Sun Sextile Mars

The Sun as the most important position in the natal chart of all us speaks so many things that we want to know about our lives and, why not, the future. It is the aspect that reveals who we are and where can we go, are there any opportunities that we can use in our lives.

Now, here we want to discover what it is like to have sextile in the natal chart between Sun and the planet Mars? What does it give, and what is like opportunities that could be used, if seen in a real light?

Mars sextile Sun – this aspect helps release a huge charge of positive energy and creative potential, which can prove especially auspicious for new beginnings, in the love and business fields.

When the Sun and Mars come together for our energy, courage – people are awakening, shaken strengthen, encouraged.

But in it, there is also excess energy, but people say that the head does not hurt from excess. It depends on you how you will use this energy and where you will use it.

General Characteristics

This aspect is considered to be one of the best, and the Sun in this combination with the planet Mars makes people very competitive, even if such tendencies could not be seen at first glance, but there could not be a mistake, these are the people who love action, excitement, energy.

Of course, this is maybe not the aspect that could be seen right away, or in every activity, but it is there, maybe hidden.

In general, this sextile between the Sun and Mars represents an aspect of great confidence, strong will and great ambition, but in their case, this is not an ambition that is just a dream, these are ambitions that can be achieved – they are leaders, organizers, and managers.

It is also said that this aspect in the natal chart make people energetic, and often times they have some problem with authority – some from their family is strict or muscular in their own right.

They are attracted to the music, art, or they can be muscular or athletic, and as far as their appearance goes, these people may seem a bit immature for their age.

Some of the famous examples that have this position in their natal are Joseph Mankiewicz, Coco Chanel, Rihanna, Boy George, Gordon Ramsay, Luciano Pavarotti, Jane Fonda, Anthony Hopkins, Benny Hill, Johnny Rotten, Angelina Jolie, Giacomo Puccini and Roman Polanski.

Good Traits

These people with the sextile aspect between Mars and the Sun are human beings who are born with the idea that they need to prove something to the world, and in some ways, they need to compete and express their qualities, whatever those qualities may be, and they have so many of them.

Through this favorable natal relationship of the Sun and Mars, people who have it, have extremely vital life energy, which, like excitement, will emanate from his every gaze and movement.

Here, the willpower is extremely strong, and they will accurately hit every target and accomplish every goal they aim.

They are strong in character, optimistic, courageous, combative, and competitive, these people will not even hesitate to enter dangerous situations, especially if they feel called to be the protectors of righteousness.

Bad Traits

On the other side of the story, these are human beings who have another problem in their lives, and it concerns their lack sensitivity to their partner’s emotional needs – at times they may seem very selfish and directed to fulfilling their own needs, without any concern about what their lover may need in life.

At times they show this clearly and do not hide what they feel, and they do not hide their preferences, even if the society will judge them for their choices.

Crazy courage and impatience will often not give time to the mind to think of action and to consider its consequences, which gives thoughtless, quick action and frequent misunderstandings.

In the nature of the person, in this case, the person is a great opponent of any kind of authority figure, so the father-son relationship will be impulsive, complicated and in a constant tendency to compete and prove one another’s dominance.

So, when we talk about this negative aspect, we gave to say that it can sometimes point to an over-emphasized masculine principle, manifested predominantly through direct nature, impulsiveness, aggression and great ambition, which does not choose the means to achieve its goals.

This is an image of an explosive and “short-lived” character, dominated by passion and urge, which will cause not thinking about the consequences of actions and deeds.

In fact, these people have a constant feeling of being attacked, along with the constant internal need to defend their attitudes, egos and aspirations, so they will often see enemies in all around him even when they do not really exist.

So, in general sense, this sextile is the picture of wars and tactics, without the presence of wisdom and deliberation – it is the aspect that could be changed if the person has that need and self-control.

Love Matters

As you could have seen this is the aspect that stimulates all vital activities, creates favorable opportunities for friendship and supports the undertaking of new ventures, adventures, be bold and initiative – the same thing is reflected to their love lives, that is everything, but not boring, there is always something exciting that is going on in their love life.

There can be some “questionable” choices in their love life, adulteries, there can be aspects of their love lives that are dark and not for everyone, but the fact is that these people are very open and honest, and do not feel like they have to apologize to anyone about their choices in love.

Great energy and endurance will also help great achievements, especially in the areas of sports, competition, and military and war success – this also means that in certain times of their lives there is no place for love, and that love comes second.

This is a picture of great strength, leadership, determination, courage and invincibility – they only need partners who can deal with this kind of energy, and it is certain that they are not everyone’s “cup of tea”.

Here we can see the synthesis of the beautiful and brilliant people who are even more fiery and energetic – in the long term, they form an irresistible, passionate and sexy human, who will win the hearts of lovers mercilessly.

There cannot be an obstacle if they set their eyes on the “prize”, and this is true for both sexes, males and females- the unstoppable sexual energy that drives people crazy, give them a lot of pleasure, but bring them a lot of trouble.

They can even be seen as great parents who are a great role model for the offspring and strong support in life.

Work Matters

Since Mars is present in this sextile, and you should know that whenever this aspect is present it intensify physical activity, so today is a great day for an active outdoors, a visit to a fitness center, or business tasks that involve physical exertion and plenty of movement. Energy, determination, creative strength, instinct, courage, ambition, power struggle, chances for success.

So, any activity that is connected to these aspects will turn out to be the best possible work for those who have this aspect -they can do well in sports and also in some creative work.

If they want their passion, then this sextile will give them an influx of energy and happy circumstances and turn them into new projects, a lot of good ideas and a rush of optimism.

There is no doubt that the day will be great, even if they have to work so hard to get there, and often this is the place they have never expected to be.

These people could hardly do anything they do not like, so they have to enjoy their work and support from superiors. The best feeling in the world is the one where they are completely filled with a sense of satisfaction with the successfully completed activities.

To some, this energy will bring courage, some determination, some more energy. Some will increase their ambition and increase their chances of success. Just about to start something important to you.

They are unusually energetic, ambitious in pursuit of something, active and valuable in all the jobs they take on; in fact, even when they are very young, they find many activities, and changes, favorable contacts with foreigners and the search for new ideas for expansion and development.

Often times, they work far from their birthplace, or their work implies that they travel a lot.


You can see clearly that this sextile is very positive, but of course, nothing is perfect, so these people also have some issues that they need to address in their lives before anything else if they want to grow in the right direction, they have every opportunity to do so.

This is an aspect of gathering positive energy and determination, which supports bold initiatives and ease in managing stressful situations.

They need to see that when such sextile appears, and we are not saying this only to those who have this position in their natal charts, but to all of us – it gives you a great day for making big plans, so boldly explore all the possibilities that will make your wishes come true.

Accept the suggestions and help of the people who will generously assist you today to realize what is planned within the set deadlines.

This sextile means that you will work hard (have every chance to do so, but on the long term it will pay off), but know that no matter how small today’s results may be, it will be extremely important to your long-term business strategy.

If there are conflicts, be open and listen more closely to the needs of the interlocutor to make the most of this favorable transit to improve the quality of the relationship.

And, to conclude this story, it is not important what kind of energy you get, it is more about how you use that energy and what you can do with it.


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