Dream of Helicopter – Meaning and Symbolism

Anything that is a part of our lives, or even if it the part of our subconscious in any way could become a part of our dream world. We could dream that we are in a situation that we did not experience in our real life, but we only have seen it or think of it in some way.

So, even if you are afraid of flying or you never fly with the helicopter, you can dream of it, and it has its meaning and symbolical value. Learn what it is and what it could mean for you.

If we want to look at things in a general way, the helicopter as the symbol in a dream world, it implies your objectives and accomplishments that you want to have in life, but you are at times afraid whether you will succeed.

This dream tells you that you should never stop chasing your dreams, they are worthy, and fear cannot be the stopping sign for you.

Sometimes this dream is the symbol of slowing down, in a sense that you are the person who wants to please everyone, but it is not able, so it produces frustration in your life.

Sometimes this dream implies that you are caught in the problem -focus on your life and your objectives.

Meaning of a Dream of Helicopter

First of all, we must say that the helicopter is a symbol of flying, freedom, altitude, the ability to rise above any situation and rationally consider its capabilities along with problems, and is also synonymous with power, success, and independence, high social standing, wealth and influence. Not everyone could ride a helicopter, and many of us will never get the chance to see it, but it can show up in our dream world.

But we must say that this is not such a common dream object, and in cases that it appears, it can mean that you are afraid of doing new things in life, or it represents one’s awareness of oneself and one’s capabilities.

Others say that the helicopter expresses arrogance or great egoism, but also it can show your drive for achievement, success, and power.

It speaks of the impact that you have or want to have in society – if you have seen a helicopter; it means that you are a person who is very determined and stable and that you assiduously carry out all your goals and plans in your life.

If the helicopter in your dream was on the ground and you just look at it, it could mean that some great troubles and bad times ahead of you in each of your life fields and that you have not clearly defined your intentions and plans.

There is one more version of this dream that is worthy of mentioning – if a helicopter is managed by your close relative, acquaintance or friend, or a lover, such a dream means that you are facing great problems and conflicts with your loved ones, and that even though you are trying to escape from all the troubles, and you are choosing the fastest way that is not even the best, but still you are choosing it, even if it can bring you more pain than anything else.

Such a dream means that you are burdened with problems that you are facing on a daily basis and that you are under pressure.

The Symbolism of a Dream of Helicopter

If in a dream, you see yourself riding a helicopter not sitting somewhere, but riding, then the symbolism speaks that you are the person who is inclined and has either big and unrealistic ambitions and goals.

But if in your dream, you see the helicopter crashes, and you are just an observer, it could mean that you are a subordinate to others and that you do everything so that you do not watch others suffer.

If you dreamed of managing a helicopter yourself, it signifies that you are a person that everyone just trusts and respects and appreciates, and that you will get to realize some very large and demanding new projects, because your superiors consider that you are the person who can best “respond to the task” and achieve the best results.

It is really important to know what kind of feeling you had in this dream, for example, were you afraid of the helicopter? If you were, but still wanting to ride it, you are determined to do so, such a dream signifies that you are a person who has many dilemmas and doubts about the future of plans and goals.

One very interesting symbolical value in the dream where the motive is the helicopter, but the one in which you see this device levitating in the sky, not moving and not flying, just standing in one place, has the connotation that you are under a great load or pressure, and you do not know where to move and what to do. You are in some form of relaxation and calmness where you need to think and decide where you will move from that moment, and resolve issues.

There is one interesting version of this dream where you just hear that the helicopter is in the sky, but you could not see it with your eyes, you just hear it and know that is close to you.

Such a dream means that you will soon hear some news that will disappoint or sadden you – but also it can come to you as a warning, alert that something is going on around you, but you have been neglecting such event, but you cannot do it anymore, the time is to resolve whatever the problem is.

In the end, if you see in your dream a helicopter that is on fire and is about to explode, such a dream means that you are panicking about the things that are approaching you, and are meant for you.

Maybe you are late to something that you forgot you have, and running to get in as soon as possible, many claim the propeller is the symbol of your fear, that is expanding, or burning in this dream).

Do I have to be worried?

Depending on the circumstances, but in the case where you are riding a helicopter in your dream, it just proves that you are strong and determined. No one can do anything in your path to success, you are not the person who hesitates, or to confuse and frustrate his own intentions, and the hard work and effort you put into it.

But in the case of this dream where you see the helicopter that is on the ground, and you just look at it, such a dream could indicate that you are “wasting”, and you are wasting and unnecessarily the power or the great and “powerful” energy that you have in you, but you cannot “direct” it properly.

You need to overcome the fact that this dream signifies that you are frightened and very afraid of disappointing people who have given you confidence and given you a great chance to succeed.

In other cases and versions of this dream, it symbolizes your desire to resolve the problems you have been facing with the people who are close to you, but you are not choosing the right way, but the fastest.

Such a dream means that you are not able to succeed to “get away” and to confront your close family members or friends and partner. It means that you have to work on the fact that you were not able to resolve some problems in your life, calmly and rationally. Maybe the best advice for the person who had such a dream is trying to find the most appropriate solution to the difficulties you have been through.

What to do if I had this dream?

Think of your dreams and desires that you have in life, the ones that make you afraid when you think of them – the fact that you had a dream about the helicopter, means that you not at all modest, and quite aware of very limited abilities, as well as real the state of all your possibilities and potentials, and strive for you to achieve the impossible, in order to prove yourself or someone, but you will only experience great problems and losses, and precisely because of this attitude towards life in general.

Do not become the person who completely abandoned life and goals, and devoted yourself to the humanitarian work and well-being of all the people around you.

In some other but connected versions of this dream, where the helicopter is standing in the air, it is not going up or is not going down; means that you are stagnant in life and that you feel utterly irrelevant (you see yourself as such, and you want to change it, but you do not know how to do it).

Such a dream signifies the feeling or stifling or stopping you from going anywhere, you just mute watching everything around you go back and forth while you stand and move “neither for the better nor for, the worse.”

In the end, some dream symbolism clam that the helicopter is the symbol of our goals that we want to achieve, and regarding the circumstances that are present in the dream, it can show great fear, or if you are calmly flying in the air, it means that you are a person full of confidence.

Advice for the end – if you had such a dream, it could mean that you are truly and absolutely ready to go beyond your fears and great doubts, in order to achieve your goals and achieve results that will amaze you all around, and that will bring you more then you have never think of it.

Become more aware of what you are, where you are going in life, and do not fear, and do not let fear and pain rule you – you must become aware that some of your hopes will come and the desire to utterly fail, and that a very uncertain and bad future is ahead of you, full of worry, distress, loss and failure in every sense of the word.


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