Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Do not mistake Astrology for some anarchistic and distant discipline where there are no rules and where there cannot be any prediction or at least guess with the same amount of certainty. In it, regardless of what planets and stars can show you, you are the one that makes decisions and is making the choices in your life, and you cannot blame your horoscope for the failures in life.

Astrology can give you directions and can provide you with insight into your life and the life of the people who are close to you, but you are the one that makes all the calls and must take the responsibility.

So, this science is no way a departure from individual liability.

Now, when you understand that everything depends only on you, you can continue reading this piece that is dedicated to the people who have Sun located in the Scorpio sign and the Moon in Virgo sign.

In the article that is in front of you will see what kind of opportunities this person has and what kind of energy it drives him.

Good Traits

This is the person who has two or more sides that he shows as he sees fit – he is sometimes exalted, sometimes reasonable in his thoughts, but – in order to reach him.

He is the one that knows at all times when he needs to be careful when it’s time to engage passionately and to measure that necessary amount of modesty and ambition, support and impatience – he has all of these traits and he uses them as the situation requires, and in this sense he is exceptionally intuitive human being. He can handle and assess the situation very well, and from his analytical mind many good things can come up.

He has an innate sense to evaluate what is needed at a given occasion – he can do this evaluation with such remarkable precision, and this is the way he finds success in life. He observes situations and makes calculations that will bring him the highest amount of success.

In the end, we can say with the certainty that this is the person who is a perfectionist in his actions and ambition, with the sharp eye for the details, who watches the world around without some overwhelming sympathy. Deep inside there is one warm heart that wants to give itself to the world, and depending on circumstances in life he is able to give it more or less.

Bad Traits

But, we also must speak about the double nature of the person who has luminaries in Scorpio and Virgo signs – one, the good side is clear, but the negative one is hidden inside.

He may be involved in hard work, that may be unnecessary, and in those times his irritable behavior and strong aggressiveness are on the rise. This is his impulse, and he is unable to make it stop in some, even if he feels like he should; these impulses are so pronounced at times that he is surprised with himself.

His sensitivity can be inhibited, and in this sense, he is the person who is programmed for continuous combat and activity – he can never live the peaceful life without problems, they are the common part of his life, and he is used to them.

His character is such that he needs just a small thing or detail so that his mood changes suddenly, and sometimes this change goes to the wrong side, and in some moments it can go in the better direction, so he begins to care for others. And you can imagine who hard it can be for his loved ones, never know what to do, and need to measure their words so carefully.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon in Love

This is a person who has the Moon located in the Virgo sign, so when it comes to love and choosing his lovers, he has a “perfect” eye and precision. Although at first glance mild nature, discreet, and even somewhat shy, this person excels in life with penetration, strong mental power and stimulation, not only physical appearance.

His motive in love can be the tendency to make himself and lover better, and he usually seduces others with his words and magnetic appearance.

In emotional connections, this person always opts for those who are very loyal and long-lasting, and any sort of connection must come from strong emotions, even platonic.

The one that has such luminary connection is a very gentle and sensible lover. Often this person also has missed emotional opportunities in life, because he does not listen to intuition or does not include emotional “receivers” on time who are in conflict with constant personal analysis.

In the end, he is the one type of person who needs someone who will let him go to be what he truly is; to give him a lot of emotions, and someone who will worship him. Even if this last tendency may be not seen in the first look, but he will show it, be sure about it, at one point.

Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon in a Relationship

His complex nature must learn to rule with its indiscipline of he wants to stay in a solid relationship, and also this is the person that as a lover must measure its delirium in which he can fall.

This human being as a lover directs its expressed tendencies towards waste – the least of it relates to everyday things, so he needs to alleviate the devastation of its jealousy.

His lovers are in constant struggle with the conflict of his two kinds of nature – this is the continuous process and the time prevails with the passions of the brain, the time of hearing and feeling.

Only with a huge moral capacity this human being can balance these two forces and be a good partner to someone. Otherwise, he will have the opportunity to make his love life more complicated, as well as to get to know the darkest side of his heart and mind, especially the frustration of the unsatisfied wishes.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Virgo Moon

The psyche of the person who has luminaries in Scorpio and Virgo connection is, by all means, stronger than usual. When this person is able to rule it, this can be the key to success in every aspect of his life, but when not, he is unable to do anything.

Also, his most prominent feature is restraint, and his lovers must accept this as a given – this human being will never allow himself to anyone penetrate into his most intimate and most hidden spheres and successfully hide from others his other weak points. Who is the lover that could deal with such character? We guess that this spot belongs to the person who is born in Cancer sign; and in that sense, this connection has great potential.

The problem may arise when our candidate realises that the Cancer lover is too emotional for him and that the attention he needs to dedicate to him starts to dull it.

In every others case, these two will quickly settle down because of the loss of a loved in not an option.

Our candidate must be aware that in this connection, it should not be too narrow in language; because the emotional Cancer will be withdrawn and this connection will soon end (the Sun in Scorpio is the cause of this problem).

If both sides cross over their pride and hard-line positions this connection will succeed and be very passionate.

Scorpio Sun Leo Moon as a Friend

The standards are quite high in every aspect of his life, and this is even more pronounced because he is very critical of the environment he is in. In friendly relations, this is the person who is discreet, mysterious, and very submissive to the fantasies or extravagances of those around you.

He often participates in all crazy stuff that his friends do, even if he can judge others for their actions.

That’s why he may look like a person on the distance, reserved and withdrawn – he often manages some hidden forces, strong instincts, some inexplicable feelings, and his friends have a hard time in dealing with this issue.

However, he has a common sense and is the person of the initiative; He is, above all very active and resourceful, but has the tendency to exhaust things – he can be obsessive in this way, for example, he wants to know every detail in the life of his friends.


This character combination, above all, promotes efficiency in life along with the deep energy, and all of this is placed under the control of the Moon in the Virgo sign, and we all know that this sign is an expert for reality and organisation.

Because of this, he can be able to coordinate many contradictions that are inevitable in life, and he is enriched with the ability to counter contrast with a solid and diligent logic that allows him to use “for” and “against” method for everything in life.

This may be a good strategy in life, but he needs to be aware that not all things in life can be measured in this way.

In the end, this is one interesting person who prefers in many situations to let a deep and powerful intuition to lead him; it will allow him to easily distinguish the truth from lies, to separate good and evil. Intense and persistent in his decision-making process, he is able to concentrate all of his energies in the direction of the ideals he seeks.


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