Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Did you know about the fact that the Astrology and in general the concept of the Zodiac signs originated from ancient Babylon, and it was influenced (in later years) by Hellenistic culture, in particular, Greek and Roman culture, and even the Egyptian culture? This is scientifically proven, so this is why this science is so interesting because it was under the impact of so many different cultures that made one very interesting mixture.

In Astrology, the twelve Zodiac signs are connected to the 12 Houses, and each and every one of them is associated with the different element and planet. They are Earth, Wind, Water and Fire.

Somewhere in the middle, we recognise the Luminaries (the Sun and the Moon) and their impact on the natal chart.

Today we are focusing our attention to the people who have luminaries located in the Scorpio and Sagittarius sign.

Good Traits

The main strength that is associated with this person lies in his power of regeneration, and this person is so strong that he is able to overcome any temptation and problem that may occur in his life.

His life path has many problems, but he is an enthusiastic person who will never allow those problems to discourage him on his path by the fact that the Sun in the Scorpio gives the necessary strength to deal with problems.

Nevertheless, the Moon that is located in Sagittarius will help him in these and similar situations.

He can be the master of his life, only if he learns that the cause of all his problems lies in himself, and if he faces bravely he will win this battle.

Also, we could say that the person who has luminaries located in Scorpio and Sagittarius sign has an active mind, mysterious energy; he can be subtle and deep at the same time.

He likes to think about the future, to calculate, and contrive, and then engage in the end, to endeavor to acquire some form of power over beings and things. This is his main goal, and he often succeeds in this, power is his big motivation to achieve something in his life. He likes to have it and to enjoy it, without it he feels unsuccessful.

Bad Traits

In this person with the luminaries located in Scorpio and Sagittarius signs, we can see intellect and the depth of the psyche, and as much this is a good thing that can give you so much, it is also the cause of many of exaggerations. So for example, this person often sees injustice where it is not present; it is difficult to satisfy this person since he is constantly convinced that he can always do better and bigger things in life.

What is the main thing here – this is the person who needs to practice on a concrete reality to find out how much he can actually do, if not, he will take too much of everything in life, and never be able to deal with it. He must stay grounded and in balance, and it is hard, so it is a constant struggle.

Sometimes this is the person who can develop many fears especially those that do not have any realistic basis so that he can sabotage his own success in life.

In the end, his spirit is built from the forces of the power of demolition, and this human being often finds himself in a defensive position. Imagination, often dark and negative, is the cause of many of his problems and errors in judging. He can make some very wrong choices in life just because he thinks in a negative way.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon in Love

But despite the circumstances that are following this person in life, that are not easy, he remains one very sensitive and romantic person – but he can be confusing in this sense.

If he loves you, he is the best, and when he is your enemy he is very dangerous and can do things that he is not proud of, but he cannot stop doing them, cause he is under the impact of some disturbing impulses.

But if he loves you, you will feel like no one in this world, he will be yours everything and he will be the one that will make your dreams come true.

One more thing is connected with this human being when it comes to love, and interpersonal relations – in him, both purity and perversity are connected and make a significant impact on his life.

This is not a type of Scorpio that will close the door to the love, nor he will wait for something to happen on its own, and it has a full initiative to keep its destiny in its hands.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon in a Relationship

Emotions, the true love, deep connection with another human being are the eternal search of every Scorpio and also for this one that has Moon located in the Sagittarius sign.

His life must be fulfilled, and there must always be a lot of love, passion, and often times in his life there are secret affairs or some kind of forbidden emotions. Some of his love relationships are unconventional for others, but nevertheless, he enjoys them either way.

At first glance, this is the person who enjoys casual encounters, unusual emotional hiding, and is often in complicated relationships. However, he wants to know what it is and will not keep things in anonymity for a long time.

In the end, this passionate and loving creature tends to be free, but happy in love and will strive (especially in later years of his life, after some experiences) to be in love with someone who is worthy of his love and commitment.

Best Match for Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon

This is a person who possesses the extraordinary power of regeneration, and he is the one that will rise up fast after a breakup or rejection (this does not mean that he will never suffer, cause he will).

In him, there is an intensity of emotions and souls that always seek for truth and true answers -he is not interested in things that are fake.

He can infuse great trust with its free communication and direct attitudes – this is the way he attracts others with his open and honest approach; you will know that he likes you.

He knows that he hides things that are related to intimacy, partners, and being in love with this complex character is never easy.

However, with this human being, you can really enjoy in life, and in later years you can find a feeling of peace, for sure.

His true love could be found in the person who is born in the Zodiac sign Leo – this may be the key for his loving soul. The Leo lover likes to cheer others and the person who has Sun and Moon located in Scorpio and Sagittarius signs will enjoy this attention.

Leo lover loves children, and this may be the connecting dot between the two lovers and during their love affair, there will be a lot of passion.

Scorpio Sun Sagittarius Moon as a Friend

As we have said, this person is not easy to get to know, and it is because he hides a lot under the surface, and that surface is hard and cannot be penetrated easily.

He often seems like a tranquil and straightforward person, and in essence, this creature is one remarkably complicated human being, far more delicate than he shows; so in his life, there is a place just for some selected few who will prove their loyalty on each step of the way. It is not an easy task, but his friends are very strong and have a deep understanding.

As a human being in general, and a friend, he has a strong will and even when he is reserved, he is giving others respect.

He is open and honest and always looks at the problems in their totality, to the very bottom.

Of course, you must be careful that you do not step on his soft spot, cause he can turn into one very dangerous enemy that is ready to do some harm.


This combination of the Sun in the Scorpio and the Moon in Sagittarius sign gives one rather complicated personality because these are two characters whose meanings differ greatly -one can be passionate and dark, and other can be light and optimistic.

But this does not mean that these two forces cannot provide anything good in life. This is also the case that this person openly opposes everything that is bothering him, and it gives him the strength to cross the borders of the world, but for that, he has to have enough strength.

This is the person who mainly manages to focus interests and thoughts on problems and the most important issues trying to stay away from the difficulties and responsibilities that everyday life brings, but all together requires a lot of power, energy, and potential. There is no doubt that this person has all of this, but he must be aware that he focuses these strengths in a positive direction.

At the end of this summary, we can say, that he expresses the need for independence and, on the other side he shows the increased visibility that is manifested through the rebellions and contradictions.

These two characteristics prevail and clash, giving the unique characteristic – he often hides your intentions, he does not always show his will and is often surprised by the fact that strengths are almost always in proportion to the temptations and difficulties of the moment.


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