123 Angel Number – Meaning and Symbolism

As we all know, the father of numerology, Pythagoras once said that the numbers could guide man by hand through reason, and we could say that the Angel numerology successfully follow this rule.

To be honest and objective, Angel numerology is based on this state, and things that we can learn from Divine messages we can genuinely be guided through life.

The Greek philosopher Pythagoras was the first person who popularised the idea that all numbers had a different vibration and that their combination can give us a particular message, or it can push us toward necessary change that will alter our lives for the better.

Nowadays, modern science has confirmed that the world is following precise mathematical principles – these principles govern everyone, from the gravity and movement of animals to human habits.

The Angel numerology is the secret system that attaches to each number a unique meaning based on the Divine principles, and according to this numerology, everything can be calculated, through the date of birth, to the name and place, to reveal a more in-depth, hidden truth.

Today, we are trying to reveal that hidden truth that is behind Angel number 123, one exciting and potent Divine message that shows its face only to particular people.

Angel number 123 General meaning

Who are you, the person who is the recipient of the Angel message that comes into your life under the code name 123?  You have a quick and lively mind – one who sees things fast and quickly works.

You are guided by strong impulses, although it is prone to follow them too freely, and once again we are emphasizing the importance of the balance in life, it is mandatory for the process of making the right judgments in life.

You probably have extraordinary dreams, which seem very symbolic to you; only when you could interpret them accurately – this is one of the reasons why you see this Angelical formation in your dreams.

And we could also say that the dream realm for you is the source and the contact place for spirituality and knowledge. This is the secret place where you can find the answers that you keep looking for in your life; you should observe or even write down your dreams- do not be surprised if you get to talk to the Angels.

You are very sensitive to disrespect, and greatly appreciate every kind of kindness that has been done to you-you are the person that knows how to give back the love, but at the same time you like to judge people who show hate or disrespect toward you.

You have a strong, passionate nature that is trapped by traces of fears and awe that never allow you to be too strained – your energy must flow freely, or you will suffocate in passivity that will “kill” you from the inside slowly, but surely.

New ideas, new concepts attract you, and without a doubt, you can draw many new truths from them, but do not be misled by what you hear or believe in everything that is being told to you.

You need to be more critical at times; especially in the times when you are in a phase when you are looking for excitement (this is all thanks to the number 3 that appears in your life).

This is probably one of your weaknesses (and you have them as many as you have virtues, you are a typical human being, but you always have the time to grow stronger) you never have enough to buy and try these little things. If you strengthen your will to the maximum and you point out your virtues and skills, there will be nothing that you will not be able to achieve, because with your natural talent you can make great success in life. And for you great success means happiness and joy, so you should work on this, all of your life. Yes, this also implies struggle and pain, but in this case, these are the growing pains.

Hidden Symbolism and Meaning

As we have mentioned in the intro part of this article, some hidden and meaningful symbolism behind the numerical sequence 123 must be discovered, so that you can see the whole picture about this message.

There is no doubt that the message that has three integral numerals has much potency – the vibration of the 1 resonates with different inceptions, diversity and initiative to change things or to lead them into one, more spiritual direction. It is associated with features like self-leadership, urges and assertiveness, pronounced intuition and instinct that can lead to some fascinating paths in life.

When combined with other vibrations, that are equally powerful as one of the number 1 it implies that people who receive this message have to concentrate on their thoughts and intentions – they create your presence. These two things, if positive, will translate to a positive life, and vice versa, if they are harmful and destructive, your life will be the same. And the chances for the reparation could be lost.

In the middle of this numerological sequence is the vibration of the number 2 – it is connected to the emotions, the principle of the duality in the Universe (this is valid for all existing things in the Cosmos) and balance.

When combined with 1 and 3 it is a symbol that you shouldn’t stop trying to achieve stability. It points to our duality as human beings, and to be happy, we must maintain the balance, both the physical and spiritual.

At the end of this numerical sequence 123 we can see the Divine number 3 – it is, in fact, the manifestation of profoundly compelling traits, like spiritual communication and self-expression. It gives the pure connection to the Divine Realm, and it is a visible sign that you are guided by not only your Angels but also by your intuition.

Number two is a warning to don’t forget about your spiritual health and life. It fills you with faith and trust.

Number 123 in Love

Numerical sequence 123 speaks of much energy, and one of them is undoubtedly the Divine Love – it always gives us a lesson. When you are in Love with the Soul, no matter what kind of pain you have been facing, how much tears you have cried, as much as it is confined to the bottom of existence, you do not know how to wish evil to another being. And not because you are beautiful, and the creature of the Universe, but because the Soul is the one who cannot hate. Yes, you heard it well, your Soul cannot hate, and this is a clear sign that you already have a Divine Love in you, you have to wake Her up.

Message 123 brings one warning – in the moments of pain, you are aware that Love has not inflicted pain, because it does not. She does not know that, and this is unknown to her. Therefore, do not believe when people say: Love is a pain, people enter into self-denial, and if you enter this state, you will never be able to wake the Divine Love in your life.

Things that hurt in life are the rejection, the pain of lies, the pain of deception, the pain of loss, but all this is not Divine Love but the absence of it. Love does not hurt, and the only thing that could hurt is the growing pains – what worries is the existence without it, but she does not hurt. Absence is the one that causes pain, right up until the moment we learn what Love is and accept it in our life.

Amazing Facts about Number 123

Numerical sequence 123 has become a regular “visitor” of your life, and you have been wondering what does it mean, and how can you use the best of this Divine message that has entered your life.

So, the fantastic part of about this message is that when you regularly see the series of 123, it’s a sign that it’s time to simplify your life and that you should strive for the simple way to find the virtue, among them, the truth.

Combined in this way, vibrations 1-2-3 are clear implications that it is time to undo the old and heavy weight of your life and to get rid of everything that has ricocheted you and make you miserable – things are looking up for you and the fact that these vibrations are going stronger and more potent means that you are about to hear the good news.

It is all about the realisation of what you need to do in life, and what you need to leave out of your life to have more rest, more spiritual exercise, more meditation, healthier life choices or any other form of self-care. The time has come for the realisation that the heavy loads are no longer necessary and that you can get into the heights.

In the end, this message is not an accident, it is an Angel communication with you, they heard your cry for help, even when it seems like you do not need help, or you think that you do not need, but you do.

Will Angel number 123 Bring Good Luck to You?

Like usual the main question after you accept the Angelical formation in your life, is, does this number bring you good luck or it serves just as a warning and guidance in the time of darkness?

Well, we must say – it means both, because all Angel numbers carry these traits. Open with higher dimensions of existence and believe in miracles

This specific Angelical formation that you see 123 means that many people in their lives choose life in denial and lies, convincing themselves that it is where they are, how they live, what they do, what they are surrounded by what they need, what they deserve and cannot do better. But they are wrong, and they should not wait longer to see how wrong they will be, and how much damage will they inflict on their lives.

However, the truth is the only way to live – Angels are saying in the message that you accept as the numerical sequence 123. Only if you are completely honest with yourself, you can understand who you really are and then you can see to what extent your life is indeed yours, or you may still live for someone else.

This is the central word that comes from the Divine Realm, and once you understand the truth about yourself in the first place and the world in which you live, you will never be able to return to the old ways, and eventually, you will be happy, as you always wanted to be.

In the end, Angels are saying to you in the numerical sequence 123 that the truth is your sword, and that you should use it to fight for the truth and honesty in your life; but at the same time, you should be very careful since sword can cut you. If you are not cautious enough or careful at all, you can enter a phase with low energy, stagnation, and this is not the way to go.

Happiness lies elsewhere, and the only way to reach it is the path of the truth, Angels are concluding this special message dedicated to you.


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