Spiritual Meaning of a Pair of Doves

Spirit animals are there to watch over us and to protect us in our waking life. Also, they can bring us important messages from the universe, so we should not ignore when your spirit animal appears in your life. If you notice that a certain animal is appearing very often in your waking life, it could be your spirit animal and it could tell you a lot about yourself and also about your own life.

In this text we will talk about a dove as a spirit animal. The symbolism of a dove is very interesting, so we hope you will enjoy this text. Of course, it is important to say that doves usually come in pairs, so we will try to explain you what is the spiritual meaning of a pair of doves. If you have seen a pair of doves sometimes, it could be a very important sign for you. You have to know that doves are messengers that could bring you important messages from the Divine.

It is also important to know that the symbolism of something may vary from one culture to another.

If you continue to read this text, you will have the opportunity to see what a dove may symbolize and what it means to have a dove as your spirit animal. Of course, we will tell you what a pair of doves can mean in a spiritual sense.

We hope this text will be useful for you and you will find interesting information about this theme. Seeing a pair of doves may not be a coincidence, so you should read this text carefully and find out what these spirit animals can mean. We hope you will like this text and you will find all you wanted to know about the spiritual meaning of doves.

What Does a Dove Symbolize?

The symbolism of a dove exists since a long time ago and it is very interesting. First of all we have to say that a dove is a very powerful spirit animal and it is a symbol of new beginnings and renewal.

According to the Bible, a dove symbolizes the Holy Spirit and we can also say that it is related to love and elegance. The Bible says that Jesus was blessed by the Holy Spirit that was represented as a white dove. A dove is a symbol of soul and love as well. There is a belief that a white dove is very pure, so evil forces are not able to take it. There are also many other beliefs related to the meaning of a white dove.

This spirit animal may also symbolize motherhood because it is able to produce its own milk. During the history a dove was associated with a couple of mother figures, such as Venus and Aphrodite in ancient Greece, mother Mary in Christianity and also Ishtar in old Assyrian culture. In all those cases a white dove was used as a symbol of purity, hope, peace and devotion of a mother.

If we are talking about the symbolism of today, it is important to say that a white dove symbolizes peace, but also good fortune and love. As we have already said, it symbolizes new beginnings as well. A dove is a symbol of wisdom that may come into your life. There is no doubt that the symbolism of doves is very powerful, but if you see a pair of doves in front of you or if you dream about them, then the symbolism will be even more powerful.

A pair of doves always symbolizes peace, fidelity and love. That’s why a pair of doves is usually used as a decoration on many weddings.

Also, in many cultures all over the world couples release doves on the wedding day because it symbolizes their fidelity and love.

Doves teach us that peace is something that is always available for all of us. They help us get rid of all negative thoughts and feelings in our lives.

Now you will see what it means to have a dove as your spirit animal.

Dove As a Spirit Animal

You have probably heard that all people have their spirit animals. If a dove is your spirit animal, then you must be a peaceful person who is always ready to repair all the things in a relationship.

People whose spirit animal is a dove are real peacemakers and they have their own peace in life.

If you have a dove as your spirit animal, then you must have a lot of friends as well. They usually come to you to find their own peace. You are always ready to give good advice to your friends and to understand them.

Also, you give them hope even in the most difficult situations and that’s why people love you so much. If a dove is your spirit animal, you have nice words for everyone and you are able to bring peace into someone’s life.

It is interesting to say that many people who have a dove as their spirit animal are musicians and they have a great gift for music.

If you notice that a dove is appearing very often in your life, it could mean that it is your spirit animal. In this case you should know that you are not alone because your dove spirit animal will always be with you.

This animal will follow you on your life journey and it will help you grow in a spiritual sense.

Dreams About a Pair of Doves

If you have seen a pair of doves in your dream, it could mean that it is time to find peace and harmony in your own life. You don’t have to worry because you have your dove spirit animal that will help you in that.

Also, a dove will help you find balance in yourself and live in peace.

A dove that has appeared in your dream may help you recognize the beauty that exists all around you.

Also, you will be able to see the beauty that exists in your own heart. A dove in your dream is also a symbol of wisdom that will be given to you. It is important to mention that a dove is a messenger of hope and peace, not only in your waking life, but also in your dreams.

A white dove in your dream will symbolize friendship and loyalty and it will help you get rid of all negative feelings that may exist in you.

A dove spirit animal will bless you with positive thoughts and beautiful feelings.

If you have dreamed about doves that are building their nest, it means that there will be a lot of harmony and joy in your home. You will have a peaceful life in the next period, so you don’t have to worry.

Meaning Of a Dove Tattoo

Another way to have a dove beside you at any moment is to have a dove tattoo. It will always remind you of all traits and beautiful things that a dove may bring into your life. If you decide to have a tattoo of a dove or a tattoo of a pair of doves, it is usually considered to be a symbol of beauty, hope and peace.

If you have this type of a tattoo, it will probably mean that you are commited to peace and you would like to bring new things in your own life. You would like to have peace in your heart and you think that is most important for your happiness.

If you have bad thoughts and feelings deep inside of you, a dove is a spirit animal that you need. This animal will make your thoughts better and it will bring peace into your life.

Regardless of whether a pair of doves appears somewhere around you or you have dreamed about them, you should know that it may be an important sign for you.

A pair of doves may have a very strong symbolism, so you should not ignore that sign.

As you could see in this text, a pair of doves is almost always a symbol of peace, love and fidelity. They can symbolize innocence and purity as well. That’s why very often doves are used for weddings in many countries.

Doves have always positive symbolism, so it is always nice to have a dove as your spirit animal. If a pair of doves appears often in your life, you should not ignore it. A dove can be your spirit animal, which can make your life even more beautiful.


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