep sensitivity in life. The Virgo lover will enjoy family life, just as this human would want, and will strive to achieve and maintain the harmony and stability in life, with all comfort that comes with.

Taurus Sun Cancer Moon as a Friend

For his friends, he represents a kind of hub, a solid pillar, which allows them not to lose when they need to pass through life storms. Feeling of responsibility does not allow him to make decisions easily, especially if he could endanger those he loves.

He usually has a little defensive attitude of keeping its territory and people he loves, and it has great practical ideas on how to get easier solutions in everyday life, it is careful, has a good memory, and will never forgive you if you did anything to hurt him in any way. But the one thing that needs to be remembered, the support from his environment, and friends are very important to him. He does not like to take any advice, except that are coming from people who he considers worthy or good authorities.


The situation here is very clear here, we have the Sun in the Taurus sign and the Moon located in the gentle and emotional Cancer sign – this person is someone who is strong, but under that shell is a very emotional being captured.

He can be very successful in a private business, in the job that he likes to do, but he also loves many creative jobs, as well as works related to art. Imagine a businessman who is incredibly successful in some art, well this could be that person.

He can combine these seemingly non-related things. When this human loves someone, he will give up his rigid persona and his strength – he is a fan of a long relationship with a lot of seriousness.

Here we can see the combination of the two elements, Sun and Earth, and the Moon and gives this person somewhat passive energy; but a strong and permanent character, a thoughtfulness and a striking ability of firmness before each event or an unforeseen change.


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