Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon – Personality, Compatibility

The beauty of the elements that are a part of the Astrology lies in the fact that this is something that is very simple. And you know why this is the case? Because elements that are present in the Zodiac signs are so clear and obvious that it is very simple to get associations and understanding of what the components represent.

So for example, you right away know what it means when a sign belongs to the fire element – this means that it is passionate and very active. And these associations are the same when it comes to every other sign and element.

The same feeling comes to us in the times when we think of another aspect – the luminaries; the Sun points to something that is active and vivid, and to Moon to something that is more passive and hidden.

Now we will try to see how these two aspects affect a personality of the one that has Sun in Sagittarius and the Moon in Virgo sign.

Good Traits

This person has the nature that is in constant search for the internal balance that would provide him with the necessary determination in the direction of personal affirmation.

This release in the soul, however, is not negative because it can create a personality that succeeds in avoiding the “iron logic” of the Moon in the Virgo sign and thus penetrates into the true essence of life, people and situations. This is the person who understands who can sink deep in the minds and lives of other people, and help them if necessary.

The Sun in Sagittarius offers an opportunity for such a person to discover the philosophical and ideological meaning of life, which, supported by the realism that he has, contributes to the creation of a strong personality capable of rising above the pain that may come in life in various forms.

This is the person who usually respects socially recognised moral values and social convention; and even if others see him as the one that is somewhat reserved and worried that he does not make the wrong step, he is a very efficient, lucid, organised and great enthusiast.

He speaks and acts mostly when he is sure that he is right, because he wants to be sure that he will achieve his intentions.

He likes to think and imagine things in advance and he usually gradually analyse what motivates him – but, at the moment of the action, she enters the scene in great style and surprises the environment by being able to achieve what he wanted.

Bad Traits

However, many people, who have this luminary connection in their lives, is the one that at certain times fails to manage his potential in a positive way, and in this path, he suffers a lot.

Such a character can also prevent certain essential and natural personality needs from being truly experienced or sufficiently supported.

He will usually try to retrain his enthusiasm before he does a good job and does not take action before he is convinced that the field is clean – which does not really contribute to any spontaneity. This may be a problem in his interpersonal relations where he shows himself as the person who is unable to relax, to enjoy a good time and to make some spontaneous decisions.

This is the aspect that mostly represents the problem for his friends and emotional partner.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon in Love

First of all,  here, when we are talking about love, the person who has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Virgo signs has a strong need for security, but he also needs independence to terminate a relationship if it does not suits him. He is not the one person that will suffer in a relationship that is not suitable for him, and he needs to feel loved and respected.

So, when emotions are concerned, this is the person who needs more time to fall in love deeply, but he tends to direct himself toward ideal and romantic, gentle relationships. If he has it, then he is seen as an extraordinary parent, but quite demanding- he is seen as the one who expects good results and constant dedication from his lovers.

What also needs to be said in the section about love is the fact that this human being does not tolerate foggy situations, unresolved relationships when something is not clear to him – he does not feel comfortable and does not want to stay long in such affair.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon in a Relationship

Often, he is attracted to lovers that have a totally different temperament, but to persons who can convey some ideal and lightness.

He is seen in most of the case in long emotional relationships or alone, he just does not feel comfortable in one stand relationships and something that does not provide security for him.

At first glance, he leaves the impression of an organised and a bit distant person, in everyday life is often prone to a lack of time, in constant haste, so cannot fully show his desire for perfectionism. And maybe it is stupid to seek for perfection in something, and he just needs to feel someone and enjoy with that person.

He is the one that has very important nuances, and a friendly and open relationship with people, regardless of their openness, he is honest with his partners.

He does not like when lovers restrict him from being who he is, a person who has to be stable and independent at the same time.

At times, the one that has Sun and Moon located in Sagittarius and Virgo sign is burdened with unnecessary self-inquiries and trivialities. Therefore, he must strive to follow the vibrations of his heart and his needs, the demands of his body.

Best Match for Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon

Having said all of this, and if you know that the person with such luminary position wants to feel loved and to feel safe at all time, but at the same he needs a lover who will be able to provide him with the necessary freedom, so that he can walk away if he is not happy in current relationship.

The only person who can understand these, maybe contradictory needs is the lover born in Zodiac sign Libra.

One lover is rational, and another is reasonable, so they represent a very compatible love interest primarily at the intellectual level.

However, these two may take a little more time to get to know each other better and to discover more gradually they have a lot in common and share similar views of life. With this relationship, the potential for achieving a good mutual understanding is emphasised, which is usually based on mutual readiness to achieve clear and open communication in love. These two love birds are able to talk everything through and to achieve a compromise, and this is enough for something that will last a long time.

Sagittarius Sun Virgo Moon as a Friend

This is the person who in the majority of things is lead by the reason and logic, and it can be seen in his friendships, he needs people who are similar to him, so they are connected with love and common ideal.

He very much adapts to himself and rarely tries to influence the environment with the example and the word – he is not a typical Sagittarius in this sense but is much more reasonable. Even if he demands perfection from himself and from the people who are close to him, his energy stops him from obsessing with it as much as he would like.

He enriches ideas that are current with his rigorous analysis- the aspect that he uses when people need his help in this way, friends especially. He is able to look at a problem from an objective point of view, to analyse it, and to provide the best advice.

He is a performer who can actually practice what others have mistakenly imagined, and this role that often falls on him should not deter us from thinking about his effectiveness. Without him in your life, as an open and honest friend, many perspectives would be incomplete or unsuccessful.


The connection between these two luminary positions is quite contradictory. One belongs to those who are gentle and emotional, who are rich in nuances: so the struggle of these two natures is forced to live in the community.

On the one hand, the Moon in the Virgo with its pronounced love for order, details and analysis, and on the other is the Sun in Sagittarius, with its breaking ability for any connections and established schemes, and for all that is one-sided.

This is the person that needs to make work these two sides – the Moon in the Virgo wants and strives to the security, peace, efficiency and discretion. The Sun in Sagittarius has a sense of travelling, adventure and is constantly on the move.

But we must say that in the life of this person these two sides cooperate very well together and that he is one example of the person who can benefit from it.

He is the person, who has a common sense and developed reason, but he is also the person who has initiative; he is orderly and organised, but he has the tendency to exhaust himself with unimportant details.

He knows the secret of eternal youth and has the ability to see the weaknesses of others and draw benefits from it.

The good thing is that this human being works best when he acts diplomatically and with tact; other people are often unaware of his talent.


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