Dreams About Cutting Hair – Interpretation and Meaning

Dreams have always been a mystery to us. Are they really something to be looked at as a sign from „someone out there“ and are they something we should remember as important and life defying.

Whatever your point of view might be, they can sometimes truly come true. During our dreams, we see or feel many different things and some of them might come unexpected to us.

To know exactly what is their purpose in our dream, can be difficult.

In this article we will be talking about dreams about cutting hair. What is the symbolism behind this dream, and what can it possibly mean to us.

Cutting your hair in a dream

If you had a dream in which you have cut your hair or someone else did so, the symbolism is usually connected to loss. It can also mean a different thing, but all of the meanings are somewhat connected to each other.

This dream can also mean that you are changing, something new has happened to you and you feel like you are a whole new person. This is not an unusual thing in real life too. Whenever we feel somekind of change in our life, we try to re-invent ourselves, and we mostly start with hair (or at least women do).

Your general outlook on the world is changing, and you have grown or experienced something deeper and meaningful that has made you feel like a new person.

This can be due to many different things. Perhaps you have changed your job, ended a long term relationship or moved to another place.

If those things haven’t happened to you, then it might mean that you are redy for them to happen, or you have been feeling like changing your life from the roots. Since you are cutting your own hair, it has to be connected to you and nobody else.

Cutting your hair in real life after this dream, might be a good idea. Maybe you are expressing your desire for a change (even a simple one), through your dreams and since hair can grow back you should start with her.

Cutting other person’s hair

Not very similar to the explanation above, cutting someone’s hair can mean that you have a need to control someone.

Maybe you are in a relationship with someone, who you don’t really have control over, in the sense you wish they weren’t acting they way they are acting out now.

Connected to the previous explanation, you might feel like you need to change someone so you can be happy.

This obviously is never a good thing, so you might be just to tired of starting over with someone, while they remain the same.

This can also mean that you like to see people act the way you want them to act.

Maybe your intentions are good, but this goal is hard to achieve.

Your overall frustration with certain things then gets expressed in your dreams, since it can’t make any change in the real life.

Whatever your intentions might be, you shouldn’t interfere with other people’s choices too much. This will save a lot of time and nerves.

Losing hair in your dream

If you experience this terrifying event in your dream, then you might be too concerned with your outside appearance.

You value your looks, and you are afraid of getting older and losing your youth too soon.

This dream can also mean that you feel weak, and powerless in certain life situations.

Maybe you don’t seem to have control over a possible outcome, and this worries you a lot.

If the hair is falling on it’s own, it means that you are afraid that you won’t be able to affect certain events in your life, and that they will hurt you no matter what you do.

Other types of dreams about hair

If you are taking care of your hair in your dream, by combing or styling, this means that you are going through your possible options.

You are taking time with your final thought and decision. If your hair is too long in your dream, it could mean that you are not acting on your decisions enough and that it is time to move.

Short hair, on the other hand, suggests that you should think about your spending.

Maybe you are too lavish for your current situation and you need to take it down a little.

Grey heair in dreams represents wisdom. Maybe you have found about certain facts that are highly important and you feel empowered by this knowledge.

Bugs that are coming out of your hair could mean that you feel like there is too much pressure on you to make a certain decision, or maybe you feel pressure by yourself to make a big decision in your life.

This decision is usually connected to the way other people see you.


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