Taurus Sun Taurus Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The human psyche, when we look at it,  is an amazing thing, but sometimes it can be easily discovered, and we can know someone for years and never know what that person is like deep inside. And what chances do we have when we just meet someone?

Maybe if we could find out about his personal horoscope, his natal chart, then we could find some answers. And, even better, if we could find out where the aspects of the Sun and the Moon are are located, then we could have a clear picture of a person character.

Today, we are talking about a person who has positioned both Sun and the Moon in the same sign, the Taurus Zodiac sign.

Good Traits

In some ways, this person has a quiet and peaceful nature, and he takes some time to receive impressions and learn new. There is a very strong defense attitude inside of him; but also a strong endurance and perseverance, exceptional analytics in work, and this person learn something, it’s long-lasting, and he uses his knowledge in many ways, he can even make a profit out of it.

This person could be called very cautious; he is not quick in any way and never makes quick conclusions. One thing that needs to be attached here; this is one human being who has a lot going on, beneath the surface, he has a lot of hidden power and energy.

This is one person who is a creature of habits -when he finds what he likes he does not want to change that for anything, and it is difficult for him to give up separation if circumstances require.

He is in love with stability, loving nature and genuine, simple things, the person who has Sun located in the Taurus as well as the Moon, is one of those people who truly enjoy life’s pleasures.

He adores to be placed in the fullness of your body pleasures, he slowly spends your dreams, digesting reality peacefully, and then, progressively or not, release stored energy.

He leaves the impression of a calm, stable person, who understands others, and in fact, this is true; but also the truth is that this person is in love in harmony and peace.

This is one person that directs his deeds toward results, and in this sense, he is open for changes; also this is the person who likes to be in a beautiful ambience, he is social and somehow always easily finds its place under the Sun.

Bad Traits

All the bad predispositions of Taurus to this person are very pronounced.  It is positive that this is a person with extraordinary ambitions, but it can often be unscrupulous and poorly emotional.

In some situations, this person shows some stubbornness in the desire to live the way he wants, even if that choice is not always a good idea. But he still does what he has intended to do, and when he moves into the action, he is able to tilt everything in his path, removing those who create disturbances.

He can truly be merciless and hated by those people who he confronts with. This self-defense principle has a relatively limited area, and he is more than willing to do everything to secure protection in the area that belongs to him (as he sees this situation).

It needs to be said; that the person who has both aspects, Sun and Moon located in the Taurus sign has many hidden potentials and virtues that come to the fore only in some serious situations. It is a shame that his best traits are seen only when some difficulty is in his path.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon in Love

In love, he seeks a safe harbor, loves connections without much oscillations in which he or he is leading the main word. He is endowed with over sensuality, despite apparent lingering, the person who has the Sun in the Taurus sign is basically sensual and well-sensed in the beauty of the world, and at the same time, this human is tough and powerful.

This is one person that all of his life has similar goals, regardless of the fact, is he in love or not. He is earthly person (well grounded); he has a solid character, but he can be passionate and very jealous.

If we want to speak about his flaws in the field of love, we will say that he can be a very demanding person who will always have high emotional demands in life in general, from all people that are close to him.

Some of his goals include harmony in the private and business life – he wants to prove himself in love and at work. But sometimes it happens that another part of him prevails and then he feels a strong need to move in the other direction, in the direction of love, or just business and that he forgot about this other area in his life.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon in a Relationship

In love, this human being prefers long-term relationships, deep and sincere, no matter how glamorous they are or they are not. His goal in love is to develop a solid house, where he can build a family, his sanctuary, a place where he will enjoy.

The person who has both Sun and the Moon located in the Taurus Zodiac sign can have aggressive impulses, an instinct that is too possessive and destructive toward his lover. And also in love, like in everything else, he can be a very stubborn lover who wants to do things in his own way.

This person has a very protective attitude towards close people and is very proud of this fact; emotionally tough adaptable although he dreams of strong love, the inherent possessiveness must be preserved and the need for having those that he likes.

Best Match for Taurus Sun Taurus Moon

He needs a lover who will understand his needs and the strength of his character, who can also be successful, but he needs someone who loves life, just as he does, and who will have the strength to “feed” his needs. He will enjoy his time next to a person who is strong and ambitious, just like he is.

One advice for all those who want to be his lover -they must have a great gift of patience to endure this person even when he scuttles from the inside.

So who can be his perfect lover? We will bet on a Scorpio lover, since this is the lover that is absolutely self-confident in love, and he enjoys the power of his attractiveness towards the opposite sex. In sex and love, there is no mystery that he cannot solve – he can neither scare nor surprise of anything, and the person who has both Sun and Moon in Taurus sign loves this. He is confidential, enjoys romances, and does not care what other people are saying – a winning combination for this person.

The only problem can arise in situations where both lovers exhibit uncertainty and extreme jealousy. Then, there can be many problems. Otherwise, these two are a perfect match.

Taurus Sun Taurus Moon as a Friend

In him, there is a strong need for material and personal security, but the pronounced closeness and desire for possession can be very pronounced in the members of the Taurus Zodiac sign (where ever this sign is in the astrological map of a person).

Certainly, hedonism, sensibility, orientation to aesthetics are very important to this person, as well as the necessity to be very independent. His friends must be aware of this fact, and if they are, the only thing that they can do is to enjoy with this human.

As a friend, he has exceptional nobility and humanity, and this is the reason why he has so many friends – with him you are guaranteed to have the comfort, and enjoyment of any kind.

When he gets into problems, this person often isolates himself and “cleanse” from everyday life, and people also. His friends need to understand his need for being alone. In those times he is planning his next step, so there cannot be any hard feelings. He will return soon to his everyday life, and his friends need to wait patiently.


In this story, we are speaking about a person where the Sun and Moon are located in the same sign, the Taurus sign. Here, in the life of this person, all basic characteristics of the Taurus have the maximum emphasis on virtues and defects associated with this sign. He is able to be very successful in life, although he can experience turbulence in his life often; he always stays firmly on the ground.

We can see this person has the tranquility and steadfastness of Taurus, but this could also be his own imprisonment, like for example the exclusive attachment to material goods. This person has pronounced love for possession and attention is increased in relation to all material issues.

But on the other side of the story – this person has the gift of patience and understanding for the loved ones. In the end, all of this does not diminish your preference for possessiveness and jealousy, both in terms of material success and in terms of feeling.

Everything this person does require the power of patience, internal understanding and self-analysis, but he needs to learn to be more relaxed to be complete.

This person can be seen as the book that never could be read completely, in a sense that he has so many interesting traits, but in fact, you never know what you are getting inside.


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