Turkey Vulture – Spirit Animal, Symbolism and Meaning

Vultures are interesting creatures. Even if you are not that inerested nto symbolism, you know that these birds carry some sort of sinister vibe. They are large birds that inhabit big part of our plane, from cold to hot areas of our globe.

Different cultures had different opinions about them but you will see that symbolism behind them doesn’t vary that much. Some traits remain permanently linked to vultures no matter where they are.

Turkey vulture traits and characteristics

There are many traits that these birds carry and many of them are easily applied to people.

Watchful – These birds have an amazing ability to spot prey from far away. They are natural born hunters and nothing can get by them without being noticed. They spend little time on the ground so they need to be cautious and capture prey until it escapes. If they miss their chance, no one knows how long it will take until they get a new one.

Intelligent – These birds are extremely intelligent. They need to use their brains in order to survive and feed their young. They have to evaluate the situation and make the best move possible in a short period of time.

Cautious – Turkey vultures and vultures in general are very cautious. They need to be like that in order to survive and avoid getting caught by other predators. Evaluating the situation properly is important and not all animals are able to do that. Vultures not only compete with other animals and predators, they also compete among themselves. So, they need to develop new tactics and plans in order to outsmart others.

Now that we know a little bit more about turkey vultures we will look into the symbolism behind this magnificent bird and what this bird represented to cultures around the world.

Turkey Vulture as a totem

As a totem, Turkey vulture has an incredibly powerful symbolism. People protected by this totem are very intelligent.

They can easily adapt to any living situation and make the best of it. Intelligence is something that gets many doors opened for them and allows them to become brilliant in every area of life.

Since they rarely discuss mundane things in life it is hard for them to find an adequate person to share an opinion with. It is also difficult for them to find that perfect romantic partner to share life with. This is why they usually end up alone, which doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all.

People born under this totem are also very analytical. You won’t find them doing irrational things because they have to think about everything to the very last detail. Their analytical nature comes through in all aspects of their life, so they are prone to analyzing every situation and person around them.

After analyzing the situation they will create a tactic that is the most suitable for them. Even though they cannot predict things, planning is something they have to do in order to calm their minds. This way they know that at least they tried to prepare themselves for everything that might come up.

If you are protected by this totem you are very tolerant. These people avoid rushing into situations and you won’t pull their nerve that easy. They are calm and collected people who know exactly what you are doing and how to get you back without causing a scene.

This comes from their brilliant minds. They know that people are sometimes irrational and that not every situation requires a harsh reaction. Being able to stay calm in critical situations is something that saves them a lot of time and energy, and something many people envy them on.

People protected by this totem can be found in various career and jobs. They are more likely to become experts and to show more talent than others, especially if they choose something they like to do.

You are also introspective and you know yourself better than anyone else. You know your limits and how to control your behavior in every situation. Disciplined approach to everything in life is something they value and you like to see that kind of behavior in others.

Another trait that some consider to be negative and others to be positive is shrewdness. They are not used to spending a lot of money on things that aren’t important in life and they like to save money for the rainy days.

Overall these people are very calm and collective people who like to take a good look at every situation and evaluate it before making a move. You will find a fateful friend and partner in these people, so if you have them in your life, make sure you keep them.

Turkey Vulture as a symbol in a dream

Vultures as symbols in dreams can have different meanings. If you saw a vulture in your dream, then this dream represents good luck. Even though these animals can be scary there is nothing bad about dreaming about one.

If you saw a vulture in flight then this means you are going to achieve your goals. This dream brings you good news about all of the plans you have made. Dreams about killing a vulture are indications of loss you are going to experience in the upcoming period.

This loss is going to be financial so be careful about your spending habits and restrict them to only necessary spending. Alternatively, this dream represents that you are going to be able to overcome your financial troubles and be victorious in everything you start doing.

Dream about a vulture attacking you is a representation of enemies you might have in your life. These people could be close to you but in reality they are plotting to destroy your reputation or make you pay for something you haven’t done. Be careful around others and don’t let them get too close to you. The less they know about you the better.

Turkey Vulture as a symbol in different cultures

As symbols in different cultures, vultures had different meanings. In Native American culture they were considered to be an omen for danger. They represented warning signs for the tribes that something bad is about to happen to them.

They played the role of liars and aggressive birds that ripped apart remains of other animals. This vicious side of their nature always made them appear malicious and dangerous to people. Hey were in a strange way, looking forward to death because this meant that food is just around the corner.

Another important thing about vultures for the Native Americans was the fact that they read weather signs and predicted weather conditions by watching them.

Mayan culture considered vultures to be death eaters. They were symbols of cleansing and transformation. After an animal dies, vultures come and feed of the dead. Vultures were also considered to be in control of the rain and weather.

Vultures were considered to be rulers of death. They watched death right in the face and literarily ate death.

Zoroastrians and Buddhists practiced sky burials. This ceremony was entailed that they would leave the dead outside for the vultures to eat them. This way their spirit would go out to the sky and this would ease of their path to the other world.

Vultures are protectors and guardians of their young. There aren’t many birds or animals out there who guard their young the way vultures watch over theirs. They are vicious in protecting their young ones and they are often called the Mother birds.

Vultures are definitely amazing creatures. There is a strong and protective aura around them that sets them apart from other birds. With their strong bodies and enormous wings they are rulers of the sky. Symbolism behind them has varied as years passed by, but they are still considered to be one of the most powerful animal totems.


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