Aries Sun Cancer Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The position of the Sun in our personal horoscope can show us what is the way we are expressing ourselves in life – this is really important to understand since many people do not realise this until they are old and do not know what to do with their lives, or they choose the wrong way, and they cannot go back.

The Moon is the aspect that is hidden, and that should reveal the things that are hidden, like emotions, for example, maybe the ones that a person is trying to hide from people that are in his environment. These two positions can reveal the complete picture.

In this case, we are looking into the profile of the person who has Sun positioned in the Aries Zodiac sign, and the Moon placed in the Cancer Zodiac sign. These two signs may seem like are in opposition, and that they do not have anything in common and are not complementary, but this is not the case.

Read all about this person and his traits in life and love also.

Good Traits

Since the Sun here is in Aries, this person can be very energetic and resourceful, and brave, even cheerful, but unlike many other Aries people, he cannot fit in so perfectly in any environment, since his emotions are placed on some other place. But one thing that in this human is pronounced to the maximum is his intuitive nature, not excessive, but also independent.

This person can get into trouble, there is no doubt about it, but in the same way, he can successfully and quickly get out of trouble, he has what it takes to find his way out the uncomfortable situations.

When in a good mood, and when he can hide or suppress his emotionality, this person who has positioned Sun in the Aries and Moon in the Cancer sign, is ambitious, dignified and worthy, more constructive than he thinks, enduring when he wants something to achieve. He is the great idealist who is generous and admires his close environment.

This is an emotional, intuitive, curious and imaginative personality and a human being who usually experiences the situation by his emotions that depends on his mood that changes easily and quickly. The subjection to the current mood is conditioned by the received impressions created by each given moment in the everyday life situation (this is common for the Aries sign).

Bad Traits

Looking at things from a negative perspective that is certainly present here, we come to one very negative trait that is connected to this man – he is the one that starts more jobs than he can finish, he is stubborn and jealous at times.

In some extreme cases, he can be extremely reckless, and the worst part is when a person who is emotional and internally fragile does risky things.

When it comes to love and interpersonal relations, this human being can show his negativity or a negative range of emotions, and one of those emotions can be extreme possessiveness, or inclination to manifest a stronger feeling of insecurity through jealousy.

This is maybe the worst possible scenario in his life – emotions hurt, and jealousy enhanced. This situation, where his feelings are hurt, and the need for vengeance is present, driven by the strong suspicion – this could be the cause on many of his problems in life.

If someone as emotional as this person and someone who is a fighter and very passionate, you know that he is going to have difficulty in problematic situations in life, he needs to overcome his flaws, and this is not always easy.

Aries Sun Cancer Moon in Love

In love, this person often appears as a great romantic and vulnerable being whose soul just wants to be loved; but the problem occurs when Aries inside of him pushes him into mistakes, that in the end hurt his soul immensely, and he has a problem in recovering for such love ventures. He can find himself in the vertigo of love attempts that will end with a disaster.

But he is Aries after all (the Sun is positioned in the Aries sign and it gives him incredible courage and bravery), and he will not stop attempting, just because he failed miserably – no, he will continue to search what he firmly believes that he is entitled to; one perfect love.

So, finding happiness in love can the primary goal whose goal is to strive for life. He seeks to express his love in a gentle, sensual, warm and romantic way – not a typical scenario for one Aries. This calm love life can be his shelter from all negative and aggressive feelings that he might sometimes have (as the impact from his sign Aries).

For him, a person who has Sun positioned in the Aries and the Moon in Cancer Zodiac sign, the lonely life without love or without a harmonious relationship can be difficult to bear, because in his nature there is a need for emotional attachment, belonging and “merging” with close beings.

This person cannot live if his feelings are not manifested in some way, a life, where there are just business goals and struggles, is not an option for this human being.

Aries Sun Cancer Moon in a Relationship

There is also a tendency towards the realization of a firm and lasting emotional connection in love, and in the life of the person who has Sun in the Aries sign, and Moon in the Cancer sign, in love it is preferable to have long and stable relationships with an emphasised aspiration for a successful and lasting marital community.

Nothing that is short and small does interest this human a lot, maybe just in youth, but later in life, only strong and stable, long-term relationships are his interest in love.

In many situations, this human being also feels a need to protect the subject toward close people. During life in certain circumstances, it can also feel emotional dependence on the closest people in their surroundings.

He has somewhat subtle and fragile nature that cannot be seen at first glance, his inner being is very vulnerable, and hence the feelings can be and very easily hurt, especially in situations when love is triggered by a suspicion that his lover betrayed him in some way.

Best Match for Aries Sun Cancer Moon

Since Moon is positioned in the Capricorn Zodiac sign, in this person the emotions are strongly pronounced, and all his life revolves around them; so he needs someone who will understand this and at the same time, someone who will accept his strength and independence.

Who can be this partner? Who can be the person that will show understanding and deep commitment to this emotional lover? It could be a member of the Pisces Zodiac sign, who can parallel emotionality to the Cancer part of this person, but who can be stimulated by the Aries energy.

So the Pisces lover could provide all that it takes for a person who has Sun in Aries and Moon in Cancer sign since here there could be a great understanding of most profound, intimate dilemmas.

The Pisces lover could provide him that emotional connection, loyalty and comfort that he craves, and in return, he can give this person the same amount of love and tenderness, but when needed the necessary strength to move on in the right direction in life.

Aries Sun Cancer Moon as a Friend

This human being is unlike some other Aries people incredibly attached to his family and friends – he has many of them who are his long-term friends. He is the one person who has so many “best friends” that are connected to him in every way, and he respects them to the core.

He is very attached to the family, loyal to his friends and in general dedicated to the people who are close to him. The only problem occurs when people do not appreciate him enough; he can be very hurt and disappointed in those times.

The family and warmth of the family home can occupy a central place in the life of this person, and when we say family, we also mean his close friends who he cherishes so much.

Everything he does must be correlated to this high value in his life, and this is his basis for any growth in life, and all of his business or other goals fall on the second place, besides family and friends.

This is his focus in life, and maybe a perfect balance for achieving happiness in life for a person who has Sun in Aries and Moon in Cancer.


How to sum up a person character in a few short sentences? Human nature is a very complicated thing, but there are a few things that are certain when it comes to the person who has Sun positioned in the Aries and Moon in the Cancer sign.

What the position of the Moon does in this astrological combination; in fact, it indicates that in this being, sometimes there can be a more explicitly more subjective approach to things in life. He is the one that is leaning on his strong intuition, kindness, believing that all things in his life will fall on its place, eventually.

Close people from the environment and even some people who do not know him well enough try to warm to him, and accept his openness and hospitality openly. He is a person, who likes to dream, and he likes to dream big; he is even eager to provoke some situations in his life, but when things are not going according to his plans, he can feel overpowered.


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