Ceres in Taurus

The position of Ceres in the natal chart speaks of the ability to nurture others, to accept tender feelings directed at us, and to another dark potential: denying tenderness or exaggerating it in order to control others.

Ceres in the twelfth house may indicate an elusive or abstract maternal relationship, or a relationship in which a person with breast milk brings spiritual values ​​into himself. The position of Ceres in Taurus would give the person a realistic style in nurturing others, increasing the desire for them to be possessed.

Ceres in Taurus Man

Ceres in Taurus man has a bittersweet life. It can be verified by the curious fact that it has Misfortune and Fortune as Dominant, although Misfortune takes precedence by having it in the Ascendant.

You can see that it has Ceres in Taurus, together with Venus which does nothing but ratify the meanings that I have indicated above, with respect to this asteroid in the sign of the Bull.

In addition, it is found in conjunction with the North Node, which can be interpreted as opening doors through Ceres’ own qualities in Taurus, offering opportunities.

Al Gore’s work on the environment has been well recognized.

Ceres in Taurus Woman

This is the position in which the maternal instinct most accuses the traits of possessiveness and thus promotes traumatic and painful separations.

Likewise, Ceres’ relations with nutrition and food are revealed here, and it can be, this, position, both of gastronomic tendencies, as well as of psychological problems related to food and retractable even to the Freudian “oral phase”.

Ceres tends to give, in Taurus, protection, material safety, comfort, comfort and food, to others.

And it is a position that inclines (and favors) the relationship with the earth at any level (love of the land, agriculture, geology …).

Good Traits

Interpreting the archaic inner face of this asteroid, we discover the wise goddess of burial, Ceres as an old woman, but also the innocence that was transformed into Hades, Ceres as a girl.

Like the prehistoric old women who held the dying members of their tribe in their arms during the last rites, Ceres inspires us as a compassionate caregiver for terminally ill patients.

The position of situations in which a person might go through hell, as Persephone experienced. Ceres in aspect with the moon, for example, would make it probable for a person to feel the crisis in their home, not only with family members, but also with roommates or any other person with whom he or she lives.

In this case, even the slightest altercation in the home can make a person feel like a helpless child who has to grow up through catharsis.

Bad Traits

Ceres in Taurus feels good when he has material security. They care for others by providing them life needs such as shelter, food and financial stability. Often Ceres in Taurus can become overly reliable on their own stuff, or they can value their own worth based on those things.

Touch is a very important sensation for people with Ceres in Taurus. A good massage helps them feel grounded and cared for. They only feel worthwhile if they manage to provide themselves with everything they need.

Ceres in Taurus – General Info

Ceres in Taurus stays until May 1, a little less than three months to start materializing part of our great potentials.

Ceres in Taurus, will form, direct angles with Neptune and Kiron in Pisces, Pluto in Capricorn and the Full Moon in Virgo on March 12.

Let us vibrate in high frequency by elevating our connection with our Higher Self, remembering that our outer plane is a reflection of our inner world.

We need to keep in mind that astrological events follow their course, nothing stops.

On the one hand we have the Sun from Cancer, we also have Venus in Leo and Juno in Scorpio. None of them stops and each one continues his long journey furrowing the skies.

We have to be aware of the influence that each of them has on our path, which in turn ends up configuring a period of change, growth and, above all, a lot of learning.

So we must learn to work very well everything that happens on the road, so that we can take advantage of the benefits that can be developed along the way in order to grow and evolve in the difficult and complicated times we are going through.

For this reason we need to see these events as something really positive and favorable for the change and learning we need.

Do not forget that we have the psychic of the zodiac, retrograde Neptune from Pisces, on the other hand we have Mr. Saturn retrograde from Sagittarius and also the asteroid Chiron, who is retrograde from the sign of Pisces.

All of them in their own configuration are working to strengthen and offer changes at the individual and collective level. We are facing really deep moments, the process that Neptune has been doing in Pisces for a long time has been preparing a scenario where we all must continue standing, fighting but that in turn allows to improve transpersonal relationships.

We are in a historical moment for the world, because what now happens in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Turkey among others, will finally define the course of the whole world.

So we must be very attentive to everything that happens to be able to understand for sure all the coming events.

At the beginning it was considered as a planet, but everything changed until the 1860s when they finished cataloging it as an asteroid, but later in 2006 it was considered as a Dwarf Planet. It is located in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, in addition to that, it has a quarter and a third of the total mass of the asteroid belt.

Its measurements are 960 x 932 km in diameter with an almost spherical shape and its rotation period is little more than 9 hours. It is an asteroid that tarts around 4.6 years to go around the Sun, even, its orbit is not very eccentric. In addition, it retrograde every 15 months and lasts about 3 months in that movement.

Her name, Ceres is the transformation in Latin of the name of the Greek goddess Demeter, who was the daughter of Cronos and Rhea, considered the Goddess of natural cycles and mother of Persephone, but also sister of Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune, Vesta and Juno.

The story goes that when she was a young maiden she was kidnapped by the fearsome Hades while she was picking flowers.

He wished she would stay living with him in the underworld, but Demeter or Ceres desperately goes to rescue her daughter Persephone leaving the infertile lands and begs Hades to let her return.

For his part, the lord of the underworld, Hades, lets her go but unfortunately he had already persuaded Persephone to try a grenade that would link her forever with the underworld.

Therefore, the young woman has to spend six months there and another six months on earth, hence the famous division between winter and summer will be explained.

We must make it clear, since Ceres represents agriculture, the control of the seasons, the resources, the teachings of the land and the harvest, is the mother who protects her daughter at all costs.


Ceres in Taurus creates a person who is willing to give 200% into everything he or she does, but they expect the same in return. Betraying them is worse than anything else you can do.

Ceres and Taurus in this conjunction, collaborating with each other, generate a great desire for power and prominence.

It must be very difficult to control the ego with those planets in house I and Leo.

In any case, what I’m going to do is that these planets more or less square with Ceres.


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