Neptune Sextile Pluto

All the people in their natal charts have all ten celestial bodies in some position, and also in relation to others (all planets and the lights the Sun and Moon), and they all have some aspects that can be in different relations, and between different planets, and this is what makes every natal chart different.

This is the reason why even people who are born at the same sign and ascendant have a completely different character, life, preferences, etc.

Some of the oldest preserved and most influential writings that speak of the planets and their impact on our lives were written in the second century AD and served as the basis of modern Western astrology (that we use nowadays, and the fact is that it is so perfect and accurate that there is no need to discover some other system).

People in those very fascinated with the sky and they set the basis for the modern astrology and everything we know today, we learn from that period.

By this system, it is identified and defined five basic aspects that are still used in astrology today; of course, by the time some other aspects were added along the way, as the Astrology as the science has evolved, it still is, but the basics remain the same.

Have one thing in mind, that those old ones are still referred to as major aspects, and all others minor, i.e. secondary; but combined they make an entire picture of a person’s life, or its natal chart.

Sextile is the positive one, and it is minor, but still very important, and today we are going to look at this aspect that is formed between plants Pluto and Neptune.

What does it mean and does it have some downsides or the good ones take the prime? Read all about it.

General Characteristics

This sextile, as an aspect works in the way that people have such an intellect and ability to review their views and change attitudes if they see that such a thing is necessary for their personal growth.

They are so creative that is beyond any compare, and what is even more, they are connected to their inner being and are religious or/and very spiritual people. Often times, all of their activities are directed with this need and to work, and it has to be aligned with their spiritual views.

They are able to examine and analyze dreams and ideals and believe us when we say that what they set for themselves is always very high, and also they are inclined to dream maybe too much when looked from the objective point of view.

But this is also the source of their power – their mind is a creational place that can make magic out of their lives; they are truly capable of living their biggest dream.

In some general way, this sextile makes them aware of increased psychic and intuitive ability, and what is even more interesting their dreams can have meaningful messages and can provide sensible solutions in numerous problems that occur in their lives. Often they claim that they receive answers from the source that comes above and that some voice speaks to them.

Nick Cave, Carrie Fisher, Gates McFadden, Freddie Prinze, Megan Fox, Theresa May, Bill Gates, Martina Navratilova, Willem Dafoe, Duchess of Sussex, Alicia Silverstone and Chris Carter are among some famous people who have this aspect in their natal charts.

Good Traits

There is only love if you ask people who have this sextile in their natal charts, but how, when and where they will use this power is another question. And it is Divine Love if you ask them, that love that truly ennobles everything it touches and corrects every problem that comes along the way.

This is their way of thinking that everything could be changed with love, and in some case, they prove that everything is possible and that sometimes love is the truly only thing you need.

And as much as we can all agree that being idealistic in life is a bad idea in real life since people cannot deal with actual situation in life, knowing and experiencing this divine love that these people lean on is something to talk about since it is not an ordinary look at love and life for that matter.

Even if their connections could break down, they always believe in love, and in this way, they show how successful, capable and smart they can be.

Their other side where they are depicted as losers, stupid and incompetent, disappears when they show how much love they can give – they have a capability to love like no one else in this world.

Their best quality is the one where they are able to teach others how to love unconditionally, not to seek the ideal in the environment, but to create that ideal by accepting things as they are.

They close their eyes in front of the things that do not fit in their perfect picture, even if they are completely capable of looking beyond this perfection.

In the most positive light, these people who have a sextile aspect between Pluto and Neptune are giving themselves to the ideals and are always putting relationships beyond real boundaries (Neptune breaks down everything that comes into contact), and they are ready for a true sacrifice.

They allow their needs to disappear or to no longer recognize them, or that a partner’s needs do not exist but only our vision of what “should be” “And this is often a partner who is unconditionally and boundlessly committed to them – if they manage to find it in their lives, they truly could conquer the world.

Bad Traits

When we are looking at things from a different point of view, we must say that this is the aspect that speaks of one more thing  – these people tend to attach to things that are counterproductive primarily for them and also for their environment.

Instead of progressing in whatever direction, these people not only that they are not moving forward, they are going in the minus phase.

It is true that they see all their ideas and dream through the eyes of love, and they do not have any doubt will they come true, but this is not the realistic light.

It can lead them to a life that is about to break, since it is the representation of a collapse of ideals and to the “corruption” of everything they idealize.

In any case, these are the people who tend to idealize others, and they start from the time when they are very young – they idealize children, brothers, sisters, and to see their ability for communication, dexterity and skills in an unrealistic light.

When talking, these people do not differentiate between being objective and inventing the things they like and what they would like them to be. Or they are able, but they are neglecting those insights and believe only in what they choose to believe not in what is the truth.

Neptune is a place where something is unclear to a person, and in the challenging aspect with the Pluto, the mind, thoughts and expression are unclear, while ideas are impractical and unrealistic.

Love Matters

If we speak of love matters and its connection with the sextile between Pluto and Neptune, it brings the desire to reconcile with intimate feelings, and in this sense, thoughts are turned to spiritual questions, and this is the main thing that their lover must be aware, they need to connect spiritually before anything else.

These people cannot make any serious connection with lovers if this condition is not met.

Things usually go wrong when something irritates them while being in a relationship, and they are ready to end everything must because something is not by their will.

They could be difficult to be in a relationship with, but they compensate this with the number of wonderful feelings they unselfishly give to their lovers.

In the same way as anything else, these people tend to idealize love relationships, they see the person they want to be in a relationship within the light in which they believe is real, or they would want it to be real.

But the reality is something else – they dream of a love that is not realistic, possible. They perceive loved one as a deity who will fulfill all their dreams and ideals.

In this way, the loved one is no longer a human being with flaws and virtues but a divine entity – in a real-life this is a call for a disaster.

This happens because these people (whatever they think of themselves) do not have faith in themselves, does not rely on their own divine nature but looks divinely in the environment.

They need to be very careful not letting personal connections in their lives to break, since they can feel “stuck” and “suffocated with love”.

Work Matters

Having in mind that these people have a strong attachment to their own ideals, and therefore they have more disagreement with the objective circumstances, so the best place for their work is some form of art, preferably where they can work alone, or there will be aggression and dissatisfaction.

If things are not going in the way they wanted, they can act badly, so, maybe, the best solution is to work in the smallest possible collective or totally individually.

These human beings believe that they came to the planet Earth to evolve on the path to their original origin, to their Divine nature, and in some way, they expect from their environment to recognize that, even if this is so unrealistic.

This also happens in their work, when their art, for example, is not recognized by their peers – maybe there is a bit of jealousy regarding their beauty or talent.

When they feel that they are not able to overcome what is bothering them, because they are constantly trying the same thing in the same way, hoping that this time things will be the way they imagine in their mind.

Therefore, these people do not recognize that they are already in such a situation and repeat the pattern.

So, either their work will find their audience, or they are going to change the job – of course, that the best possible scenario is when they find some success in early years of their lives (work), so they do not become frustrated and bitter people (which they have a tendency to become).


Always look at this position among the planets Neptune and Pluto as the positive position, where there can be a great aspect of creation, and with Neptune alone, the ideal is created by accepting that the world, people and circumstances are never ideal, but that it is possible to love people despite their flaws, mistakes, vices and misconceptions – and thus enrich them.

A valuable lesson to learn, only if they can leave dreams for the night, and during the day they could see things clearly.

But, on the negative side, this is the aspect that points that in their lives, or in general there can be conspiracy, deceit and confusion because there are expectations that are abnormal.

This is the position that speaks of their numerous plans, desires and circumstances, but the problematic part is the fact that they never coincide with what is, and what will be.

This is why it is forbidden to create ideals with this aspect – they need to learn to become more realistic and not to expect too much, so they will not be disappointed.

Maybe the most valuable lesson that this sextile brings to us is this – it is forbidden for them to seek the ideal partner, to idealize loved ones, to idealize society, authority, and power, to idealize leaders. To idealize truth, honesty, trust is reflected in a bad aspect leads to delusion and vice.

All in all, this sextile brings strong potential, but the one that is hard to achieve.


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